State Emergency Service (SES) Emergency Management Services provides leadership in relation to emergency management training and planning across South Australia. The Emergency Information Network - Australia is a privately funded initiative, proudly made available to all Australians by RIPE Intelligence ®. RIPE Intelligence extend an open invitation to all Federal, State and Local Government bodies and agencies to be involved with this national initiative.

Emergency AUS - Delivers warning and incident information issued by official agencies across Australia, supported by Sensory Observations ™ to stay informed and aid in better decision making during emergencies. Traditionally response and recovery have been viewed as two separate emergency management functions where response precedes recovery.
Annexes B and C of the NT All Hazards Emergency Management Arrangements provide details of the response and recovery groups and participating organisations along with their roles and tasks.

This website was produced with funding provided by the Northern Territory and Australian Governments through the Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

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Rubric: Business Emergency Preparedness


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