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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The Prince NiccolA? Machiavelli (1513) Like Sun Tzu, Machiavelli is more often quoted than read, which is a shame, since although his name has become an adjective for the acceptance of the necessity of immoral acts for the accomplishment of one’s aims, there is more to it than that. Again we request that any publication printing the list attribute the list as shown below.  Attached is a high resolution image for the Spring 2013 list. Caleb Abrams (Jensen Atwood) is single today only because his former fiancee, Asia (Michelle D. Sales of existing homes plummeted 10.5 percent in November, the largest such decline since July 2010, according to the National Association of Realtors. From ink and paper to the big screen, Chris Dorsey is known for his profound ability to take big movements and growing trends and turn them into shows that we just can’t stop watching. Unless your name is Tom Brady, the chances you’ll date a supermodel remain where they always were: zero. When Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas launches in May, it will be the world’s largest cruise ship.
Stardines Swim High Across the Sky and Other Poems, written by Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Carin Berger is a winner and it happens to be by one of our favorite poets for boys, Jack Prelutsky. This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. For boys who love Jack Prelusky, who wrote such greats as A Pizza the Size of the Sun (our personal favorite), there comes another book destined to become a classic among kids.
Stardines is a fun book with made up “creatures” that are part real animal and part inanimate.  For example you will discover Tattlesnakes, Sobcats, Bluffaloes and Magpipes. On the copyright page of Stardines the illustrations are listed as miniature dioramas and assemblages created using combos of a variety of items including vintage engravings, beeswax, paper, wire, etc. We just might have to create a dioramas soon and we will definitely be on the lookout for more from Carin Berger. Get Stardines for Free:  If you would like to listen to this book for free, sign up for a 30 day trial of Audible and receive 2 free audio books. This title is great for poetry lovers, future illustrators and those who like a bit of fun and nonsense.  Loved it! The book starts with information on finding bricks, building tips, sorting and storing, online resources and much more. The next section is Historic Wonders which starts with The Wall of China and includes Old London Bridge (fabulous) and more. One thing I like for its interest and learning aspect is the inclusion of historical and background information for each “wonder.” Whether for one of the bigger builds that is eye candy in the book, or for the smaller builds that come with directions, each one includes a blurb telling about it.
A special thank you to Ella of Quintet Publishing Limited for supplying the images for this post. Finding the best gross books exposed me to many things that I would rather not know and quite a few that I could have gone my whole life without seeing a picture of! This post may contain affiliate links which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

A companion to the Grossology books above that also stands on its own is Hands-On Grossology. Honestly there are hands-on activities to do, historical references, lots of science, new vocabulary and plenty of other great learning ops that boys will get just from handing them books these books that they will likely really enjoy.
Robots are a perennial boy favorite and I am certain that your boy will find books that he will enjoy in this collection of non-fiction robot books. Explorers: Robots by Chris Oxlade gives us a glimpse into what robots are and how they are used in different areas of our lives. He begins with The Ancient Wonders which include The Great Pyramid of Giza and building directions for a mini sphinx and a very cool scarab.
This is a bit different than what I was expecting as it includes Modern Medicine and Modern Communication and other topics such as this. I am rather fond of LEGO mosaics and the first build is a mosaic depiction of Aurora Australis. Boys will learn a lot just by looking through the book and reading those little bits of valuable info. Gross but not over the top – Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Gross Junior Edition  It begins with the human body (boogers, barf, spit, gas, burps) and moves on to the house, school and also a bit on animals. I couldn’t put my highly recommended selection down and my son thought it was equally good too. I looked specifically for a book on the robot battles because these can be really fascinating for boys. A total essential for any girl who’s got great mates, this funky little file is the perfect celebration of your friendship.
Today we are reviewing Brick Wonders: Ancient, Modern, and Natural Wonders Made from LEGO by Warren Elsmore.
Warren mentions that he and many other LEGO brick artists use CAD software when designing their builds. It is a good book that deserves a look and would make a nice addition to any LEGO lover’s library. However, I know a LOT of boys who really get a kick out of all things gross and disgusting. Make sure you take a look to see if the books are appropriate for your family before handing them off. Make fake blisters and wounds, make animal poop and fake blood, pee and spit experiments and more.
I like this book (well, you know what I mean) because it is very appealing both visually and with its text style.
All of these books give great examples of robotics, how it is being used, what direction things are going, and the very neat things people are inventing in that field today. I had heard of LEGO League and some other robotic meets but there are a lot more out there that I never knew existed. The images are marked with numbers that tell what is shown and there is a little “what is that?” picture in each section which is a fun addition. Starting with robot history and moving on through protections, exploration, flying and more there are a lot of examples of robots and plenty of great pictures as well.

Roboticists are using animal characteristics to build robots that do things humans cannot do. Send cute notes to one another, share out colourful stickers, or use pretty invitation cards to ask your mates to join your Best Friends Club. This is the first enquiry into the division of labour, productivity and the freedom of the market. I like it when a LEGO book is not just a showcase but also gives ideas and details so that boys can create these builds at home. It includes directions for a clown fish, butterfly fish, and coral so you can make your own reef. The text is geared toward younger kids but definitely worth a look for anyone who is interested in learning about these fun events. I love the Kids Make section which includes LEGO Mindstorms and other robots kids can make and use. There is a good amount of reading in here but it doesn’t seem like a lot as it is in small bites. Whatever the case, when I sit down with a book, it has to capture my attention right away, lest it remain on the nightstand collecting dust, or I plop it into the Goodwill pile.Last week, I sorted through the nonfiction shelves in our bedroom and parted with more than a dozen books. There are things like mummies and cannibals in here but they do give the facts on these and other subjects, as well as some interesting tidbits. Regarding The Big Book of Gross Stuff — those with weak stomachs may wish to steer clear. If I hadn’t read or returned to it in a while, it was time to say goodbye.The books that remain aren’t trendy. When I first read it, I dog-eared pages, underlined sentences, and scribbled a “to do” list on the first page. If only everybody did not want to be one of these capitalists, then this would have been even more influential.
Though he once was on the brink of job burnout, marital distress, depression, and other major health issues, he learned the power of a certain two-letter word.The Power of NoChapter one opens with the story of Michelangelo’s statue of David. When an admirer asked the great sculptor how he achieved such an amazing work of art, Michelangelo replied with this strikingly simple description: “First, he said, I fixed my attention on the slab of raw marble. I studied it, sketched a few simple pencil drawings on it, and then ‘chipped away at all that wasn’t David.’ ”Has it really been six years since the mailman delivered the cardboard box with the well-timed book?
I can connect with friends I haven’t seen since my high school graduation nearly thirty years ago, at the exclusion of connecting with our own children down the hallway.An Unexpected BeginningIronically, the section on work begins with the mention of Sabbath.
It feels tough to let go and even like we’re walking backward, but it’s necessary for designing an attractive home and an excellent and beautiful life.”This weekend, I’ll cull through the rest of the books in our bedroom.
I’ll practice saying “No” to the trendy editions, in favor of books with timeless principles.Like the small, red paperback.

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