New York Daily News Life in North Korea: Photographer captures rare, but intimate glimpse inside secretive country Daily life in North Korea David Guttenfelder was able to capture photos of daily life in North Korea as a journalist allowed into the secretive country for the year's first, but failed, rocket launch. When Juan Pedro Campos dos Santos came into the world in December, the circumference of his head was just 26 centimeters, about 20 percent smaller than normal.Santos was never diagnosed with Zika, but she blames the virus for her son's defect and for the terrible toll it has taken on her life. Albert Ko, a professor of epidemiology with the Yale School of Public Health, adding the region was likely at least one of the initial points of entry for the disease — which researchers theorize may have been introduced to Brazil by tourists visiting the country during the 2014 World Cup or an international canoeing event the same year."It may have been one of many introductions, but this is the one that took off," said Ko. Each soda bottle, yoghurt container and margarine tub provides an ideal breeding ground for Aedes."The mosquito is in all Recife. Brazil once succeeded in eliminating the Aedes, which is well adapted to humans, lives within people's homes and can breed in just a bottle cap of stagnant water.

Ceuci Nunes, an infectologist at the Couto Maia Hospital in the northeastern city of Salvador.
The payout only came in January, he said, and it was only $300,000.Area researchers are also exploring whether another type of mosquito endemic to Brazil's northeast could also be a Zika carrier, and if so, whether it too may somehow lead to microcephaly. And in the few spots where it's still available, frenetic demand has helped push the price for what was already a costly product into the stratosphere. During those precious hours, Santos keeps her fingers close to his chest so he has something of her to grab onto. Without that, he pinches himself awake with his tiny fingers.Her husband was annoyed by the baby's constant fussing, which distracted him from his television show, she said.

He was also deeply chagrinned to have a son born imperfectly.So a few weeks after Pedro came home, his father left. He took with him the flat-screen TV that was the centerpiece of their tiny home.___Associated Press writer Jenny Barchfield reported from Rio de Janeiro.

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