Calibration Certificate: During the manufacturing process strict calibration procedures are followed using only high end, calibrated measurement instruments. PG&E has based its radiation (RF) health and safety claims on their assertions that Smart Meters comply with all Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations. The EMF Safety Network alleges that PG&E Smart Meters violate one or more FCC conditions that determine RF exposure compliance. Antennas are designed to work in conjunction with the HAN and RF appliances and with other Smart Meters in a mesh network. Research into other Smart Meter Grants of Equipment Authorizations indicates there are similar violations in other utility districts in California. I need to know how can I detect how much electro magnetic wave is in my Apartment since I have many weird sensation in my body that has no explanation. Smart Meters record real-time energy consumption and report it at least daily, increasing the granularity of meter interval data. More control is provided by Home Power Monitoring Systems that allows End Users to track energy consumed by different Appliances or any other system in their home. Allegro’s Linear Hall Sensors and Integrated Current Sensors provide a non-intrusive, reliable, high precision and low cost way to measure power.
The meters produce dangerous EM radiation that can cause severe health issues from chronic fatigue to cancer. What is a Smart Meter?A smart meter is an electrical meter that transmits real-time data of customer consumption for monitoring and billing purposes via high powered Radiofrequency (RF)  What Is Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)?Electric and magnetic fields (EMR) are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device that is plugged in and turned on.

This guarantees that every NFA1000 meter made by Gigahertz has been individually calibrated to a traceable standard.
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has upheld without question or investigation PG&E’s unproven claims. The FCC Grants of Equipment Authorization, which govern the rules upon which FCC compliance is based, warns that RF exposure compliance depends on specific conditions.
Network suspects that installers are also not given accurate information about RF operating conditions. Co-location also occurs within Smart Meters because electric Smart Meters include at least two internal RF antennas.
Antennas have separate Grants of Equipment Authorization, which suggests that manufacturers have tested antennas in isolation and individually, and not in combination, which is how the Smart Meter and the Smart Grid system were designed to operate.
PG&E has not provided end users with antenna installation and transmitter operating conditions for satisfying RF exposure compliance. Network is calling for an immediate halt to the Smart Meter installation in California and a statewide investigation into these FCC compliance violations. This enables Utility Providers to better track power events and End Users to monitor their utilization. Energy generated and supplied to the Utility grid (via Renewable Energy installations) is also tracked.
Patented Packaging Technology of the ACS7XX family offers very high levels of isolation and ease of system assembly.

EMR are made up of waves of electric and magnetic energy moving together (radiating) through space. Children, pregnant women, seniors, people with immune deficiencies and with medical conditions and implants are especially at risk. An official 3rd Party Accredited Calibration Certification plus data is available upon request. The conditions include one or more of the following, depending on the specific make and model of Smart Meter. One antenna is used for the mesh network system and the other is for the Home Area Network (HAN) systems.
FCC conditions that specify that end users are to have no manual instructions to remove or install the device confirm Network’s belief that the end user is the customer.
Network further calls for copies of all Grants of Equipment Authorization for all Smart Meters installed under CPUC jurisdiction, with complete contact information for laboratory testing personnel responsible for performing RF compliance tests. Internet connectivity to Home Energy Control Unit enables users to control settings of smart appliances in their homes via a personnel computer or a smart phone. If you still don’t believe us, we encourage you to get your hands on a Geiger Meter and walk up to any smart meter device.

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