Oh, hell, let's make it two-in-a-row round-up linkbait capitulation: Jalopnik has put together a completely spurious, thoroughly entertaining list of the "Ten Best Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles, including my lusted-after Earthroamer XV-JP. Of course none of them are as interesting-looking as the Dobbertin Surface Orbiter above which looks like a cross between a funny car and a golf pencil. I agree, as per V and many posters at the Jalopnik website, omitting the Landmaster from Damnation Alley is a serious oversight.
These all look like something the A-Team could whip up in a 30-second montage with a bicycle and some scrap metal. I take issue with calling the Volvo C303 a knockoff – it is an original design from 1974 for the Swedish military. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. This blog is about anything that I find interesting - Monsters, Robots, toys, movies, art, comics, tiki culture, retro culture, ephemera, 60's & 70's style, music and just about anything that any 14 year-old would like!
I dig comics, sci-fi, horror, tattoos, tiki, skateboarding, 1970's custom vans, motorcycles, fine wines and cheeses. If a nuclear attack occurs far away and you aren't close to a private or public shelter, it's possible to build your own. Tools - Shovels to dig earth, picks for hard ground, saws or axes for cutting poles and knives are necessary.

Rainproof material - Anything including shower curtains, tablecloths, mattress covers and canvas will work.
Water - Fifteen gallons of drinking water is recommended to last people inside the shelter as long as possible. Cover any cracks between the logs with cloth or anything that will stop dirt from falling into the shelter. For lots more information on nuclear bombs, nuclear radiation and other things nuclear, see the next page.
The list is pretty well done, but I would have liked to have seen the modified mall shuttle complete with "chainsaw slits" on the sides from 2004's "Dawn of The Dead". If you have an idea or topic you would like published on 3-D Monster I would love to hear it! One type of fallout shelter that can easily be made by a typical family in a short amount of time is a pole-covered trench.
It may be necessary to stay inside a fallout shelter for as much as two weeks after a nuclear attack, so sufficient amounts of water will guarantee survival.Homemade air ventilation - Because our bodies give off water vapor, the insides of a fallout shelter would quickly become unbearably hot without proper ventilation. The shelter should be located at least 50 feet away from any large buildings, because nuclear explosions can cause far-reaching firestorms and damage structures well past ground zero.
Two 6-foot poles, one placed onto top of the other and secured with rope, can be placed in front of the entrance to keep dirt from spilling in.

I picked my favorites above - you'll recognize the first one from the comedy classic; "Stripes".
This page provides instructions for building a Kearny Air Pump (KAP), a simple yet effective way of circulating air while allowing minimal, safe amounts of radiation into the shelter.
Once you have decided upon appropriate dimensions, start digging away earth and cutting poles to the appropriate length.
In the event of a nuclear attack, this general checklist of items would make building this type of fallout shelter much easier.
The poles are placed across the trench, and their ends should extend at least two feet past the edges.
The waterproofing material listed above goes on top of this first layer, and finally another foot and a half of earth is placed on top.

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