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A temper tantrum that the sun unleashed this week has led to a series of powerful flares and solar storms—including one that will reach Earth on Friday the 13th. Three X-class flares, the most powerful of solar blasts, have erupted off the sun’s fiery surface in the past three days.
Such solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation generated on the sun’s surface, each one many times wider than our planet. That is exactly what happened on Tuesday, June 10, resulting in short blackout periods in high-frequency communications that lasted for a few hours. The two back-to-back giant flares on Tuesday emerged from the southeastern region of the sun. However, the sun wasn’t done yet, as a third powerful flare erupted from the same location on Wednesday, June 11.
Eruptions of solar materials that travel away from the sun are known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Sky-watchers, particularly those in high-latitude regions, should be on the lookout for possible auroras visible in the northern skies. Also, two new sunspots on the surface of the sun are turning toward Earth now, and they are showing signs of possessing unstable magnetic fields. So, if forecasters are right, it looks like we may be in for more turbulent space weather in the coming days.

National Geographic has always been one of my favorite sites, whether by computer, TV, magazines or books. Thanks for the warning Nat Geo, I’ll make sure that the generator is ready just in case. We have been expecting more activity this time of the year with the solar maximum reaching it’s peak.
I also seem to remember NASA doing an atmospheric experiment that had them sending up a rocket that seeded the upper atmosphere with Barium I think?!
We’re Moving!As of October 23, 2014, StarStruck will be hosted on National Geographic's main news site. People are going gaga about the solar storm December 2014 warning that have been circulating online.
Each one produced a billion-ton cloud of charged particles directed toward Earth. The flares were classified as X2, according to NASA. All of the flares were caught on camera in real time by a NASA spacecraft, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, which monitors our home star 24 hours a day.
NOAA forecasters predict that more CMEs could be on the way, with predictions calling for a 30 percent chance of more X-flares erupting on June 12.
We'll continue to be your source for all things in the cosmos and what's coming up in your night sky.
This onslaught of solar tempests was not unexpected, since the sun is currently at the peak of its 11-year cycle in activity.

Esa tormenta produjo una aurora boreal visible en latitudes normalmente inusuales: en Giamacia, Hawaii, Cuba y Roma, un evento descrito en un articulo en "La Civilta Cattolica" era. Segun una investigacion realizada en 2008 por la Academia Nacional de Ciencias, el costo de los danos ascenderia a unos 2,6 billones de dolares, una cifra que solo afecta al territorio de Estados Unidos. La verdadera preocupacion, sin embargo, es que con la tecnologia actualmente disponible para nosotros, los cientificos no estan en condiciones de asesorar y advertir a los ciudadanos en lo que seria capaz de sentir el peligro con un minimo de entre 15 y 60 minutos . La primera solucion, que ya estan trabajando los expertos, es actualizar y crear nuevos sistemas de seguimiento por satelite en la Tierra Por propia admision del gobierno de Estados Unidos, para ser capaz de crear realmente un sistema de defensa, lo que tienes que - punto 5 del plan - para establecer una colaboracion concreta entre los Estados de America del Norte y el mundo. Nuestra estrella nos inunda diariamente con el viento solar, una corriente fina de particulas radiactivas; llamaradas y erupciones solares, en vez envian grandes cantidades de tales particulas, de tal manera que nuestro campo magnetico no seria capaz de absorber.
Estos eventos pueden variar en intensidad y frecuencia, pero a menudo viajar fuera de la orbita de nuestro planeta. Algunos Preppers (aquellos tiempo desde que han comenzado a acumular inventarios en anticipacion del "fin del mundo") de lado alimentos y medicinas durante anos e invirtio su dinero en oro y no en acciones de los bancos. Revise REAL post de abajo: Realmente la NASA advierte de que habra 15 dias en total oscuridad el 15 de noviembre 2015?

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