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Here is my selection of the best post-apocalyptic movies, and other films that focus on the themes covered in The Knowledge – of surviving in the aftermath of the apocalypse and rebuilding from scratch. Max is exiled from Bartertown into the desert wilderness and encounters a tribe of children living in a crashed jet plane. Mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s novel about the aftermath of global plague and the show-down between good and evil. Adaptation of Brin’s novel about a drifter who finds a postal service uniform and attempts to bring hope to a post-apocalyptic community.

A FedEx employee survives a plane crash and washes ashore a deserted island with a few packages. Hand-held documentary-style film on the tiny remaining community living around San Francisco 12 years after a devastating epidemic.
Two couples hide in a lakeside cabin to escape the turmoil of the breakdown of society around them. A lone man travels across post-apocalyptic America, protecting a sacred book he believes is the key to humanity’s salvation. In the aftermath of economic collapse, two sisters wander a desert searching for a new home.

But in this list I’ve not included films that cover only the catastrophe itself or dystopian futures in general. Wells, this sweeping epic of a film charts the recovery of humanity after it’s fragmented into isolated communities by a global war and ravished by plague.
Touches on The Knowledge theme about long you can persist on contents of a single supermarket, and also offers a microcosm of the degeneration of society.

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