The Management of the Transmission Company of Nigeria will embark on three days planned power outage as part of the measures of carrying out routine maintenance and repairs of power facilities in Lagos and its environs .
The planned blackout that will emanate from the Akangba Sub-Region is to enable engineers and technicians carry out annual preventive maintenance on the secondary breaker and bus isolator, which are very important equipment in the power distribution network. Worst place to have a fire: In 1998 the Carnival Ecstasy was ablaze after a fire in the laundry room.

It made for more uneasy moments for passengers who had decided to choose the Carnival Cruise line for their spring vacation.Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen said the cause of the power failure on Wednesday evening was a mechanical issue. The power failure shut down hotel services and the engines on the Carnival Ecstasy on Wednesday night as it was approaching its home port of Port Canaveral, Florida after a five-day cruise.Speaking toA WESH-TV passengers described the moment when everything on the ship suddenly went black.
The latest power cut happened just as the Carnival Corporation announced they are to spend more than $300 million to improve the reliability of its 24 ships.Each ship will get an additional emergency generator.

The Ecstasy is now on a four-day voyage to the Bahamas.Carnival Ecstasy carries approximately 2,000 passengers and 920 crew members.

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