Perhaps, gentle reader, you watched the recent tv series, Outlander, based on the first book of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? This series ‘follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened.
I’ve reviewed this book series here on my blog before, and after watching the tv series, I headed back to the books on my shelf, to dive once more into the world of Claire and Jamie.
The book was narrated by Davina Porter, and I very quickly fell in love with her reading style and was so pleased to see that she has narrated all eight books in the series.
This is the magic, for me, of Davina’s narration; she can narrate several character’s voices with no hesitation, with no pauses, and the listener knows exactly who is speaking. Listening to the Outlander series will take some dedication if you would like to listening to the series, as they are very long.
I have read all of the books numerous times over the past 17 years, and a friend is now listening to the audiobooks as she drives into work each day. Most people in the fandom have read this series, but there are some people holding out on principle. Simone Elkeles is from Chicago, Illinois, where Perfect Chemistry (which won her the RITA award from the Romance Writers of America) is based. Brittany, the other main character in the book, is a stereotypical blonde girl with big boobs. If you like Perfect Chemistry, try reading its two sequels: Rules of Attraction and Chain Reaction. Catherine Gilbert Murdock is the sister of famed author Elizabeth Gilbert, best known for her recent bestsellers Eat, Pray, Love and Committed. Another interesting aspect of this book, other than sports and family relationships, is the topic of love.
Davina’s readings of the Outlander series, for which she uses her Scots heritage to flavour the dialects of dozens of characters, have many fans. I love listening to the ‘Scottish flavour’ of the voices … should a character ‘speak’ with no introduction, I know exactly who they are. I have 14 hours left in the last (to date) book of the series to go … all 8 books add up to just over 365 hours of listening pleasure!!! I believe there will be a book 9, though there isn’t a release date yet … something to look forward to!!!
That’s why Larkable has complied a list of the 5 most captivating young adult fantasy book series right here. Currently in production as major motion pictures, The Hunger Games is set in a futuristic, dystopian society.
There’s action, treachery, violence, murder, tested loyalty, and romance in this fast paced saga.
In Tris’ world, society is divided into five factions based on personality strengths. The most important lessons to take away from Perfect Chemistry are that people are not always who they are appear.

Although her life isn’t as glamorous as it seems (she has quite the dramatic and tragic home life), the author continuously reminds us that she is a “hottie,” and her physical features are always used when describing her. Though it is essential to show to reality of gangs, the violence in this book is even more graphic than the explicit sexual scenes. Several were on sale at the time I checked and I purchased these and started listening to Outlander. No worries: we have a list of the 5 most captivating young adult fantasy book series right here. Cinda Williams Chima spins this tale in a captivating and page-turning manner that leaves the reader bleary eyed and dreaming of what’s going to come next. She gets involved with the archetype of a bad boy, Alex, which is also a stereotype for rebellious teenage girls.
As a book for YA readers, this book is a little extreme, and parents might be turned off—which may actually be its biggest selling point with teens. She has narrated over 100 books, and I would have no hesitation in recommending a book she had narrated. The Inheritance Cycle series follows fifteen year old Eragon who discovers he’s a Dragon Rider when a dragon egg hatches while in his care. History affects the present and ties the lives of Han, Raisa, and Amon together in order to prevent the world from tumbling into chaos again.
Children grow up in the faction they were born into and at sixteen, they take a test to determine their personality type and which faction would best suit them.
The courage of a young man changing his life for the better, no matter how hard it might be, is inspiring. This move is redeemed by Alex’s dedication to change, not only for Brittany, but for himself and his family as well. There is a great lesson about being exactly who you want to be despite reputations, stereotypes, or unsupportive family members. An initial reading, which Davina always does, is followed by preparation of a day’s recording session, with careful anticipation of pages that may involve five or six Scots in a scene.
Together he and his dragon Saphira, the last free dragon, must do what they can to defeat the evil Emperor Galbatorix. The Hunger Games trilogy is told in first person present tense from Katniss Everdeen’s point of view. A little unlike the other series, the romantic tension in this is thick: Princess Raisa grows closer to the age of marriage every day, and protecting her kingdom from the cruelty of corrupt wizards is at the top of her priorities.
Tris takes her test and the results come back inconclusive, rendering her Divergent — a virtual death sentence. As a self-identifying reader I stuck with it and the third book in the series, The Prisoner of Azkaban, is one of my all time favorite books to this day; fifteen years later. I can’t help but wonder if this is even possible in real life, but this book gives those who want to change the hope they need. She is described as strong and athletic, but even though her family avoids emotional confrontation at all costs, she is very vulnerable at heart.

She strives to bring each voice off the page and at the same time maintain a natural sense.
Set in the fantasy land of Alagaesia, Eragon interacts with other humans, elves, dwarves, and magicians in his quest to bring down the Dragon Rider who ended all other Dragon Riders, Galbatorix, with the rebel alliance, the Varden.
Raisa is a heroine that all girls can look to for following their heart, following their sense of duty, believing in herself, and not putting their self-worth into others.
A flexible voice, notes Davina, is essential for audiobook narrators, as is the ability to make quick changes and maintain a comfortable narrative level for long periods. The series is complete, however Paolini has commented that we can expect to see another book set in Alagaesia.
Told in third person, the four book saga follows Eragon, his cousin Roran, and the Varden leader Nasuada in their fight against the empire.
She’s naturally a reserved person and the emotional trauma she suffers from the Hunger Games socially cripples her even more. Paolini commands incredible control over the English language and his flare for creating new languages, races, and histories is incredibly impressive. As the most oppressed of the three, his personal journey is one for the ages and an inspiration to all.
Her heart is in the right place and she knows what needs to be done, she just doesn’t know how to express it, and that makes her a very unique heroine. The Seven Realms Series is undoubtedly one of the most captivating young adult book series you could ever pick up. While the notion of children killing each other has been out there for decades, The Hunger Games is an incredible, unique and proactive way of regarding our future and what it could bring. As the books progress, the story improves, morals are questioned, parallels are drawn, characters develop, and an entire magical universe emerges.
Rowling does between our own history and this magical world makes us reflect on our values, our methods, and our standards of freedom, oppression, tolerance, and suffrage.
Bad people are tolerated, good people are abused, and the young are called upon because the old’s hands are tied. Harry Potter isn’t the most fascinating character, but Harry Potter is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating series you could ever have the privilege of reading.
If you haven’t read them, I challenge you to do so, and ask yourself what really bothers you about it. Harry Potter is a fantastic reflection of this world and a representation of the many different kinds of people in it.

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