I thought it was stupid to ask that in this thread, but when I asked in my own thread I was told post it here. Well in that case post 300 blk questions here, basic how to reload questions in their own thread. Today I formed some more 300 Blackout (300Whisper) by expanding the necks of 221 Fireball cases. The best bet for cleaning dies would be aggressive copper solvents meant for cleaning rifle bores. After cleaning the dies, a quick coating of Naval Jelly, then another cleaning leaves behind a phosphated surface (Naval Jelly is phosphoric acid, don't leave it for any time on the die as it can dissolve steel). Originally Posted By Captain_Howdy: yea, if you are gonna form your own cases you just need to accept the fact there is gonna be a bit of work involved. H110 is fine, and is quite recommended for supersonic loads. The label reads pistol powder, but that's like the label on Twinkies saying they make a nice snack. Pardon me if this does not apply to this thread. Does anyone have a list of usable supersonic bullets for 300 BLK? Three that come to mind are Hornady V-Max 110, Nosler 125 BT (ballistic tip) and Sierra #2120 (125 grain spire point). Originally Posted By nikdfish: Three that come to mind are Hornady V-Max 110, Nosler 125 BT (ballistic tip) and Sierra #2120 (125 grain spire point). Has anyone tried making 300 BLK out of 5.56 blanks? I am assuming that brass is made the same way but just has a crimped neck.
Originally Posted By MRBLACK947: Pardon me if this does not apply to this thread. Does anyone have a list of usable supersonic bullets for 300 BLK?

Twicsy is Twitter Pics Browse & Search ALL Twitter Pics! Search over 5,663,033,858 Twitter pics, millions posted to Twitter each day! The crowds in Central City poured from the sidewalks into the streets as the first lights began to flicker out. With the Second World War raging, officials designed conditions to resemble, as closely as possible, those that would exist in the event of an enemy air attack. Observers on the First National Bank roof reported seeing long lines of moving cars on Wyoming Avenue, Washington Avenue, Moosic Street and other main arteries suddenly stop and switch off their lights as the shrieking of police and fire sirens and the tolling of church bells heralded the blackout.
A few stores in Central City, either through oversight or refusal to participate in the blackout test, left their buildings and their advertising signs lit. Those gathered nearby saw, just as the sirens blared, the lights of the Scranton National Bank extinguished quickly, one floor at a time. Once the all-clear signal was given, lights were switched on and the thousands of people who lined the streets and rooftops of downtown Scranton began to leave. To comment you must first create a profile and sign-in with a verified DISQUS account or social network ID. You might want to get all the moderators on the same page then, because every time I ask something related to 300 blackout reloading they tell me to post it on this thread. Davis made his headquarters atop the Women's Institute building at the International Correspondence Schools. Despite cloud cover, observers could see clearly the red and green lights on one of the planes circling overhead.
Davis expressed his great pleasure at the success of the test, the first of its kind in Pennsylvania.

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I was so excited to finally get the last component of my reloading station that I saw h100 and grabbed it without checking the bottle.
Two airplanes, their motors roaring, zoomed over, and flares were fired from five locations to simulate antiaircraft defense guns in action. Davis, civilian defense executive, the blackout test gave Scrantonians an idea of what they could expect if an alarm were sounded in war time, signaling the approach of enemy planes.
From there, he maintained two-way radio communication with an operator aboard a plane piloted by Harold Swank, manager of the Scranton Airport.
Those who milled about the streets expressed resentment against businesses that prevented complete darkness. Observers on the roof of the First National Bank building, 180 feet above the ground, could see faintly the flares sent up from stations at the Oxford Plot and in the rear of the 700 block of North Main Avenue on the city's West Side. SO, my question is: is pistol powder the same as rifle?? The H110 from hodgdon is a pistol powder that is used in the 300BLK. Davis' aide, Waldo Wright, defense chairman of the American Legion, also took part in the broadcast from his station at an observation tower at Taylor High School.

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