Here is my selection of the best post-apocalyptic movies, and other films that focus on the themes covered in The Knowledge – of surviving in the aftermath of the apocalypse and rebuilding from scratch.
Max is exiled from Bartertown into the desert wilderness and encounters a tribe of children living in a crashed jet plane. Mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s novel about the aftermath of global plague and the show-down between good and evil. Adaptation of Brin’s novel about a drifter who finds a postal service uniform and attempts to bring hope to a post-apocalyptic community. A FedEx employee survives a plane crash and washes ashore a deserted island with a few packages. Hand-held documentary-style film on the tiny remaining community living around San Francisco 12 years after a devastating epidemic.
Two couples hide in a lakeside cabin to escape the turmoil of the breakdown of society around them. A lone man travels across post-apocalyptic America, protecting a sacred book he believes is the key to humanity’s salvation. In the aftermath of economic collapse, two sisters wander a desert searching for a new home.
The Plot: It’s 2013 and the world has gone to hell in a breadbasket, the Pacific Northwest has reverted to the Old West and pockets of militia roam the countryside pillaging random settlements. But as folly, circumstance, and the formulaic plot would have it, Costner’s courier reluctantly rises above his own interest to become a symbol of hope and a catalyst for an insurrection against Bethlehem and his sadistic hordes. The Good: While never having lived through a nuke blast myself this movie pretty much reinforced every preconceived notion I had about the aftermath of a nuclear attack, from looting to flash blindness to radiation poisoning.
The Plot: Bruno Lawrence stars as Zac Hobson a scientist working on a top-secret energy project for the military. The Bad: The Quiet Earth’s intriguing ending leaves room for interpretation, discussion and argument. The Plot: After their spaceship crash lands, three surviving members of a 4-man crew awake from deep hibernation and find themselves on an unknown, presumably distant, planet not unlike their own, earth. The Bad: There’s never any clear explanation of how the humans devolved to grunting wild animals and what, or how, the apes evolved to the point that they become the dominant species.
The Good: Charlton Heston delivers a stellar performance as George Taylor the lone astronaut to make it to the end of the movie and introduces one of the most memorable lines in American cinema. The Plot: In 2035 the few surviving humans (a mere 1% of a 5 billion population) of a 1996 bio attack by a group know only as the Army of the Twelve Monkeys are forced to live below ground to escape the lethal atmosphere. The Plot: A man-made cancer cure mutates into a killer virus that wipes out most of humanity, those not killed are transformed into nocturnal monsters. The Bad: While the acting and set design don’t leave too much room for criticism the same can’t be said for the writing.
The Good: One of his best works to date, Will Smith’s portrayal of the last man on earth is riveting.
The Plot: It’s 2027, at the age of 18 the world’s youngest citizen has just died and mankind is facing the possibility of its own extinction.
The Good: This compelling narrative takes the post-apocalyptic genre and turns it on its head. Here is a selection of the very best post-apocalyptic games, as well as those based on the challenges of building-up from scratch. Also see The Knolwedge’s selection of the Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies, Best Post-Apocalyptic Books and Best Post-Apocalyptic Apps.
The latest release of the game, Civilization V, is available for PC, and a simplified version, Civilization Revolution, is available for iOS, Xbox 360, Play Station 3, and Nintendo DS.
Terrria is similar to Minecraft as an open-ended sandbox game where players can explore the landscape and collect or mine different resources and craft new tools, but is simpler and more limited in scope as a side-on 2D video game.
It is available in many different formats: Windows PC, PS3, Xbox 360, as well as Android and iOS. Fallout is a series of role-playing video games set in a large explorable world in the aftermath of a global nuclear war.
A third-person adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world twenty years after a pandemic spread by fungal spores wiped out the majority of humanity. Another post-apocalyptic adventure game, but very different in style to either Fallout or The Last of Us. So when I heard that one of my fave teen sci-fi book trilogies The 5th Wave was being turned into a movie starring Chloe Grace Moretz as Cassie Sullivan, I pre-empted my love of it and have made the call: This movie is going to rock!
The plot starts like any teen story, with a middle class nuclear family going about the very normal business of living told from the eyes of 16-year-old Cassie. Anticipating the 14 January 2016 release date of The 5th Wave, I dug into my memory banks to re-discover my fave apocalyptic earth movies of all time.
War of the Worlds – (2005) Dakota Fanning stars alongside Tom Cruise and Tim Robbins in this Steven Spielberg directed movie. Independence Day is primped and primed for its sequel in 2016 Independence Day: Resurgence in 2016 starring Liam Hemsworth and Vivicia A Fox, and so am I!

Signs sees a very young Abigail Breslin take top billing alongside Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix and a young Rory Culkin. Critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated District 9 stars Nathalie Boltt who plays sociologist Sarah Livingston, the TV commentator who talks about District 9, the slum area where aliens are forced to live. PRIZE DETAILS: WIN 1 of 10 copies of the amazing The 5th Wave book by Rick Yancey PLUS one of you will also win an in-season double-pass to see The 5th Wave movie!! The much anticipated movie adaptation of the stunning 2013 book trilogy The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey (finally!) hits the big screen this week and we are AMPED!
This brings back memories; I had almost forgotten what it was like commuting in Los Angeles.
But in this list I’ve not included films that cover only the catastrophe itself or dystopian futures in general. Wells, this sweeping epic of a film charts the recovery of humanity after it’s fragmented into isolated communities by a global war and ravished by plague. Touches on The Knowledge theme about long you can persist on contents of a single supermarket, and also offers a microcosm of the degeneration of society. From space invaders to zombies to war hungry humans movie producers have been cranking out scenarios on societies downfall for ages. Enter The Postman, a defector of a band of murderous neo-Nazis lead by a former copier salesman.
The result, earth is left a wasteland with small groups of bandits pillaging any oil they can find.
On the eve of the project’s launch, and feeling guilt over his part in its creation, Zac commits suicide, only to wake up to find all the other inhabitants of the planet have died.
A plan is devised to send convict James Cole (Bruce Willis) back in time to ’96 to collect information about the virus that will help find a way to live safely above ground again.
Military scientist Robert Neville (Will Smith) is the sole survivor in New York City, immune to the plague he works tirelessly during the day to find a cure… or other immune survivors. In particular, the ending of the film left many people staggering out of theaters scratching their heads. His trips to the video store, golf outings and attempts at maintaining a routine life underscore the dangers he faces at the hands of former humans after night falls.
Outstanding cinematography by Bill Pope coupled with the directing technique of the Wachowski brothers brings this imaginative and suspenseful vision of humanity’s dark future to life.
The game starts in prehistoric times with you founding a village somewhere on a map of a world. The bright, colourful virtual world is deliberately blocky: composed of cubes of different materials, and populated with trees and animals like chicken and sheep, but also some that are dangerous. Fallout 1 and 2 are birds-eye perspective views, with later instalments played as first-person perspective games, seen through the eyes of the character you control, and over the different titles of the series you must achieve various quests, combating enemies in the barren wasteland. You play Joel, a resourceful survivor, who must protect a fourteen-year-old orphan named Ellie as you travel across the wasteland of America to deliver her safely to an organised group.
Based on the comic book series of the same name, which also spawned an excellent TV series, but featuring mostly new characters, this is an innovative graphic adventure game with a powerful narrative.
We have a enormous databse of backgrounds for each computer, all u have to do is to go to the desired category and select the category that describes best the wallpapers u are looking for.
Then epic wave after epic wave of destruction obliterates earth as we know it leaving Cassie on the run (like all surviving humans in this new Stine Age environment) and on a mission to find her younger brother Sammy, played by Zackery Arthur, and keep him safe.
It reminded me too of the amazing leading gals who star in them and just why this genre keeps me coming back for more. It starts with cornfield crop circle signs and the plot runs in a suspense-packed dialogue until we uncover the cause and what it means.
The documentary-style sci-fi drama is a nod to the apartheid system once adopted by South Africa, and it was produced by our own Sir Peter Jackson. While not an all-time greatest list, these are 10 very good examples of post-apocalypse movies done right. What follows is a saga of death, forced brain surgery, friendship and inter-species love as the one remaining astronaut escapes to the wilderness in search of a way off the monkey-ruled world only to discover that God has a cruel sense of humor. Cole is instead accidentally sent to 1990 where he is arrested, placed in a mental hospital and diagnosed with Cassandra Complex, a mental illness where patients believe they can predict a doomed future. While diligence was taken in providing moviegoers with the back-story of the plague-ravaged earth and Neville’s own personal tragedy, the ending itself seemed rushed and frankly didn’t make much sense. A hacker by night, Anderson (known as Neo to his less-than-corporate clients) becomes a person of interest to the authorities after a notorious hacker, Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), makes contact with him. Theo Faron (Clive Owen) a former peace activist is recruited by his ex-wife Julian (Julianne Moore) to protect a woman who has miraculously became pregnant.
With no over-the-top special effects to distract the film relys a strong script and extordiary camera work to draw in the viewer.
The game progresses through the millennia as your civilisation grows, increasing in population and establishing further cities, and sending explorers across the diverse landscapes of the world to discover key resources like iron and coal, and other civilisations. Natural materials can be harvested and combined to make various objects or tools: joining sticks to make a ladder or fencing to pen the sheep you find for harvesting wool, or binding stick and string to make a fishing rod, or stick and stone for a primitive axe that makes quarrying for further resources easier.

The plots are open-ended, and in-game challenges can be solved in more than one way, with the choices you make through the game impacting upon what course you can follow later.
You will need to confront aggressive bandits as well as the Infected left roaming the land, and can craft weapons or medical supplies by combining items you scavenge from your surroundings as you go. You play a university professor, and convicted murderer, who takes a young girl into his care as the apocalypse begins to play out around them. Disaster and destruction has hit earth on American Independence Day and survivors gather in Nevada desert. This is not so much an apocalyptic but the aliens do impact the planet so it makes my list! That leaves us with The 5th Wave… watch the trailer here. You know the drill gals, volume up! As well as starring our fave kick-ass heroine Chloe Grace Moretz (pun intended…) as Cassie Sullivan in the lead role, it once again affirms that females kill it in Hollywood! America counterstrikes, billions are killed instantly as the world is thrown into nuclear winter. As a band of leather-clad evildoers prepare to storm a small gasoline rich town in the middle of the Australian wasteland, Max reluctantly agrees to help them escape the coming onslaught. In the three years since the plague ravaged the planet, New York City has become a literal urban jungle. Anderson is soon thrust into a surreal game of Simon Says with the mysterious Morpheus barking seemingly unknowable instructions. This apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movie list can be sorted by cast, year, director and more. A crucial part of the game is directing your researchers through the network of scientific discoveries and the more capable technologies they allow: enabling you to construct new buildings in your cities or different units like trade caravans or steamships to move around the world. You provide yourself even more possibilities by processing these naturally-occuring materials: use stone to build a furnace, and within that combine coal and iron ore to smelt iron, which can in turn be crafted in different patterns to make, for example, a bucket, helmet, or rails for mining-carts.
The originality in the game is that it is not based on solving a series of puzzles, but in handling the interactions with other characters and in making difficult decisions on your course of action during the game.
Postal Service uniform he wears (while escaping from Bethlehem’s semi-fascist goon squad he stumbled on an old mail truck, taking the uniform from the long-dead driver and a bag of mail, and poses as a mailman). Director Francis Lawrence apparently spared no expense in transforming the sprawling metropolis into a vast decaying wilderness.
Things go from unbelievable to unreal for Anderson as the true nature of the world he lives in is reviled to him.
This list of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction films also contains apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movie titles that can be clicked on for more information about the film. As you find more natural resources, process them in different ways and use together in diverse combinations your capabilities become ever more sophisticated. The results of these choices stay with you throughout the game, and include, for example, the death of certain characters or a change in their attitude to you. There’s something about the fear of an apocalyptic decimated earth run by invisible (or visible) entities that has us movie goers entranced. He proceeds to con locals of a secluded walled town into thinking he’s a representative of the pony express, part of the newly reformed United Stated Government, in exchange for food and board. This apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction films list can also be copied to start your own.
The possibilities within the game are essentially infinite, and over time you can construct enormous cities with working mechanisms and technologies like electric lifts (see some great examples here); all from the starting point of collecting just some sticks and stones from the ground.
This list, though, contains the best apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movies of all time, as voted on by fans of the films This apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movie list can be sorted by alphabetically, by director, by year and more, but is currently ordered from best to worst. List of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction films includes apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movie titles that can be clicked on for more information about the film. These are the top films in the apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction genre, meaning that each and every one of these is a movie with at least a single element of the apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction genre in it.
Be it the motifs of the apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction genre or just some of the most common archetypes.What makes the most sense to vote on, is it between Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Strange New World?
If we missed any apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movies on this list, please add them to the list yourself, as this is an open list which means you can add any movies whenever you like (choices are subject to moderation).
The films on this list cover the most famous apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movies of all time and are voted on by people who really care about apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movie lists.You can find the release information for any of the films listed below. It's often available in the data set, so you can even find the cast of some of these by clicking on the names of the apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movies. So from the latest, to the greatest apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movies, here is the full apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction movies list, ordered from best to worst.

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