Seattle Times (and book) readers liked “All the Light We Cannot See,” “The Orchardist,” “Case Histories” and “Shadow Country,” according to book critic Mary Ann Gwinn’s informal poll.
Though it didn’t make the final list, for the critics’ poll I nominated “Life After Life,” Atkinson’s novel about a young British girl fated to live her life over and over again.
Happy Birthday: To the University Book Store, which celebrates its 115th birthday this year.
Book-It Anniversary: Book-It RepertoryTheater, for my money some of the best theater in town, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is throwing itself a party to celebrate. Search for Meaning: Seattle University’s annual Search for Meaning Book festival takes place Feb.
Finally, this is my list, and no doubt someone out there will see it as blasphemous or hopelessly tasteless or uninformed. Trained in anthropology and the history of science at the University of Arkansas, MIT, and Harvard University, I am drawn to stories about emerging technologies and humanity's future.

1, your Lit Life correspondent published the results of a BBC critics’ poll that identified the best novels of the 21st century (so far).
This critically and commercially successful novel, the top reader-vote-getter, is about an impoverished German boy and a blind French girl who meet in the chaos of World War II.
Coplin’s transcendently beautiful debut novel, set in the orchard country around Wenatchee in the early 1900s, is still on people’s minds, more than two years after its 2012 publication. I have something of a fetish for college bookstores, and on my ramblings I have never found one more interesting or better stocked than the main University District (there are several other locations). I am also a permaculture designer, and when I am not thinking about the Singularity, I like to pick berries and tend to my goats.
Atkinson’s story about Jackson Brodie, a former British policeman-turned-detective who investigates three seemingly unrelated crimes, rises far beyond the “typical” mystery novel and achieves the resonance of literary fiction.
Some of the authors on this list have produced a number of excellent novels over the last 13 years, but including them all would crowd out some of the other authors who have earned their place here.

My virtual mailbox was flooded with nominations — here are some novels that readers believe have achieved greatness, early on in the third millennium. The three follow-up Jackson Brodie novels — “One Good Turn,” “When Will There Be Good News?” and “Started Early, Took My Dog” — are just about as good. You should still go read everything that Alastair Reynolds and Charles Stross have produced, please don’t mistake my silence for a lack of endorsement.

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