First, let me be clear about this reality: Planet Earth is warming because of human activity, because of us, and that is profoundly affecting the climate. Phil Plait writes Slatea€™s Bad Astronomy blog and is an astronomer, public speaker, science evangelizer, and author of Death From the Skies! I have been saying for a long time that climate change is a threat to our national security, and it’s long past time to call out those who would deny this as abetting that threat. As the latest example, look at an op-ed in Forbes magazine written by Heartland Institute’s James Taylor (yes, that Heartland Institute). It takes a very twisted view of the world to claim global warming isn’t doing anything to polar ice not two months after that record was broken. And in actual fact, land ice in Antarctica is melting away extremely rapidly, and worldwide we’re losing 450 billion tons of land ice every year. As much as I loathe what Taylor is doing and saying, I reserve my strongest feelings for people like Sen. In the medium to long run these politicians are putting us at greater risk from drought, wildfire, extreme weather, and rising sea levels.
I have written about the reality of global warming and the lies of the deniers so often that to list them all would be counterproductive. It's alarming how some of our judges who are the last hope for justice in the law courts could stoop so low to exchange justice for pecuniary benefits. What comes in mind if people whose job requires ''high moral character and proven integrity'' as enshrined in the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana could choose ephemeral gain over the ethics of their jobs? Factually, the judiciary is not the only arm of government which is neck deep in corruption. Others even needlessly questioned the source of funding of such investigation by the ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas.
It's not so surprising that, the judges could get a group of people to defend them staunchly regardless of the crime they committed. If these criminals continue with such acts with impunity, those who fall victim to such crimes are susceptible to attacks. Needless to reiterate, corruption is not alien to Ghana nor is it associated with the judiciary only. The video in which the judges were captured is a solid evidence to reach a conclusion on how some of them could go to an extent of putting their interest above that of the nation. Despite the concern expressed by some Ghanaians that judges should not be trusted at all, the fact remains that the entire judiciary is not corrupt and all those in the judiciary should not be lumped together as so. Even if these corrupt judges show remorse and continue to carry out their duties, what will come into the minds of people who are involved in cases they lord over?
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Yes, child obesity has become so serious in this country that military leaders are viewing the epidemic as a potential threat to our national security.
A recent report by Mission: Readiness, an organization made up of retired admirals and generals, found that an alarming 75 percent of all young people aged 17 to 24 are unable to join the military.
The latest medical evidence suggests that obesity is becoming an even greater threat to America’s youth than smoking. If Michelle Obama is really concerned about Obesity in America's grade school children over health issues, why is the Administration allowing a tidal wave of HEROIN to flood America's Grade Schools, addicting hundreds of thousands of grade school children to Heroin Addiction?
Why is the Administration allowing the CIA to keep Allied and American troops and the Airforce from destroying every Opium poppy field in Afghanistan they can? Larry, listened keenly, last night, to Michelle Obama's interview regarding the crisis of overweight children in our current society.
Our sons had to clean their plates, too, and they were never overweight – it depends on how much you heap on the plate and what kind of food is offered! I do not know where did you get that title, but your ignorance should guarantee you a Professur in idiocy. First Lady Michelle Obama, more than 4,000 American citizens die EACH YEAR from having no health care, nor health insurance. Supplying more machine guns to the Middle East does not in any fashion change 4,000 deaths of American citizens each year from a lack of health care and inadequate health care insurance.
The nurse sent the request to The President and Congressional leader and waited for a response. Soon the word arrived; President Obama and Nancy Pelosi would be delighted to visit the priest. LARRY KING LIVE'S Emmy-winning Senior Executive Producer Wendy Walker knows what it takes to make a great story.

With anecdotes, provocative emails, scandals, show transcripts and insights into Walker's long working relationship with Larry King, her new book PRODUCER issues readers an invitation to listen in on the most intriguing conversations on the planet. There is no honest doubt about this; the overwhelming evidence supports it, so much so that 97 percent of climate scientists agree on it.
The president of the United States of America said that people who deny the reality of climate change are a threat to national security.
And they do so on the basis of what is at best wrong information, and at worst a passel of lies. Taylor has a history of cherry-picking and distorting results from real climate scientists, and he’s doing the same thing here. And as we know very, very well, Arctic sea ice is on a long, drastic decline that does not show any signs of recovery at all. That includes Antarctic sea ice, but as I have written about over and over again, that is really unfair. In the near run they are cruelly crippling our ability to do the kind of research that has made the United States of America a world leader in scientific innovation. Instead, here are some highlights that you can use to counter the denial; check links therein to find even more. The video shows that some sold justice for foodstuff, livestock, sex and this is really disturbing.
The answer is a reduction in the level of trust in the judiciary to nothing and stripping it of its sacrosanctity.
The executive and the legislature are not innocent of corruption so are other sectors of the country blameless as far as corruption is concerned. It was surprising to many Ghanaians why some members of the bar and bench sprung to the defence of these corrupt judges.
Justice Derry, one of the judges who was captured in the video sued Anas and his tiger eye PI team in an attempt to place an injunction on the premiering of the video and the venue, Accra International Conference Centre. It tells us how society sometimes takes for granted wrong deeds and see nothing wrong with corruption. The other aspect which calls for concern is, those who blow the whistle for such criminals to be arrested or summoned are put in danger when these criminals are freed for crimes they committed. If indeed these judges are people who consistently hold to their integrity would they have gone to such an extent to exchange justice for mere currency? We only don't have to create an enabling environment for it to thrive by issuing punitive measures against those who get involved and put strict controls to reduce it drastically or eradicate it. It should not end there, they should be dealt with accordingly to serve as a deterrent to upcoming judges and those who might be in such acts but were not caught.
The camera also captured some judges who never compromised regardless of how ''juicy'' the gifts were. 1 reason why applicants fail to qualify for military service, and it is posing serious health problems within the services. Many young adults do not qualify because they failed to finish high school or have criminal records, but the No.
One in three children, 10 to 17, is overweight or obese, and 27 percent of young adults, 17 to 24, are too heavy to join the military.
Medical experts are predicting that this generation is on track to have a shorter life span than their parents. We need America’s service members to be in excellent physical condition because they have such an important job to do.
How is getting FAT or obese more of a national security problem than a TIDAL WAVE OF HEROIN flooding America's Grade School? Shouldn't true Homeland Security focus on the protection and saving the lives of American Citizens?
We know that the concern is a large percentage of obese children as adults become diabetics. My Slate colleague Eric Holthaus wrote all about this, and I strongly urge you to read that article.
And if you see storm clouds gathering, or dangerous shoals ahead, you don't sit back and do nothing. And he strongly implied that members of Congress who do so are guilty of dereliction of duty. The truth is that in the arctic we’re seeing record low levels of sea ice year after year, including just this year, when in March the North Pole saw the lowest maximum ice extent on record.
Antarctic sea ice is very different than at the North Pole; Antarctica is a continent and conditions there are literally polar opposites.

Over the years, some Ghanaians have perceived judges to be dishonest and accused them of taking money and other gifts only to give false rulings. While others commended the investigative journalist and his team for exposing the corrupt judges, others condemned them and concluded that it was criminal on the part of the team to have persuaded these judges with money. This however became an exercise in futility when it was premiered on the 22nd of September this year after he withdrew the case in court. In the video in which these corrupt judges were captured, a thirteen year old girl was defiled but the accused was not detained because justice was sold cheaply while armed robbery cases were also thrown away in exchange for money. If these judges are really honest and think of the well being of the innocent, would they not have thought of firmly holding on to their fiduciary duties?
These judges have sentenced people who are innocent of certain crimes and freed hard core criminals who become a threat to our security. This presupposes how some have distinguished themselves and shown how they are deeply rooted and firmly grounded in the ethics of their jobs. The chief justice should take this issue seriously and address it in a manner which will bring sanity in the judiciary to restore hope. The issue is causing heartbreak among some military families that have always had a son or daughter in the service. Every month hundreds of potential recruits fail the physical entrance exam because they are too overweight. Rigorous service standards are critical if we are to maintain the fighting readiness of our military.
For years he had faithfully served the people of the nation's capital and was well known among the elected officials. The southern sea ice fluctuates quite a bit year to year, and in fact wind-driven snow can be increased by global warming (warmer air can hold more moisture), so glossing over local conditions the way Taylor does is at best misleading. Though this had appeared an allegation to many, the substance of it has come to light by the videos of Tiger Eye PI team which has exposed some of them.
Others also expressed concern about how this video could get to the international media and bring Ghana's judiciary into disrepute after it has been premiered.
Narcotic drug dealers were also freed because huge sums of monies were paid to pervert justice. He freed a narcotic drug dealer and took goat and huge sums of money as compensation and seems not to be shameful of such corrupt deed. If human conscience alone could tell them that, punitive measures would be issued against them when caught in such acts, would they have thrown the ethics of their jobs into derision? We should all find a way as citizens of this country in fighting against corruption at any corner we find ourselves. Today, otherwise excellent recruit prospects, with generations of military service in their family history, are being turned away because they are just too heavy. That is why many of us with extensive military experience are supporting efforts to reduce child obesity. The physical training that military recruits undergo is meant to prepare men and women for service that requires real stamina, endurance and grit.
To those members of the bar and bench who insisted Anas committed a crime and should be brought before the law only to conclude that those ''innocent'' judges who the camera captured were persuaded should come again. If any of those who defended them have any of their family members or themselves falling victims to such criminal acts, wouldn't they have accused these corrupt judges of such crime? Why were others who were captured in camera by this same investigative journalist sometime ago had no one to defend them but the judges, their registrars and clerks being defended? The fact is that wrong is wrong, no matter who commits it and should be accepted by those who continue to defend the corrupt judges. The anchor of justice must hold in the storms of persuasion and should not drift no matter the circumstance.
Obama “FAT KID CAMPAIGN.” I HOPE YOUR NOT A SUCKER FALLING FOR THE FAT KID PLAN.” Why not someone working to strengthen the family? Help for the mother and children where the sorry butt dad (with a small (d) because he doesn’t deserve to be called Dad because he doesn’t support those he fathered.
My late Dad attended a conference in Newark Ohio where it was being discussed.) This will cut back on Medicare.

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