CALL IT WHAT YOU LIKE emergency kit, earthquake kit, bug out bag, go bag -but whatever you call it, you ought to have an emergency pack on hand for dealing with, well, emergencies.
The reason for having such a pack is simple you may need to carry all the equipment and supplies you need to survive a predetermined period. A bug out kit is a haulable kit that includes the items you may need to survive in an emergency.
The purpose of it is to gather all the items and supplies you think you might need in an emergency into one place, making it easier and faster to bug out ? when you need to.
The answers will be different for everyone, but thinking about what might occur and how long it might last is what determines how many items you will buy for the kit. Do you anticipate being stranded at your far away job for a couple days in the event of a snow storm or power outage?
Do you live in a metropolis where even the smallest freeway accident could mean hours of gridlock?
How will you know how much gear to take if you haven’t estimated how long you might need it for? The next logical thing to plan for is the emergency that would require the pack to begin with.
A situation like the recent California power outage, where the freeways were totally unusable for almost ten hours due to traffic is more of an inconvenience when compared to a massive societal breakdown filled with looting and riots (i.e. Use reason when planning what goes in your bug out bag, and neither plan for the worst, since whatever you pack will be insufficient anyways, and also neither plan for the best, since it never happens. Exactly what goes into your bag will vary depending on where you live, as far as inclement weather goes. And make no mistake; bleeding out is the deadliest of all first aid situations you might encounter during an emergency. Rounding out your first aid kit should be any medication you may need, especially prescription medication if you take it, and perhaps a SAM splint to set a broken bone. Lastly, if you are not trained in first aid or medicine, make sure you have some first aid literature in your pack. A first aid kit is definitely one of the items you don’t want to skimp out on “ it could mean your life! Better yet, you should also have water purification supplies so you can produce your own water by making contaminated water usable for human consumption by removing all the unwanted chemicals. Water can be gathered from groundwater, lakes or reservoirs, rivers or canals, and rainwater. Give some thought to bringing some condensed forms of food such as energy bars or survival food.
Some food can be brought with you in your bug out bag, but again, whatever you are able to fit is only going to last for the short term. So, you’ll need to think about long term food solutions, based on your region and climate.
You need a way to defend yourself, against both humans and animals (and possibly zombies!). At the very least, bring a good, fixed blade knife that can do double duty as defense and utility. If you can bring a handgun (preferably a semi auto), make sure and have at least 3-6 extra magazines.
For rifles, the decision is up to you and should be based on how long you think you’ll need to be supplied, how much ammo you will use, etc.
Remember the movie Castaway, where Tom Hanks is involved in a plane crash and is forced to live on an island for years? Fire is extremely important for cooking, staying warm, and letting others know you are there (if desired). Items you can you to start a fire include flint and steel, matches (preferably water proof matches), and lighters. You life will be a lot easier if you have some cooking supplies as part of your bug out kit. Start to think about what you will eat, both in the long term and short term, and plan accordingly. Staying warm is not only important for survival, but even if you aren’t in the dead of winter, the ability to keep warm will make your life a lot easier. As far as tents and sleeping bags, get ones that can withstand bad weather and ones that are as light as possible. The weight might not feel so bad when your pack is on for a whole 30 seconds at home, but that tent you decided skimp on price for is sure going to get heavy after perhaps days or weeks of carrying it. You never know in what direction you might have to head, so study several of them around your area so you are prepared. A thumb drive where all your important information is stored will also be helpful for when the emergency (hopefully) ends. If you can fit them, things like duct tape, a small shovel, a plastic tarp, fixed blade and pocket knives and sanitation supplies would also be very helpful.
Lastly, keep your bug out bag light enough that you can carry it, and by all means do walk with it often to train yourself to carry the weight.
Remember what they give you in your adventurer's kit when you started out in old-school D&D? Spool Tool ("Z" Green) - The Ultimate Paracord Tool for Your Bug Out Bag, Survival Kit or Paracord Crafts. TricornE Spool Tool ("Z" Green) - The Ultimate Paracord Tool for Your Bug Out Bag, Survival Kit or Paracord Crafts.
This Tactical MonkeyPak is designed with a removable 2.5 liter water hydration bladder that may be included with this military style model. Built with tough army standards from heavy duty 600D waterproof nylon with all of the MOLLE compatible and PALs webbing you want to configure and complete your mission. They started as only 72 hour kits and that’s what disaster relief agencies recommend, but modern bug out bags can and should contain survival items for a much longer time period. What do you think might happen and how long might you need to survive possibly without running water, power, etc.? Do you have a wife and kids to think about while utilities are down during the next earthquake? There’s no need to have MOLLE attachments and tactical gear during an emergency you want to fly under the radar and look inconspicuous.
Excepting that sort of local stuff, below are the common things each bug out bag should have.

In a situation, what might normally be a minor cut that needs an immediate care center visit will be a major deal if you don’t have the basic gear you need to prevent bleeding out.
Whether you’re shot, stabbed, or just cut real bad due to an earthquake, car accident, or fall, you need to keep the blood on the inside, and that means at least a couple of bandages, a tourniquet, and some quick clot.
If you have a family member with health issues, you will certainly want to take this into account and make sure all the supplies they may need are there for them.
A survival book or notes might also help in this regard; this will tell you what plans are ok to eat vs.
Although some jurisdictions are hostile to firearms in vehicles or back packs, do the best to bring what you can in this regard.
You never know what might happen once food, water, utilities, and items for basic human survival become scarce. Buy a few books on the subject and copy the pertinent pages to include in your bug out bag.
Extended magazines of at least 20 rounds would be ideal; that way you will plenty of rounds and a great way to store them. The good news is that .22 ammo is very inexpensive and is not near as heavy as handgun ammo. That’s how happy you will be if there is ever an emergency and you have just created fire. There’s something about a good fire that invokes positive vibes that you might just live this one out. You can buy 10 lighters at Target or Walmart for a couple bucks, so there’s really no excuse to not have some laying around.
This includes having clothes, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, socks, and winter weather clothes. Bring a compass even if you have GPS—technology of any kind might not be too useful depending on what the emergency is.
Coins such as gold and silver would also be helpful in case paper currency is rendered useless.
Fishing hooks and some monofilament are a good choice where there is fishing nearby, as is some line for snares. All important documents “ birth certificate, auto titles, mortgage records, and insurance & medical docs would be good things not to leave behind.
Not having toilet paper won’t kill you, but having it will make life quite a bit easier for you. A simple thing like a garbage bag will work, but surprisingly, this small item is often overlooked. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF. At MonkeyPaks we consider in supplying you with the features you want in a small but very rugged pack that includes 5 separate compartments to keep all of your cargo easily organized. More than one compression straps manner this rugsack will expand or compress for your load wishes. Desperation can be a powerful force and can make people do things they normally wouldn’t do.
Your clothes aren’t going to provide much warmth if they are soaking wet due to the downpour that is seeping through your pack. The information contained in this article may not be published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without prior written authority. Each and every compartment comes with additional in-built organizers for further separation of your equipment wishes. Sling it over your shoulder for informal use or adjust the padded shoulder straps and utilize the hip belt to hit the paths hard, that is one pack that may be in a position when you’re. 4 of the compartments have double sided heavy duty metal toothed smooth rolling zippers to deal with the trials of your toughest use. With the way things seem to be going in the world today, being prepared is more important than ever. Some may call it paranoia, others call it unnecessary planning, I call it being prepared and peace of mind.Think about it, if something happens from a simple car accident in the middle of winter or an earthquake isn’t it better to have a sense of preparation rather than panic as most others will do because you had the foresight to plan ahead?And let’s say the worst case scenario, doesn’t happen and life goes on as usual, it is still helpful to have an emergency bag with you at all times (like having car insurance) because you never know what can happen. While others are still fumbling with a rat's nest of tangled cord you will have addressed the issue and neatly stored your Paracord; ready for the next emergency.
If you have an emergency bag, you may be inconvenienced, but you will be ok as will your family members because you did the planning, and you were prepared.You have heard it mentioned many times on television, seen it on the internet.
But what exactly are you suppose to put in your bug out bags?A bug out bag or get home bag is any some sort of back pack that has supplies in it that will be needed in an emergency situation.
Even FEMA and state websites encourage individuals to plan and be prepared for any disaster. There are many tools available to help you prepare, and give their recommendations of what you should put in your bug out bag.  This isn’t easy planning, and can seem overwhelming. I have a bug out bag created for each family member, as well as having one in each car, and two extras, just in case.It is better to be over prepared than to have a wait and see attitude. My children are a little apprehensive at times but that is because all teenagers think they are invincible.You can create bug out bags out of anything that you can pack.
I have chosen large backpacks that I have salvaged from yard sales and thrift stores, but my favorite is the Molle Assault Pack I also have taken bags I purchased on clearance from different stores that are pretty handy because they have wheels, so you can drag them like a fancy suitcase, and the carrying handles can also work for shoulder straps, like a backpack. Just click the image.It is important to understand the meaning of a bug out bag, it is meant for an emergency. Sturdy construction is a definite bonus, but any bug out bag is better than no bug out bag or get home bag. It isn’t hard, and it is fun and gets easier as you prepare and practice more.My intention is not to overwhelm you, but to help you get a head start on being prepared. So each pack has a two liter soda bottle that has been washed, and a drop of chlorine bleach added to it. It doesn’t add too much weight, and two liters of water per pack is enough to get you through until you find a source for water.However, you need to keep in mind that if you actually need to use your water, use it sparingly. By having some water, some of the pressure is taken from you in an emergency, one less thing to worry about. The human body needs two quarts of water a day to work efficiently and correctly.If you are in a survival situation you will be exerting yourself, and water is crucial to survival. That means you will need to drink more than the bare minimum in order to keep yourself functioning properly. If you use more water than you take in you take in, you are setting yourself up to become dehydrated.Finding a spot to set up your shelter would be best if you are close to a water source.

Lakes and streams are a great source of water, however there is the potential for contaminants in the water as well, so you will need to be able to purify the water once you have found it.So now that you know why you need to have a water source, lets help you figure out how to find it.
If you are in the middle of winter, hopefully there will be ice, which can be used as water. But if you are in the middle of summer, you can still find the water, just look for the greenest areas.This may be even easier if you find yourself in a city environment.
Swimming pools, hot tubs, homemade waterfalls and even hot water heaters are sources of water. You will need to purify the water before it is safe for consumption.There are many different ways to purify water. The best way if you have the utensils, and you should in your bug out bag, is to boil the water for at least ten minutes to kill all of the bacteria that could be in the water.
You can use a plastic bottle strung up over a fire to boil the water if you do not have a pot to do it, but it will take longer.There are also many water filtration kits, as well as water purification kits that can be purchased either online, or in stores. Water filtration does get rid of bacteria, but water purification gets rid of viruses as well.You can also purchase water purification tablets, which I have included in my bag.
With water purification tablets there are multiple choices, I prefer the chlorine tablets to iodine. You may find yourself doing a lot of physical work, and you will need calories in order to keep your strength.Calorie dense foods are the best way to do this.
Each person’s calorie requirement will be different, but a good rule of thumb is about twenty-eight hundred calories a day for an average adult female who is exercising, about thirty-two hundred if you are a strapping young lad doing moderate physical labor.Now if you don’t have this many calories per day in your meal planning, the minimum amount of calories to keep all of your body organs functioning properly, minimum mind you, is twelve hundred calories. So if you are trying to ration your caloric intake, a bare minimum of twelve hundred is needed on a daily basis. You will however be losing weight, because you will be burning many more calories than you are taking in.Three days’ worth of food for one person is an essential item that needs to be in your bag.
They all taste good!They are also prepared for single use and also have larger packets available. They don’t take up much space, and the shelf life is typically two years making it a cost effective addition to the pack. One cup of boiling water is needed for each packet.When you are considering your three days’ worth of food, keep in mind your personal preferences and how much you eat. By having things you like to eat and that you know how to prepare will help to keep you in the frame of mind of one who prepares. Remember, this is your pack, and you need to put in it what works best for you, and will provide the best comfort and peace of mind for you and your family.Granola bars, and pieces of hard candy are great for extra energy, and something sweet to provide a small distraction. You do not have to use what I do, but I think it is a good way for you to see how many calories are in the food. And even though the freeze dried food is tasty, it can be expensive if you are outfitting a family.It is also easy to cook canned food, just vent the top with a can opener.
I don’t have a lot of canned food, because it is heavy in a pack, but it does give a nice change of pace from all freeze dried meals.
Also by adding some comfort foods, such as hot cocoa, it helps to keep a very stressful situation a bit more bearable for you and your family.
By thinking ahead, planning and keeping a clear mind, you will be ahead of any dangerous situation that presents itself, leaving you time to figure out what the next step will be.Fire Starting Methods And GearSo far we have covered food and water, and in order for us to be able to use food and water, it is important to have the equipment in order to create a fire.
Whatever the reason, it is a vital necessity in an emergency situation.Having multiple ways to start a fire is important, I suggest at least 3. I love the magnesium stick as one alternative Knowing how to start a fire, and keeping it going is even more important.A fire is essential for survival, it is needed for boiling water, cooking food, and keeping warm.
It is important also to remember having a fire could alert other to your location, so keep this in mind when creating a fire.
You will also need to keep in mind fire safety and try to remain invisible as possible.The items you should plan to have in your pack are regular matches, waterproof matches (in a waterproof container) a knife, striking flint, 2 regular lighters, an extra-long lighter, dryer lint in a zip lock baggie, nine volt battery and steel wool.You might be thinking, dryer lint? You do not need to be exerting yourself on projects that you don’t need too.Regular matches, and waterproof matches in a waterproof container are helpful as well.
It may seem like overkill, but the more sources you have in order to create fire, the better off you will be.
Always try to imagine yourself in different survival situations and brainstorm what you might need or use. Save the waterproof matches for just in case you come into a situation when your lighters and your regular matches get wet or just will not work.It may sound odd to consider a nine-volt battery and steel wool objects that can produce fire, but they can. And it doesn’t have to be a nine-volt battery, any battery will do, however the positive and negative terminals are close on a nine-volt making it easier to spark the fire.Take fine steel wool and stretch it out into a thin cord. Lay the battery down flat, and take the steel wool and touch the strip along the battery terminals, and you will have fire. The fire does not burn for very long, so make sure you have your tinder ready to go under the steel wool. I go into more detail in the next post about the Bug Out Bags Supplies Part 2 And Get Home Bags.
Make sure you head over there and have a look at what the other survival supplies you should take along with you.✕Success!
The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. Some items don’t get used on a 4 day excursion, and heavy items always end up in the bottom at the small of my back. Is there any basic or even specific stacking loading procedures and what not to take and what to take? I have a bug out bag being shipped to me as I write, and I am very thankful for these classes. I don’t know your whole program, but are you going to go into where in the hell I am going to go?
For an earthquake or tornados, I can go somewhere on the acreage and pitch a tent, and not worry about the zombies.

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