Your brain makes countless moral decisions every day … but have you ever wondered where your morality comes from? This episode of BRAIN GAMES puts your problem-solving skills to the test as we lead you through a labyrinth of logic games.
Whether it's a blast from the past, recognizing a long lost pal or remembering where you parked the car, your memory shapes the story of your life and allows you to interact with the world without things seeming strange or unfamiliar.
Whether you're a skeptic or a believer in the supernatural, you have to admit there are things out there your brain just can't quite explain. Do you sometimes hear a little voice in your head, an inner critic that keeps you from performing at your best? Your mind and body are connected in countless ways, and some are more mysterious than others.

Through thought-provoking games and moral dilemmas, such as the "Trolley Problem", we'll test the strength of your moral fiber. Every day, you use logic to get things done, from dressing for the weather, choosing the best route to work, to deciding what to eat for dinner.
In this episode, we'll mess with your mind to show you what memory is, why you even have it and why you keep forgetting where you put those darn keys! What if we told you there’s a way to change what that voice is telling you that will improve your performance in just about anything you try?
In this episode, you'll discover how your mind and body sometimes work together like the best of friends ' and how they sometimes betray each other like the worst of enemies. If you play along, you'll discover that your brain actually knows more about the unknown than you might think.

It might come as a surprise, but research shows thinking positively is more than just a warm and fuzzy idea.
Watch as mixed martial arts fighters are challenged like never before by the simplest of moves, and go head-to-head against them in a game that looks easy but will leave you all thumbs. You can save them by diverting the train to another track, but one problem — a person is standing on the second track. And in this episode about positive thinking, we’re going to show you how thinking positively can change your thoughts, your reality and even your life!

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