I’ve had my fair share of crappy zombie movies that I watched throughout the years, just like any regular zombie fan, but ZomBOOBIES seems to be the king and queen (and unborn price) of crappy zombie movies. ZomBOOBIES tells the story of a zombie invasion – with the walking dead being obviously more interested in boobs than brains (like all modern males nowadays, actually), with inflating breasts and in-and-out action (I am referring here to blades). There are huge debates everywhere regarding the best weapon of choice during a zombie apocalypse and the truth is that there will never be a consensus.
I agree that some of these weapons seem to come out from a comic book, but they’re pretty impressive anyway! I did some research and found out that people are indeed ready for a zombie apocalypse and there are a ton of anti-zombie cars out there, amazing and impressive.
Every year in Frankfurt the Zombie Walk is held to allow those who love zombies to either dress up like them or watch some really well made costumes, all highlighting the beauty of the zombie concept.
I never got the chance to go to a zombie parade, but I surely hope it will happen as soon as possible since it looks incredibly fun!
Probably the first things that cross your mind when you think about Thailand is hot Asian girls and hot Asian girls that used to be boys… but after checking out this trailer for Dead Bite, you will also know that this is a country where all the magic can happen. Dead Bite, which is apparently expected to become available in July 2012 in Thailand and hopefully soon enough will come at least on DVD to the rest of the world, tells the story of a hip hop band that goes to a mysterious island for a gig to find themselves haunted by zombies.
I just heard about this idea and I must admit that I find it extremely interesting: a bunch of people are trying to revitalize a huge abandoned area in Detroit with… zombies! The project they have in mind is called Z World Detroit and wants to give birth to a post-apocalyptic zombie amusement park like no other: instead of going on joy rides and scare houses, you will actually have to spend a night there trying to survive the zombie apocalypse together with your friends and strangers.
Just like the video game series, the Resident Evil movie series doesn’t seem to be one that is willing to offer us an end of the zombie epidemic and the Umbrella corporation. All in the new Resident Evil: Retribution flick that seems to continue the saga without being able to put an end to it.
If you have decided to try to make a zombie mask, you should know that in this case it is not enough just to paint your face white and add a few strong dark strokes around the eyes, because you are not making a vampire but a zombie. All graphics, games, and other multimedia are copyrighted to their respective owners and authors.
Oh nothing to see here, just three zombie yard gnomes eating a pink flamingo yard decoration…. Well I’m not going to stop there, here are a few more great yard gnomes you probably want.
Hollywood in its time has produced all sorts of movies and has entertained all sorts of audiences catering to their specific tailor-made needs at large.
Zombie movies focus on the horror part of the world, and revolve around the stories of the afterlife people…who comes back in the life after encountering and experiencing death. They consist of some scary characters which are after someone in order to take revenge for something wrong being done with them in the real life. The above ones are just the selected 50 ones from the list, whereas there are lots of other movies as well, which have been released in all these years and have proved to be really successful ones. But the world hasn’t seen enough of it… the future times is all equipped and full of these zombie thriller movies, which will be tempting the zombie lover audiences in the cinema halls all over the world. Is it accurate to say that you are spellbound with zombies; the strange dead creatures that hide for human blood? This idea is a homemade idea in which you can surely use your creativity and artistic skills. This costume includes multiple accessories with each accessory playing the best role in haunting others.
A jaw dropping and one of the best zombie costumes is the drop dead gorgeous zombie costume.
Of course, it’s made in Japan, the country where everything can be brought to life in terms of entertainment and that kills some of the WOW factor, but still it looks like the crappiest movie of the year.
And you can even take it to the next level by making the toddler look like a zombie ripping through your chest. But I am sure that most of the people would agree that the anti-zombie weapons that I found and I am going to share with you below would make a great choice in any circumstance. By then, most likely, the zombie horde will be huge and you will need a strong vehicle to make your way through the brain eating creatures.
You can check out the photos below and use them as inspiration – or maybe as a reason to call Ford and ask them to make you one zombie apocalypse truck too.
This year the Zombie Walk in Frankfurt, Germany was filled with eye candy and you will see that by checking out the photos below. Even though the plot itself doesn’t seem like one to die for (sic!), the trailer below does show that Dead Bite has some serious zombie action going. Which is absolutely awesome and I would totally love to see this brought to life and turned into a franchise with similar amusement parks spawned all over the world.
Which is not necessarily a bad thing because we get to see a bit more of Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez, who is one of my favorite actresses.

We've got news about zombie movies and TV Shows, reviews,advice on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse and all sorts of fun information about the world of zombies!
This is probably the most epic mashup of the two silliest yard decorations ever – a pink flamingo and yard gnomes.
Well… taking this experience at large, Hollywood has made several movies on this topic.
Therefore, for all of the fans of the Zombie focused movies we have developed and compiled a list of such movies, which have been made by the Hollywood film industry.
Not only that but they have proved to do a good business on the box office verdict as well. Thus, keeping that in mind just keep your fingers crossed for all the movies to be released in the times to come; for they are going to thrill you with their extreme thrill and excitement and a touch of horror as well. Zombies are essentially carcasses who are dead yet have got only one part of their cerebrum vivified, the part which is connected with craving, the longing for blood.
All you have to do is to take one of your old office sits and then make them look like a zombie. Well, buying such a costume would add a boost to your overall appearance as this is something very innovative now. Girls can easily carry the costume and can use the acting skills for haunting the neighborhood. Needless to say having one of these zombie gnomes in your yard will definitely make you the coolest kid on the block. In the genres that they have made movies of ranges from romantic ones, action, thrillers, sequels, comedy and many more…whereas not to forget the list of zombie movies, which they have made for the audiences all over the world. They have kept on changing the story boards of the script, whereas the major story stays focused on the zombie world. Some of these movies have received numerous awards in their capacity for different areas of film making and have been recognized all over the world.
A creative thing you can do is to add the fruit basket in the costume and fill it with some body parts which would definitely take the hell out of people.
The images I've collected from the Internet I find personally the most interesting and can serve as an idea for, say, next Halloween. These movies have developed a large number of fans following and number of sequel movies have also been produced taking in notice the ever increasing demand of these films.
Along with that, the movies, which were in the English language, have also been dubbed in the different languages, so that these movies are understood by world over audience. Don’t know from where this zombie thing turned into a prevailing fashion that today we see films, amusements and other fictional stuff being made on zombies. This is one of the best and the most innovative ideas to startle everyone and enjoy the Halloween up to your fullest.
The inner instinct of looking beautiful can therefore be satisfied and the demand of the event (looking scary) can be catered as well.
Well, now a couple can make a costume complimenting each other and can do wonders together. In the end I have also embedded a video which serves as an example of what you need to create one of these remarkable makeups.
I am completely astounded how this era is more ready for a Zombie end times than for a tremor.  If you are additionally sharp about zombies and are considering turning into one this Halloween, then you may require this.
Moreover, the makeup, the red color on your face and the black colors on your eyes can make you even scarier. Although it is commonly used by people but its haunting effect can NEVER EVER be minimized even in the coming decades. We do not propose using a lovely expensive outfit for looking gorgeous, but the idea can be accomplished using a great yet cheap dress and using the creative skills for making it a worthy dress. What’s more discussing turning into a zombie, I might really want to clear that I am discussing zombie ensembles. The difference between the two days (your wedding day and the Halloween day) is that on the wedding day you strive to look best and most beautiful while on the other you try to look scariest of all. Maybe it's because all this sitting in front of a mirror takes a lot of time and patience, which is something that women feel more comfortable with, unlike men.There are hundreds of pages with detailed instructions on how to make a zombie face. You can win the day by wearing this exclusive costume as we bet that no one at the party would have bought this latest outfit.
Not only the dress adds to the zombie features, but the expressions are also important in adding finishing touch to the character.
Here, I have got for you 10 super stunning plans for a zombie outfit that you can get to frighten away others. The expressions of the couple must be sad, angry, spooky, and grumpy instead of being happy, excited, and delightful. If you want to add a dramatic aspect to the event, bite the neck of your partner to make others think you are sucking the blood like a vampire!!!

Instead of blood, they use catchup, blueberry juice, or most probably some industrial paint, OK?
Once you are bitten, you will become a zombie, and soon will also be eating human brains.ADVERTISEMENTSome believe that zombies came from dark magic that raised dead people resting in the cemetery. Others believe that it zombies are caused by a virus that causes the human body to mutate into these horrible creatures.Zombies on our Android devices are not things to be scared of.
You can do those things with the Zombie Dash app.This is a running and shooting game on your Android device. You can either shoot them with your gun or jump on their heads, just like plumber Mario does with his enemies.
Although you are not chased by a real zombie, the game uses your actual location and a map as your running course, making the game more real and fun.
You must run (literally run) until you are a safe distance away from the zombie.The app also allows you to change the number of zombies and adjust their speed.
You can try adjusting the speed and the number to maximum and play this game while doing your morning jog. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the device for zombies and on the road for cars.Experience a true zombie apocalypse with the Zombie, Run! Zombies are trying to be smart by eating our brains in order to rule the human race, but you can outsmart them first with the Stupid Zombies game on your Android device. This is a fun puzzle and shooting game on your Android device.Each round, you will be facing a number of zombies. To save her spirit and the life of the Empress, you, a samurai, must protect the sacred gates from the hordes of zombies.
Sharpen your sword and get ready to slice some zombies with the SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE app.This game is a strategy, action, and defense game for your Android device.
Defending the gate from thousands of zombies seems an impossible task, and that’s why you need the help of your allies to defend the gate. You can call on farmers, warriors, archers, spear warriors, and a lot more to help you.The app also allows you to strengthen your hero. After every round, you will be allowed to upgrade your hero’s sword skills, archery skills, increase its level, and many more.
Now that humanity is on the brink of extinction from zombie attacks, you should use your gun-shooting skills to save others with the CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES (NR) game. You should also help Evelyn, your partner, as she gathers supplies.The app includes aerial missions. The employees then broke free from the sealed laboratory and infected the people within the city.
You can also plant and expand your army by planting zombies on your farm.This game really needs patience because your crops and zombies will take some time to grow.
You will be using your zombies to attack other farmers, infiltrate the city, and attack Santa Claus at Christmas.
You can also combine your crops and zombies and produce fresh and 100% organic zombies.Build your zombie army by planting and farming with the Zombie Farm app.Zombies LiveWhat does it feel like to be a zombie? This game is a text-based massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that lets you play the role of a zombie.At first, you will start as a low-level zombie at the morgue. That is where your zombie adventure begins.Like most text-based RPG games, the game lets you do missions and earn experience points. You can do missions such as killing pedestrians, fighting a vampire, and doing all sorts of zombie stuff. After accumulating enough experience points, you will gain a level and strengthen your character. You will also face zombie bosses within the game.To help you survive this zombie apocalypse, the game also allows you to collect and use power-ups. The higher the level, the more items you can use.You can also accomplish goals in the game.
You can even collect cool items by fulfilling your goals.Since this is an online and social game, you can invite your friends in playing this game and team up to fight the zombies. You can also visit their houses and fight the zombies together.Fight the zombie off your neighborhood with the Zombies…OMG!
Make a run for it with the Zombie Runaway game on your Android device.The game follows the same game concept of Temple Run, Panda Run, and other similar running games on your Android device.
Your lives will slowly regenerate with every tombstone you break.On the other hand, Blitz mode lets you play the game with a given time limit.
Instead of replenishing your life, hitting obstacles while boosting in this mode will add to your time.

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