Having packed up all of my earthly belongings into the back of an ancient 1992 Ford Ranger, I clunked and bounced along the 689 miles between San Diego, CA, and Provo, UT. Hi!!This spring, while cleaning our yard near the country house, we decided to cut down an apple tree.
Being alone, in the dark, on a cold, damp night isn't an experience that most people want to have. Getting a glimpse of the night sky on a budget can be difficult, my cheap refracting telescope has a hard time taking enough light in from distant sky objects as it is, improving your own vision at night by using a red light is a great way improve your amateur sky gazing experience. So back when I lived in Portland, Oregon for a few years, my friend and I were talking one day and he thought it would be cool to make a Slip and Slide that did a turn around our Fire Pit.
I just bought a new ultralight tent, and after seeing how expensive footprints were I set out to make one myself. I wanted to make a rounded sun shade for my kids that I could take apart and put away when it wasn't in use. I have been wanting to purchase a Bike repair stand for quite sometime now but I have always been a little uneasy about paying over $100 for a stand. Here is an easy and effective way for almost anyone to have a target for archery, regardless of where you live!Please keep in mind that this target is only intended for field point shooting. Whether you need a tent quick, want to lighten your pack or forgot your tent at home this Instructable is for you.
After some brainstorming and realizing that I needed a new bird feeder, I created this for the reuse challenge.

In this instructable i will show you all the steps i took in making my super cheap skateboard!. Afraid to damage the concrete, Mr Jim uses the next hardest surface he can find to break up the solid block of ice. After losing six monopoly champion rounds in the past three years, Kyle finally manages to win his first. This Instructable helps you to make your own 7 gram glamping lights to set a party atmosphere around your camping spot. For this instructable I have created a fun 1 stage model rocket that is capable of house an A,B, or C engine! With summer closing in, I thought it would be the perfect time to share how I made this hammock stand.
I also wanted it to be inexpensive, with parts that were easily replaced.I looked all over the internet and saw many different designs, but nothing that fit what I was wanting. Here is our $35 solution.My wife tries to commute three times a week and the current bike lights were not cutting it. Often while outside outside it could suddenly rain so, I wanted to further protect my equipment.
The tarp tent is not my invention but hopefully this new pitching method will make lightweight tarp camping possible for more outdoorsmen. They are ridiculously expensive, uncomfortable to carry around, and aren’t much good for anything else.

He looks so happy that I don't have the heart to tell him that he has to win the next champion round later this year to become our next Monopoly Champion.
I should make a table on the apple tree stump and a bench around it.So I planned it really carefully, when another awesome idea came to my mind! Reflective tape and a brighter head lamp did not seem like it would solve the visibility issue.
With the amount of screen you could make about 5-6 of these for $10!The second picture is what I caught over night on my first try!
This whole project took about four days to complete, not including the time I built the basic trailer. With a few simple office supplies laying around the apartment, you can make your own custom one-of-a-kind paper kite in a few hours. You can hang your briefcase on your bike's rear rack while you ride, and pop it off and go once you arrive. I have been in this hobby for about 5 years now and I would like to share what I have learned.

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