An excellent document for helping develop your educational ministries in your congregation.
A gathering of resources and downloadable materials especially for Christian educators in the parish. Resource for year-round child advocacy to guide you and your faith community to engage in child and family advocacy work.
This group offers a free e-newsletter, quarterly magazine and curricula for children and youth to teach tolerance. Equips churches to welcome and include children and families affected by hidden disabilities in all aspects of the life of the church. World-wide organization that identifies challenges facing the highly mobile military child.
Theater group committed to proclaiming the Christian message with a unique blend of humor, story, challenging content, and scenes that are hard to forget.
International organization whose purpose is to communicate the sacred stories of the biblical tradition, and encourage everyone to learn and tell biblical stories. Redraws the world map with the sizes of countries made bigger or smaller in order to represent something of interest. Gives people of all religions the tools to become good stewards of the earth by partnering with religious congregations to promote clean energy & sustainable farming. The Forum invites academic and engaged discourse on the intersection of religious studies, science, and environmental policy. Princeton Faith & Work Initiative is where students, scholars, and practitioners critically reflect on the role faith plays in corporate life and leadership issues. A non-profit organization that equips people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly, and create meaningful celebrations.
Creates and conducts family programs which nurture the growth of strong, loving, communicating families to discover and celebrate their wholeness and uniqueness. Offers resources for families to use at home regarding the sacraments, vacation, and building faith practices as a family. An online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs. An intergenerational and interactive event, one where children and parents as well as individuals walk together the path toward peace, tolerance and understanding.
Eboo Patel, founder and executive director of the Interfaith Youth Core, and Lisa Kimball, director of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at VTS, gave the Zabriskie Lectures focusing on Christian formation in a multi-religious culture.
Offers 35,000+ photographs celebrating childhood around the world all clearly tell the same story and confirm a universal truth: We are all connected.
VAWA also provides for hotlines, shelters, and other comprehensive community services to help domestic violence victims, both men and women. National, multifaith organization working to end sexual and domestic violence that provides communities and advocates with the tools and knowledge needed to address the religious and cultural issues related to abuse.
Articles from the Hospice Foundation of America points to how children and adolescents grieve and how to help them cope with loss. Provides support in a safe place where children, teens, young adults and their families grieving a death can share their experiences. This blog is all about Christian mysticism, Celtic wisdom, interfaith spirituality, the emergent conversation, and assorted other topics.

A devotional website: contemplative music welcomes the visitor to d365, an invitation to explore the theme of each week. Non-profit organization dedicated to sharing our beliefs and experiences with anyone seeking answers to spiritual questions and deeply committed to the ongoing spiritual formation for people of all ages and all backgrounds, living in countries around the world. A nonprofit Christian organization that seeks to resource, fuel, model, and advocate more intentional living and spiritual formation among Christians and those wanting a deeper connection with God.
Money boxes were created as a tool for children and families to incorporate strong financial values and practices into their daily lives. Based on the book of the same title, the site has articles and links on overconsumption and consumerism.
A compilation of prayers and litanies for those graduating from high school, college or going on a pilgrimage or mission trip. Compiled following the devastating earthquake that shook this island nation in January 2010. Developed during the turbulent times of the summer of 2010 when politics, religion and the public discourse was heated. Focuses on the lectionary readings for each Sunday of the year, with numerous links related to each of the texts for sermon ideas, music, prayers, exegesis and a wealth more. Contains high-resolution images of biblical sites in Israel and other countries to use for teaching.
Offers the ability to put in a bible verse and see where the “story” is located on a topographical map in the Middle East.
A time line of Anglican history created by Ed Friedlander from Kansas City, Missouri from 400 CE to modern times.
This website tells the story of ancient Mesopotamia now present-day Iraq – a story shared by all humans. Offers numerous links and documents including interactive maps, choosing a bible, history, geography, how to read the bible, and much, much more. The integral texts of the Bible and the Qu’ran alongside each other on one website allows you to search the texts using any word to compare them. Deidre Good, professor of New Testament at the General Theological Seminary discusses some of the theological issues raised by the rediscovery of the Gospel of Judas. A compilation of numerous online resources compiled by Bernard Bell that covers various bible translations, bible software, e-books, academic resources, journals, hymnals, photos, maps and more. Project to provide primary sources from other countries and cultures free of charge, and is offered in seven different languages, including Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian. Published by the University of Wisconsin Press over a twenty year period beginning in 1969, this site was intended to serve as a collaborative and comprehensive treatment of the topic, ranging in time from the first 100 years of the Crusades to their ultimate impact on the histories of the Near East and Europe. This site offers two approaches for the study of specific time periods in American women’s history: via a Timeline from pre-history through today or through research sources. With five young children I felt a strong need to teach my little ones to know and love the scriptures. Over a fourteen-year period, I wrote captions on 2,241 pages that included the happenings of every verse in the Book of Mormon. Picture pages provide a user friendly format for busy parents who desire to provide ongoing, meaningful scripture study for children of various ages.
Self-expression of each family member becomes a combined family effort resulting in treasured family books that document individual growth.

Regularly doing Picture Pages creates a family tradition of togetherness and bonding opportunities.
Children can customise and build a range of bikes, from a Motocross dirt bike to racing and vintage bikes. Includes resources for worship services, education programs, direct service activities, and social justice initiatives. A great introduction to poverty, literacy, and other areas related to the Millennium Development Goals. Krista draws out the intersection of theology and human experience, of grand religious ideas and real life.
Christian Copyright Licensing, Inc (CCLI) and Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) have partnered to create Christian Video Licensing International (CVLI) and the Church Video License, which offers blanket copyright coverage for video titles from more than 90 producers. Our senses come to us as we sense that in this life and in this death is our life and our death.
She speaks of the naked truth of a spirituality that changes hearts, the gospel imperative to love one’s neighbor. Going through a series of separate pages, there is a time to pause, to reflect before moving on to listen to the day’s scripture, based on the Revised Common Lectionary.
They also attach great importance to dreams, which they consider to be a form of guidance along the Path.
With roots in the writing of Richard Foster, it is Christian in commitment, ecumenical in breadth, and international in scope. In addition to the money boxes, other resources (some free and downloadable) are available for family discussions on money and other topics. Of course, not all of the dates in this timeline are accurate; some are entirely conjectural.
The design of the website is easy to navigate and very interactive, with its map of the world and timeline beneath it.
The Episcopal Diocese of Washington (DC) has a great site for liturgies, prayers and other theological resources regarding animals and pets. With respect for the differences among them, we celebrate what they have in common, including 37 essential practices of the spiritual life.
If you are looking for print bible maps for use in a classroom, check out what Rose Publishing offers. The author has included a few dates, events and documents which are or may be entirely fictional. Noted as one of the best free reference web sites in 2004, it is compiled by Ken Middleton, a reference librarian at Middle Tennessee State University Library. The twelve volumes pictured include all those pages that were drawn week by week and year by year!  Read what the kids say.
Nicholas is celebrated around the world, this is the website with all the answers and plenty of resources.

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