Six Best EMF Protection & Cell Phone Radiation Protection Strategies Everyone Needs to Know! EMF protection is no longer just for health conscience ‘gurus’ or those once (and even still) thought to be fanatical and imagining things.
But eventually, the cup will fill up and our bodies simply cannot cope with the exposure any longer.
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Use on Battery-Operated Devices:Can also be used on cordless phones, power tools, and battery-operated devices.
Q: Do you have studies that show that this protects a person from the cell phone radiation? The Aires Shield Extreme provides highly advanced technology, with clinical tests verifying its effectiveness. Corporate names & trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies. The GIA Cell Guard™ offers a groundbreaking and effective way to help you deal with the cumulative EMR-induced stress associated with using your personal electronic communication devices. Lisa Tully, PhD, December 28, 2011, Energy Medicine Research Institute Introduction EarthCalm products are designed to protect the human nervous system from the hazards of manmade electromagnetic fields, which surround everyone.
Programmed with over 100 natural frequencies known to support the biofield, the Q-Link CLEAR is compact and feather-light so it wont get in the way. Research studies show that cell phone radiation can pose significant risks with long term use. Cell phone radiation is a growing concern for mobile phone users, and health experts advise using precautionary measures to reduce the effects of cell phone radiation exposure. The cell phone is a great technological invention that has indisputably made our lives easier in a lot of ways. The iPad is a wireless device, establishing a connection to the internet via wireless radiofrequency signals that can, over time, affect health.
The wifi router emits wireless radiation that could pose danger to your health with continued exposure.
This is part of the series on the Healthy Home Standard, and this second part about EMR is a follow up from an earlier post (EMF Rules of Thumb).
I find these guidelines useful for pre-purchase real estate decisions, and also for healthy building construction and remodels. ThermoSoft seems to have a good low-EMF electric radiant heating system that accounts for both magnetic AND electric fields. Using only one of the following 3 strategies is necessary – each strategy is intended to minimize electric fields. These EMF Best Practices have been established for many years, and we have seen them implemented successfully in projects around the world.
Is steel armored cable with aluminum bonding strip grounded thru metal jacket (like southwire AC cable) the same as MC cable for emf protection?
A satellite dish is a passive receiver that does not, by itself, produce any radio frequency (RF) signals. It’s tough with California Energy Code (Title 24), which requires either high efficacy (LED or CFL) or dimmers in many locations. Distance from the source is your best bet for reducing exposure to magnetic fields (EMF) from the breaker box and baseboard heater. Using AC electricity to generate heat is less efficient and creates elevated magnetic fields. I want radiant heating in our new home in Jacksonville, Florida but I’m concerned with the information I’ve learned thus far about its EMF output. Stetzer was first to market, but their current version is a little more expensive than GreenWave’s, and the GreenWave filters have the advantage of still being able to use the outlet jack because they have a plug-in spot on the bottom of the filter. I’d imagine these systems would work on your voltage and could be used in conjunction with an outlet adapter in the EU, but you may want to speak with their customer service reps before purchasing.

Who is Healthy Building Science?We are a group of scientists working to make your indoor spaces healthier. Yes, I want to receive the quarterly Healthy Building Science newsletter with helpful information on how I can create a healthier building. Sign up for our Quarterly newsletterSubscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive helpful updates and articles from Healthy Building Science. Or click the button below, tell us a little about your project and let our environmental consultants help you create a healthier building. In a world now blanketed with harmful man-made electromagnetic fields, we are coming to a major shift in our acceptance that they are causing serious and often fatal health problems. Many factors and actions bring you to complete safety, all of which are very simply to follow – not necessarily easy to achieve. Detectors are the only way to know for sure where your EMF sources are and how strong – Because EMF radiation is invisible, EMF detectors or EMF meters are the only way to know how safe or harmful your environment is from electromagnetic radiation by finding all EMF radiation sources, some of which were very strong.
EMF Diseases Awareness – Some diseases and health problems are directly caused by electromagnetic radiation like some cancers as in the number one cause of leukemia and EMF sensitivity. They have also been measured "biologically" through the human body by means of several biofeedback devicesSEXY, SLENDER SIZE! Its extreme fineness will please you!This avoids having a too big system stuck behind your smartphone when you pout it on a table: half a millimeter thick! This product is actually manufactured by a company who makes state of the art microprocessors for computers. Substantiated by decades of research and testing in leading labs and universities, the GIA Cell Guard will make your calls a lot safer and give you the peace of mind you need.
MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) Tests: Live Blood Analysis Live blood microscopy study shows the effects of EMR on the blood formation and how the installation of GIA Cell Guard with proprietary patented MRET-Shield technology on a cellular phone results in blood normalization. The GIA Wellness hands free airtube headset uses AirCom™ Technology to keep potentially harmful radiation AWAY from your head, and a dual-action technology designed to neutralize the effects of harmful radiation, while supporting the body's resilience to stress at the same time.
PONG is the only product tested by FCC-certified laboratories to reduce cell phone radiation while maintaining full signal strength. While wireless technology is a great boon in our society, we need to be aware of the possible dangers and adopt precautionary measures.
However, at this time the cell phone radiation is considered as a toxin, classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO). The microwave frequencies emitted by the phone have been shown in studies to cause adverse biological effects.
As a precaution, there are a few emf protection technologies in the market that claim to reduce the effects of iPad radiation. You can protect yourself from the potential risks of wifi router radiation by use of wireless protection technologies such as the ones we list here. EMF best practices covers low frequency electric and magnetic fields, as well as Radio Frequency (RF) radiation. You could spend a pretty penny on magnetic field shielding material which may eventually reduce exposure by 30-60%, but a little distance will probably have an even more dramatic impact. The house I am living in has the breaker box in the bedroom located five feet from the head of the bed. This may mean shielding or turning off the circuits around a bed at night, or perhaps additional dirty electricity filtration.
The SunnyBoy inverters are among the best – meaning they seem to produce less dirty electricity than many other inverters. Do you have any experiences with solar power inverters, and ways to mitigate or reduce the often high levels of dirty electricity that they create? But ALL diseases will be affected in some way by exposure to harmful EMF’s simply because it always weakens the immune system and damages the cells at DNA level. Most people are unaware of how EMF radiation is affecting their body. The following technologies have been proven to neutralize or reduce the harmful effects of this radiation.
I’m grateful to the Building Biologists that came before me… and not only created this handy resource, but also were kind enough to share!

It is essentially an antenna, like a GPS or radio, that receives a signal but doesn’t generate a signal of its own. We’ve had several clients have to waste money and install dimmers for their final code inspection… only to remove them immediately after passing the inspection and replace them with simple on-off switches.
It's amazing how much more grounded I feel, now that I've been using my Quantum Cell on my phone. There are of course exceptions to the rule, such as a very strong RF signal using the dish as an antenna.
The alternative is to install line conditioners (dirty-electricity filters) on any circuit with dimmers.
I have also found I am physically in better shape and being in touch with friends and family more as now that I feel positively connected to my cell phone, not like its working against me, I am talking with friends and family on long walks. Unfortunately, with lighting circuits, there are often aren’t outlets so the less expensive DIY filters are off the table and a more advanced line conditioner often must be installed by a licensed electrician.
That could be very helpful.A woman here is so ill she can’t stay in her (eco-)house when the solar power is operating and she is begging for help, so I am trying to find some solutions that could help her. Using an iPhone, in both standby and receiving modes, the study showed that when a Quantum Cell was attached to the phone, the radiation no longer inhibited the electrical conductivity of DNA, as it had without the Quantum Cell, indicating a complete and statistically-significant reversal of the harmful effect of the cell phone. We have managed to push the miniaturization to an even higher levelVIRTUALLY UNLIMITED LIFETIME!
But there is very little information to be found on this subject, so any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. The results also indicated that placing the Quantum Cell on the cell phone, in standby mode, not only brought conductivity values back to control values, but further increased them by nearly 40% above normal.
I am experiencing how technology and living in harmony with my body and the earth-energies need not be in conflict. Unlike most other competing products on the market, which must be replaced by a new product every year when the device becomes exhausted. Tully is the founder of the Energy Medicine Research Institute (EMRI), whose primary mission is to assess the efficacy and validity of vibrational medicine technologies through clinical trials.
Tully conducted a 2-part study on the effects of the EarthCalm Quantum Cell on Heart Rate Variability and the Biofield."Results of this study indicate that the EarthCalm Quantum Cell produces a less stressed (as measured by HRV) and thus healthier state when using a cell phone.
All subjects experienced a full or partial reversal of the negative effects of cell phone EMR.
These results are a dramatic demonstration of the ability of Earthcalm Quantum Cell to eliminate the harmful effects of cell phone exposure. It is therefore a sustainable procurement that will serve you for a long timeNEW PATENTED High Technology! The Ondeom device is not a protection by alleged shielding of the radiations, nor an ordinary product using an outdated technology.
Its new multi-harmonic phase shifts Neutralization Technology really takes into account the biological aspect of our physical body. This new Technology brings a decrease in your overall level of stress, due to the "Antidote waves" it provides. Not only does it transform the electromagnetic field around the electronic device, it also matches it to that of a human, thus eliminating the need for the body to waste further effort fighting the effects of EMR. It has been proven by several studies conducted by scientific, medical, and physics institutes. Thorough research and testing has been conducted by a variety of independent parties that proves its effectiveness.

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