The BBC's Matt McGrath and Janet Williams are at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, where leaders are trying to agree a deal on climate change. Campaigners accuse countries of underestimating the amount of greenhouse gases they are pumping into the atmosphere.
Protesters in the Bella Centre are hoping to influence the politicians attempting to forge a new climate change consensus. The Bolivian environmentalist and traditional healer Carlos Prado held a ceremony to open the alternative climate meeting in Christiania, Copenhagen.
Music - on the Alpine Horn - was performed at the opening ceremony of the alternative climate meeting.

The community at Christiana has an Olympic-style flame, which is being kept alight for the duration of the conference. The BBC is visiting eight areas of the world to find how people are preparing for climate change. Between 1990 and 2006, the country enjoyed fixed price economic growth of 44%, while cut carbon emissions by 9%. Even the conference centre for the Copenhagen climate change conference has its own wind turbine. There are eco-friendly cities, cycle-lanes galore, a carbon-neutral island, 700 clean technology companies and ultra-green hotels.

Some are keen to reinforce the idea that there is only a limited amount of time to save the planet.
BBC correspondent Matt McGrath reports from the Danish capital Copenhagen, where the international climate change conference is being held.
Sceptics point to the loss of heavy industry and the expense of renewable energy - while the Danish taxpayer counts the financial cost.

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