The Book of Revelation… This book has long been seen as the most confusing and controversial book of the Bible. Why don’t most Christians know the pertinent truths and empowering realities the book of Revelation teaches?
Why is there so much confusion, controversy, and conflict among Christians and churches over this book—which reveals Jesus Christ as He is today?
Why can’t a typical, ordinary layperson study this prophecy and trust the Holy Spirit to guide him or her into its truths?
Yet the #1 reason why most people, and for centuries and today as well, have misread, misunderstood, and mis-taught the prophecy of the book of Revelation is because they have failed to place it in its divinely determined context before they try to interpret and understand it. 3 “An Exegetical Basis for a Preterist-Idealist Understanding of the Book of Revelation,” article in Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Vol.
John left Jerusalem because of the warning, moved to Ephesus, taken prisoner, boiled in Oil, sent to Patmos, and later released, had two disciples, Polycarp, Papias. This “late date” view of the writing of the Book of Revelation is strongly and effectively contested by some notable scholars. For even more on this, see on this site my theological paper published in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society and titled, “An exegetical Basis for a Preterist-Idealist Understanding of the Book of Revelation.” It provides even more support and reference sources in this regard. The only Truth is what is written, My Word is Spirit, to him that hears and keeps, believes as the Word has said; it all written to the candlestick, those lights of Christ. We won’t be able to cover everything about Revelation in one article (or maybe ever, in thousands of articles). Make sure your interpretation would work for Jewish Christians living under Roman domination 2,000 years ago.
Interpret the symbols in Revelation in light of the Old Testament, especially Ezekiel and Daniel. The trumpets of history sounded to alert people of the final judgments; their trumpet blast was to call people back a into covenant relationship with their God. The Book of Revelation reveals Christ working out the provisions of God’s Covenant in the Last Days. The unique difference of the seventh month was in the realization that this was the month containing the day of atonement when the High Priest in before the ark of the covenant. It seems very likely that the blowing of the seven trumpets in Revelation correspond to the blowing of trumpets at the seven New Moon (or New Month) festivals in the Old Testament. This series begins once again with our High Priest in the "holy place" of the heavenly sanctuary. Revelation has already depicted Christ as "tending the lamps" filling His churches with the oil of the Holy Spirit.

30:8 And when Aaron lighteth the lamps at even, he shall burn incense upon it, a perpetual incense before the LORD throughout your generations. Throughout the ages of the Christian Church, Christ was officiating as the HIGH PRIEST for them in the heavenly sanctuary. On the day of Atonement the Priest took this censor filled with burning coals, as well as incense, with him into the Most Holy Place.
When the Priest throws down the censor there will be noise and an earthquake and thunderings. Here we see that the events described as happening after the "throwing down", namely the noise, thunder, voices and lightning, happen AFTER the seventh trumpet begins to sound, and before it has finished sounded. You will recall from the study of the feast of trumpets, that a trumpet was sounded at the beginning of each month.
When the seventh trumpet is blown, it is then that the door into the most Holy is opened in the temple of heaven and the ark of the covenant is seen, and the 24 elders announce that the time of judgment has come.
Following the sixth trumpet the people are told to go and prophecy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings. People thought Christ was coming in 1844 --they gave the loud cry-- it was a sweet message, but the disappointment made it bitter in their belly. And yes, it is after that--at the end of the seventh trumpet that thunders and voices are finally heard. These noises do not occur BEFORE THE TRUMPETS sound-- but after the trumpets have sounded-- because the censor is not cast down till after the judgment in the Most Holy Place is finished.
Throughout May and June, we will dedicate our sermon series to taking a good look at Revelation.
Consequently, they lift it out of its context, stretch it like a rubber band—1900 years and counting—plop it down out in the future, and create a pretext. Therefore, by recognizing and honoring the divinely determined time and nature context this book of prophecy places upon itself, we can be better assured of grasping its true message and meaning and unlocking its wisdom and promised blessings, here and now.
Argument only proves division, submit to Christ as He reveals Himself in each of us, the book is about the destruction of man, each man, to bring about the Christ in you. Making the locusts into apache helicopters or the red dragon represent the nation of China would be a tough sell in the first century. Instead of opening your newspaper to find out who you think the four horsemen are, open to Zechariah 6. The Left Behind series may be entertaining, but it presents an interpretation of the book of Revelation that no one in all of church history ever held until the late 1800s. The point of Revelation is to encourage believers under the domination of Rome to persevere and stay faithful to King Jesus because, although they are suffering now and future Christians will suffer as well, Jesus will one day come back to judge His enemies and rescue His followers.

So why make special mention of the blowing of trumpets on the first day of the seventh month? And when the seventh trumpet blows, in chapter 11, we see the inner door into the Most Holy of Heaven opened and we see the ark, while the 24 elders declare that the time of judgment has come. Each new moon trumpet blowing was understood as a day of judgment in miniature, which warned people to prepare for the final judgment ushered in by the Feast of Trumpets. We see the High Priest with the Golden censor standing before the altar of incense, making intercession for the people.
Each new moon or New Month the blowing of the trumpet was understood as a day of judgment in miniature, which warned people to prepare for the final judgment ushered in by the Feast of Trumpets in the seventh month. In like manner Revelation's trumpets cover the period from the "Cross" the fulfillment of the Passover, to the final judgment when the righteous receive their rewards and those who destroy the earth are destroyed.
Apocalyptic literature looks forward to a day when God will judge the wicked and vindicate His people.
We have to guard against trying to fulfill an agenda or to confirm our suspicions about Iraq so that we may interpret it correctly.
The Village cannot support everything in these commentaries, so you should use discretion when studying them. These trumpets are blown in order to get men to repent, to get them to stop worshipping their idols of gold, silver, brass, stone and wood (9:20) but they do not repent. The trumpets are warnings fo destructive religious delusions in the world, and calls to the world to prepare for the final judgment, while probation is being offered.
10:4) We are told it wasn't time yet but in the days of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God would be wrapped up and finished. But, we will quickly move into studying the Book of Revelation itself and learn that it is a book for TODAY! Location!” In a similar fashion, what do you think are the three most important factors or rules for properly understanding the meaning of any piece of literature, including the Bible?
Even after the sixth trumpet is blown, the people must continue to prophesy before the nations and people.
It follows the type presented by the trumpets in Israel, one every month for seven months, which were seen as "miniature" judgments leading to the final day of atonement judgment. In fact, it is our hope that you will discover that Revelation is a positive book of praise and worship that tells a story of victory and life in Jesus Christ.

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