The Kasbah in Coventry is packed with people of all ages (well under 40), to see Welsh hardcore band The Blackout. Revoker are metal and along for the ride, blasting straight into their catalogue they resemble Bullet For My Valentine in some ways, but they’re doing their own thing too.
They get the crowd moving with circle pits and want to know if Coventry is a place for rock. On to the main attraction and the lead track from “We are the dynamite” blasts from the speakers, the crowd follows and repeats the words back to the empty stage, the band take their places and Sean Smith shouts the same back to the crowd. One of the best things about seeing this band live is the banter that comes from vocalist Sean Smith, a genius when it comes to on stage comedy. Half-way through the set Gavin and Sean (the lead singers) demand that after every song they want to be boo’d and told to “f*ck off” the crowd obliges which makes every song even more fantastic.
With such hits as This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Ambition is Critical and Spread Legs, Not Lies it’s no wonder that this show was so brilliant. My favorite album… I really wished she had been in a better place to promote and go on tour with this album. The album resulted in some of her worst videos, but as a whole this is one of my favorite albums ever, of any artist. Blackout is definitely her best album to date it’s just sad that its release was overshadowed by her personal troubles. The only goals BLACKOUT ever had were to serve for MEGATRON, fight for DECEPTICON dominance, and be the most perfect soldier he could.
On either side door there is an arrow with RESCUE printed in it, which I assume to be for the rescue hoist. There is an arrow on either side of the jet intakes with the words JET INTAKES written into them.
The premium has the two red stripes like the regular figure does, but between those stripes is also a white stripe with the code 551-SOS, which Google told me meant that Blackout belongs to the 551st Special Operations Squadron.
Also underneath the tail on the left and right side is the letters BLK-OT with 4500X underneath that. The figure also has a cage underneath the fuselage which holds the Scorponok mini-fig (more on him later). The transformation can be annoyingly nerve-wracking until you realize that the rotor blades, and thereby the entire back section, can be completely removed. There aren't any new colors in this mode than in the Vehicle Mode, but they are portioned out a little differently.
The action feature for this mode is the same as the vehicle mode, but used in a different way.
Is the cat you’re adopting healthy?According to the ASPCA, approximately 1.3 million cats are adopted each year from shelters and rescue groups across the country. Clutterbusting: Public library donations make good sense and centsSpace is a costly commodity in the home or office. He says the front row is “the ugliest front row” he’s ever seen, and demands a girl to put her “udders” away before someone comes and milks them.
In the past the band have taken a popular idea from other bands and asked people to get down on the floor.

Favourite in 2011, it’s also a favourite of everyone in the Kasbah and while Hryo Da Hero usually takes care of the rap, Sean Smith performs the vocal duties nicely. That being said, it took up until May of 2012 to hit platinum, officially selling one million copies. Rolling Stone critic Rob Sheffield went so far as to say that the unique electronic sound in 2007 inspired many contemporary pop albums and artists. Her personal life might have been on troubled waters but she still had it in her to make this album! He follows orders without question, even to the point of self-termination, and maintains himself and his weapons in pristine condition.
I was a big fan of this helicopter transformer in the movie, he just oozed a lot of bad ass. The right arrow, however, has a screw going threw it, so it sorta breaks the realism a bit, but the left arrow is unblemished.
For added realism, the jet intake sticker on the right appears to be scuffed off slightly, with silver paint showing through.
The only two noticeable gaps are the two on either side between the jet intake, and the roof of it. There is a release switch you use to open the cage, but honestly it works maybe one out of ever ten times you use it, and the hinge the cage sits on is incredibly loose. Except for the cage on the bottom of the fuselage, and the rotator blades folded back, the entire back section of the plane is completely unchanged, also the two pieces of the roof that split apart really don't have anywhere to go except to sit right on top of the highest point of the shoulders.
The hands are jointed at the shoulder and elbow, and offer enough movement for a few nice poses. By removing the back section and placing it in a peg on Blackout's shoulder, you can turn the propellers into a blade weapon like in the movie. Like the original Blackout, the premium version comes with a scale model Scorponok figure that you can put in Blackout's little cage. If you try to do the transformation by way of the instructions and with the rotor attached, its extremely frustrating, but without the rotor blades it really isn't too bad. I love playing with this fellow, transforming him back and forth, and just flying him around in helicopter mode. The robot mode looks a little odd, but it definitely makes up for it in his beautiful vehicle mode. We often get caught up in our hectic and busy lives and we don't make time to just shut it down and be together. During Save Ourselves (The Warning) , they oblige without even being asked, the band looked amazed, the crowd go insane, and the beat drops. One of my favorite things is when Transformers hide their names somewhere on their vehicle mode bodies. There is also one between the cockpit and the roof, but that one is small and inconsequential. Unfortunately, the instructions have you do the transformation as if you had it attached which, as I said, will give you a headache very quickly. He looks very different from a lot of figures in the line, but hey they can't all look the same.

Also the same grey-blue color appears in patches on the legs, but it is a much lighter color, due to the absence of the shot-through black like on the rest of the figure. While they tried to detract a little bit away from this by adding missiles to this part, it still looks too bulky. The legs are also jointed at the hip and knees, with the knee joint being a ratchet joint, giving him a solid base. The message shows how it is important to sometimes unplug and unwind with the people who mean the most to you.
Look up local real estate estimates of the cost per square foot of new and existing construction in the area. Also the entire figure appears to have a wash coat of black on it, giving it a darker, more used look. Also there is a scuff line in silver on the right side of the tail, between the BLK-OT and the 4500X.
The instructions also don't tell you exactly how to use the automorph feature (you have to pull on the legs as you flip them around to do it) nor does it tell you that the rotor blades have to be split apart between two certain ones to have them sit properly (their is a small arrow between the two, but if you're not looking, you won't know). There is also more silver, mostly on the codpiece, waist, and chest, and the head is blue, with silver highlights. The head is on a pin joint, so he can move left or right faily well, but with the way his shoulders stick out from his chest, the dude has tunnel vision something fierce.
There is also some silver paint done at various points to resemble scuff marks, and some tan on the connections to the jet intakes on the side.
They do fit tight in there little holdings, but I think they're designed to come off instead of snapping in half or something. As the family lights candles and gathers flashlights, they realize it's too hot to stay inside. I guess it was supposed to have a back light thing going on, but the whole back coves up the back of his head, so no glowing eyes for this guy.
One of my favorite poses is to put Scorponok in the little space between Blackout's shoulders, right behind his head.
The bargain chain then put out a press release that the Eagles sold double of what Spears had done and then Billboard did a controversial and shady rule change that allowed the sales from Walmart to count, in turn making Britney number two. The sky was lit beautifully with stars and their neighbors were all enjoying themselves, "it was a block party on the sky".
Even on the streets people were singing and eating ice cream, enjoying themselves and reconnecting. As the power returned to the city, it seemed as if everyone would return to how things were. But the boy didn't want everything to be back to normal, he turned the lights out and his family turned off their various devices and came together to play a board game.

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