Of course, taking inflation into account, The Force Awakens isn’t the top Star Wars movie yet, and may never be. But who knows, even Star Wars‘ inflation-adjusted number could be in striking distance. So yeah, look for Disney to announce the construction of its own Death Star to hold all their money soon. Maybe someone could explain this to me, but how do movies now not really out gross old ones. The finalised list below is what we have on offer on the night (barring any last-minute disasters). Roasted malt and coffee on the nose, smooth malt with liquorice and chocolate on the palate. Light amber in colour with a predominantly pale malty character and hints of grape and honey.
A strong, pale ale packed with hop and Citrus flavours, rounded off by a dry malty biscuit finish.
A reddish, full-bodied premium ale, with a rich malty flavour and a lasting, hoppy and bittersweet finish. I've been thinking about Iowa lately because of the floods, and because it was the first Midwestern state I ever visited.
I rented a car in Des Moines and for the next 10 days discovered a cornucopia of rich Americana: the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake (where Buddy Holly had his last performance), the National Hobo Convention in nearby Britt, the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Grant Wood's old artist colony in Stone City.
I skipped through Cedar Rapids but stopped in Iowa City, which quickly became one of my favorite college towns, with one of my favorite independent bookstores, Prairie Lights.
Everywhere I went in Iowa, on both my trips, people lived up to their reputation as friendly, considerate, decent - the kind of folks you'd like to have as neighbors. It pains me to think of all the destruction - to houses, communities, lives - that the people of Cedar Rapids and other towns are now having to endure. Now, from our clients, our office was flooded with phone-calls and emails of concern and support. I don't know about you, but I can't get too excited about the proposed merger of Delta and Northwest. Last week I had lunch with a well-traveled acquaintance and we talked about that letdown you feel whenever you come back into the U.S.
Normally, I'm not crazy about foreigners buying American companies, but I'd happily make an exception for airlines. I was a little preoccupied last week, so didn't have time to comment on the reported banning of Naomi Campbell from all future British Airways flights. You may recall that the supermodel allegedly spit at a police officer after one of her bags failed to make it onto her plane at Heathrow's new terminal 5. I don't condone spitting (except in baseball) but aren't we ALL fed up with the treatment we get when we travel these days?
Do you think it's a coincidence that one week after her blow-up American Airlines cancelled thousands of flights?

So let's try to show a little more understanding the next time an incredibly rich, beautiful, pampered, self-centered person tries to do what she can for the little guy. Because I took her to France when I was 23, she has always been for me the embodiment of youthful adventure, yearning, enterprise, hope. As I talked to people on the beach yesterday, I would sometimes mention that I had sailed her in '75.
Because the voyage to France had been so memorable, I booked passage home on a Russian ship that sailed out of England.
Most of what I value most dearly in my career and my personal life can be linked to the QE2.
After cancelling 1,094 flights yesterday, stranding over 100,000 people, American cancelled over 900 flights today.
The disruption is tremendous, as is the financial hit to American, which is covering the costs incurred by inconvenienced travelers. The annual survey of airline quality just came out and the conclusion is that things are a mess. We've all experienced, or at least heard of, the increase in costs, delays, discomfort, and dissatisfaction. What IS surprising is that during all of this nobody has brought up the idea of travel by train. But now we have not only a broken air travel system, but growing concerns about the environment. One of the wonderful things about the Sony Ericsson Open, apart from the great tennis, is being among people from other countries, hearing different languages.
There are a number of explanations, stricter visa and immigration policies being among them. Eating breakfast this morning, I heard a report about the wire tapping and racketeering trial of Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano.
It's another case of TSA, which on the whole does an excellent job, being a little too zealous - and a little too dense. After only 10 days in theaters, The Force Awakens has made $571 million at the American box office, which puts it in easy striking distance of Titanic ($658 million) and Avatar ($760 million).
Looking at the history, Star Wars movies always end up at least doubling what they make in their first 10 days. It also was an election year, about the only time - barring natural disasters - that the coastal commentators pay any attention to the people in the Heartland. I assume the bookstore's OK, but I heard about the people forming a chain to move books out of the first floor of the university library, where I spent a quiet June afternoon just three summers ago. I always thought that if foreigners really wanted to learn about this country, they should visit Iowa. One of our guides actually dashed out of safety to accompany a US news organization to the epicenter to cover the story.
But who among us has had the courage to stand up and show the world that something's not right?

And we've seen a troubling decrease in options, as airlines pull planes that don't meet safety standards, discontinue routes, or simply go out of business - as ATA, Aloha and Skybus did last week.
This is partly because of our sorry excuse for a train system, Amtrak, whose monumental delays sometimes make airlines look like, well, Swiss trains. But lately tourists - at least those who don't play tennis - haven't been so eager to come here.
But there is also the inescapable fact that a lot of people are upset at the United States and no amount of bargains will convince them to visit. I was on a so-called "educational exchange" - still allowed by OUR government at that time - and by the second day one naive young man in our group was already complaining about being taken only to tourist restaurants.
The Force Awakens is the fastest film ever to reach more than $500 million at the American box office. If it shows up in the news, you listen more closely; if the news is bad, you feel it more deeply.
Yet if there's anyone with the dedication, fortitude, and good samaritanism to bounce back from such a blow, it's Iowans. The most amazing thing was to experience the outpouring of support and concern from our past clients and future clients. Two of our American travelers just checked into the hotel in Xi'an when they felt the strong shake.
Another five departures for small family groups planned to go to Jiuzhaigou National Park, which is to the North of Chengdu in the Tibetan area.
One particular client - an educational institution - has been planning a trip to go to Sichuan. And it is also because of the great distances in this country, and the amount of time it takes to go by land. It would seem to be the perfect time to start talking about improving Amtrak, and increasing Americans' vacation time, so we'd be able to travel more leisurely (not to mention join most of the rest of the industrialized world).
Please help by sending me your ideas - serious or ridiculous - on how we can get more people to visit the U.S.
Someone had to explain to him that there wasn't much choice, as most Cubans couldn't afford to eat out. It's so I can challenge the idiocy of TSA officials when they stop me from boarding a plane.
They've expressed clear wishes that they want to stay with the course to go there, but to help! Department of Commerce noted that we had two million fewer overseas visitors last year than we had in 2000. We are working very closely with these travelers to determine whether to reroute them home earlier than expected.

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