Documentaries can be quite incredible movies, but they often are the most neglected genre in the film industry, because they simply don’t receive the same attention from the critics and the audience. In The Thin Blue Line documentary, Errol Morris investigates the death of a Texas police officer using testaments from those who are involved in the case.
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About ProtistaFounded in 2013, Protista is the perfect place for you if you want to learn something new and interesting. But documentary films sometimes can be different and very inspiring, because they reveal a different point of view for some things or events. It’s about Philippe Petit, who is a high wire walker who crossed the space between the Twin Towers.

This incredible film focuses on dolphins and the secretive dolphin hunts that happen in Tajii, Japan. This BBC series has eleven episodes and each of them focuses on different ecosystems on the Earth and how they might change in the future. He believed that the man who is accused of killing the cop is innocent and created dramatic documentary which became a huge hit.
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Knowing the requirements and expectations of all those who prefer to spend their time quality, and also to learn and find out something more, we will try to make a mix of content that fulfills the criteria for fun and quality time spent on the Internet. If you are interested to watch some great documentaries next time, check out these must watch documentaries.

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This documentary film is the highest grossing documentary of all time and takes us inside the war to tell us stories that we haven’t heard.
The film presents rare footage and photographs of the event and interviews with the participants. The film also tells about his redemption because he feels responsible for the worldwide capturing and abuse of dolphins.

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