The Black Keys are taking the El Camino out for a little stateside road trip and bringing Arctic Monkeys along for the ride. The Black Keys are playing a very intimate El Camino release party on December 05 in New York at Webster Hall. The Black Keys are releasing El Camino, their follow-up to the much acclaimed Brothers, on December 06. The Black Keys are an amazing live act and filling each arena with their blues will be an easy task.
This entry was postedon Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 at 9:28 amand is filed under Uncategorized. Perhaps I was just a tad too scientific when I decided to compile my list of the best albums of 2008, but since I’ve never assembled a top 10 list before I wanted to be careful…and thorough.
The addition of Danger Mouse as a new co-producer has a lot to do with the creation of what might be Beck’s finest album to date.
Almost half of the songs on The Raconteurs’ second album are better than average with the title track, “Consoler of the Lonely,” and the piano-driven “You Don't Understand Me” rising to the top of the bunch. The five-piece Oxford band Foals are labeled somewhere between dance-punk and math rock and they like to create droning soundscapes with horns and dueling guitars. This album was almost excluded from this list because, since it went double platinum in the US, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with it, but the “scientific” method that I used to rate everything unfortunately wouldn’t allow me to leave it off. Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo are best known for “Crazy,” a song that everyone has heard about a billion times by now, but this album, for good or bad, doesn’t have anything quite that catchy.

The word “bittersweet” thoroughly describes this duo and the music that they make…from the energy of “I Get What I Want” to the slow moodiness of “Everything,” their music is sensuous and swanky.
The Black Keys play the type of blues-rock that has apparently been missing from my life since I went through the Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix phases back in junior high. The Hush Sound have changed in the time between their last album and Goodbye Blues, and that’s not a bad thing.
Seven of the ten songs on this album are either very good or great, but the three less-than-stellar tracks on Oracular Spectacular cause it to score much lower than it would without bad songs.
So I waited until all of the major players had published their lists and then I cross-referenced them all against each other and singled out the albums that were mentioned multiple times.
This is only the first of several times that Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton shows up on this list, so he’s obviously doing something right…and the title track is the apotheosis of their collaboration. In the best moments the lead singer sometimes sounds like Kele Okereke from Bloc Party and at worst he really doesn’t, plus, he likes to repeat lyrics, and, while it might not be for everyone, it kind of works with what they do.
The band’s disagreement with their record label about which songs should be included led to two albums (Animal is the band’s tracklist and Not Animal is Epic’s choices) and it was a close call, but the record label’s version wins by one song. On Parachutes, Coldplay sounded like a second-rate U2, but each successive release is a testament to their growing proficiency at making music and “Violet Hill” might be the best song they’ve ever recorded.
The album does have a completely unique sound thanks to the distinctive voice of Cee-Lo and the unusually creative production skills of Danger Mouse.
They combine new sounds with sounds from different eras to create fun music that is completely exciting and new.

The band consists of Patrick Carney on drums and Dan Auerbach, who plays the guitar and sings, but, because of the production efforts of Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton, their sound is much bigger than it seems like two people should be able to make. The decision to have the pianist, Greta Salpeter, on lead vocals for the majority of the album is a good one and her voice is perfectly suited for the type of piano rock that they produce.
The North American tour will start in their home state of Ohio and will feature Arctic Monkeys supporting on all dates. Arctic Monkeys are no slouches either and are well-equipped to play to larger crowds themselves, having done so consistently in the UK and in America. Then I tried to listen to (and rate) everything, stepping outside of my comfort zone on multiple occasions. This is a vast improvement over their debut album which really only had “Steady, As She Goes” working in its favor. The energy levels on this disc are high and the melodies of the different instruments merge into something greater than the individual parts. The ratings were then added (and subtracted) to give each album a ‘score’ that then placed it on this list.
The band seems to have found their groove for this record and the musical eccentricities (most likely due to Jack White) are a welcome change from almost everything else out there.

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