Foodies, fatties and winos will flock to the Big Apple installment of this annual festival celebrating two of our very favorite things with seminars, dinners, demonstrations, tastings and parties, all of whose proceeds benefit hunger relief charities. Make way for a British invasion on Broadway with this preview of Shakespeare’s comedy starring two-time Tony winner Mark Rylance and beloved English TV personality Stephen Fry, in his Broadway debut. Your head and your heart will thank you for taking a break from the CMJ Music Marathon’s noisier acts and instead tuning into the soothing sounds of this Seattle indie folk six-piece that seamlessly blends Americana and pop with its sweet harmonies. That is why we are thrilled to find out about the Blackout Haunted House happening this year in New York and Los Angeles.
We can’t necessarily recommend this, as we do not want the families of those who died of fear to hold us responsible for exposing you to such a thing.

Start your own personal crusade against hunger by filling your belly at one of tonight’s kickoff events.
This production originated at the Globe Theatre in London and will feature the same authentic Elizabethan details, down to the all-male cast and candle-lit stage.
Tickets are technically sold out, but we bet you could buy one outside from someone who has second thoughts when they hear you must walk through alone.
It is quite terrible in theory, but the adrenaline that comes with a a good jolt of fear can be exciting and weirdly masochistic. Anything that requires you to walk alone in pitch darkness, agree to rules and conditions for your safety, encounter sexual and violent situations (are you kidding me?), and do all of this…alone, sounds like a fucked up good time.

Expect lots of bawdy humor from people whose accents ensure they’ll still sound far more civilized than you. That being said, the majority of thrill seekers and horror junkies see haunted houses as one of two things.
I don’t know about you guys, but neither of those two words should be associated with fear.

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