To meet market demand, Hardened Structures formed a special design and engineering team comprised of leaders in the field of Structural Engineering, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, EMP, Systems Engineering, and Architecture. Fully Protected against EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse). The Genesis Shelter System can be expanded to unlimited occupant loads and delivered and installed almost anywhere in the world.
Single Genesis Living Pods can be purchased to suit small families offering a very high level of safety and security.
The following pictures provide a realistic view of the interior space of the a€?Genesisa€? units.
Electromagnetic fields pass right through fiberglass without attenuation (indeed a€“ many antenna coverings and radomes are actually MADE OUT OF FIBERGLASS a€“ because electromagnetic fields pass right through them! If you are considering a fiberglass shelter, then you are eliminating any possibility of protecting yourself from an EMP, because an EMP shelter has to be specifically designed and fabricated out of metal (preferably steel, for low-frequency performance) with each and every penetration engineered to keep out EMP energy. This is why Hardened Structures provides quality steel enclosures a€“ so that we can protect you from as many threat scenarios as possible a€“ including EMP threats.

If you are going to invest in a shelter, ONLY a quality Hardened Structures steel shelter can protect you and your family from a broad spectrum of disaster scenarios that includes HEMP and EMP protection. To be effective, the shield must exclude or greatly attenuate incident electric and magnetic fields.
The essence of a good shielding layer is the maintenance of good electrical conductivity, or low resistance, over all portions of the surface. This is a very serious consideration to examine when purchasing an Underground Shelter System. The Genesis Dome offers the very same technical specifications as the Genesis Pods to form a community that offers safety and security unparalleled by any other shelter product in the world. This benefit alone will make the Genesis Series the product of choice for the residential, commercial and military markets. The shield, exclusive of the penetrating conductor and aperture treatments, consists of the metallic enclosure portions of the electromagnetic barrier.
To accomplish this, electromagnetic shielding surrounds a volume with a conductive layer that is thick enough so that highly-mobile electrons can arrange themselves and produce surface currents and charges that oppose the incident fields.

Leakage through a shield surface occurs to the extent that voltages develop across resistances or impedances in the surface, and these voltages act as sources to reradiate fields into the interior of the shielded volume. The role of the shield is to exclude electromagnetic fields from the protected volume of the facility. The conductive shield acts to reflect the incident fields and severely attenuate those fields and currents that penetrate into the metal. External electric fields perpendicular to the surface are terminated on surface charges that form on the shield as its free electrons respond to the incident field. The tangential magnetic field induces current on the shield, which in turn produces a magnetic field that adds to the incident field (field doubling).

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