The Clever Survivalist Blog is a survival guide devoted to teaching strategies on self-reliance, to seed survival and critical thinking skills in everyone. RVs have some inherent advantages and disadvantages when considered as a BOV.  I wanted to just write some thoughts down about them. Many RVs have basic utilities that are provided by the engine’s power and have a means to plug them into a power receptacle to provide electricity.  So you are living in a home that is designed to steal electricity when it comes down to it, with a built-in generator! I have spent many years learning wilderness survival, military survival, and urban survival.
Physical Address and Phone Numbers to cancel accounts including bank accounts, debits and credits. I guess I would want to know about motherhood since that is where I am right now–but this series of posts was very informative! I’d also recommend an encrypted USB drive with copies of important papers like birth certificates, car titles, etc. Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. It has been a long time since I have posted a suggested list for the contents of a 72 hour kit or bug out bag. FOOD -Three days’ supply of food minimum, (I carry more) to be determined by size and age of family and personal needs. Aquamira Tablets, 4-year shelf life, or a good quality water filter like the one made by Aquamira, Katadyn or First Need.
BlastMatch, Strike Force, Sparkie or varies fire steels are all commercial manufactured fire starters that will work after having been wet.
CLOTHING is an item that depends on the area in which you reside, and the time of the year.
Keep in mind that this is just a suggested list; yours will vary depending on your age, health, strength, physical conditioning, experience, skill levels and local conditions (weather). This entry was posted in Self sufficiency, Seventy-two hour kits, survival and tagged bug out bag, Howard, Seventy two Hour Kit.
The BOB or GMHB is a living object of constant change not a closet queen to be admired by others while on display.
An important factor is the weight of your kit and your ability to get out of your vehicle, walk and carry it. The benefits of each member of the family having their own bag is there is a greater amount of gear in general and because it is spread out in multiple bags, each bag weighs less, & there can also be more room for personals in each bag.
I ordered two of these bags and two of the companion bags for a son, nephew and their wives in the Los Angeles area after an exhaustive search of the numerous BOB's available.
I spent a considerable amount of time researching various products on the internet and visited a few stores. I like that they include quality products, like the SOL emergency bivvys (that don't rip like most other emergency blankets). The idea behind a bug out bag is to simply have one bag that will be capable of handling any emergency.
Before deciding what items need to be in your bug out bag, you need to determine your strategy. Avoidance: You gather your loved ones, grab your supplies, and disappear into an unpopulated area.
There are hundreds of checklists available online, but most of the checklists were prepared by survivalists who have extensive knowledge about how to survive in the field. The US Army Survival Manual is available at almost every bookstore and surplus shop in the country. Shelter and clothing: This is another time when the person packing the bag needs to realize that they need to pack the bag to make the weakest person comfortable. Maps and compass: Assume a worst case scenario and that you will not be able to use Google maps.
Hygiene: While not technically survival related, personal hygiene items are small and add a huge amount of comfort. Bug out bags for kids: Children that are old enough to carry their own bag should be encouraged to do so, just in case they get separated.
If the child is old enough to read, it would be wise to include a note in the bag explaining the four things above again. The Department of Defense conducted a study that determined many medicines in pill form retain 90% of their potency after the expiration date. The only known instance of toxicity resulting from expired meds was pre-1963 in tetracycline.
Medicines that are biological in nature such as insulin or an EpiPen do actually expire according to the studies.
Barter material: Many people recommend purchasing gold or silver coins for the purpose of trading in a survival scenario. Firearms: If you choose to have a firearm in your bag, remember to pack cleaning equipment and lubricant. The next security check to be completed is taking the bag outside at night and shining a flashlight at it.
The inciting event: In most cases, you will have some warning prior to the need to bug out.
The key element in surviving a disaster is not what equipment you have, it’s developing the ability to see what things could be instead of what they are.
In survival situations it is extremely important to commit yourself to your own survival and to completing whatever mission you have assigned yourself. Bag Contents This is an affordable bug out bag for 4-people to get your family started on the path to self-reliance. A great value for the money, this bag has features usually found on a pack twice this price. This backpack features 1800 cubic inches (30 liters) of space with re-stop fabric, reinforced stitching, a breathable EVA foam back panel, padded shoulder straps, an innovative shoulder strap elastic suspension system, self-reparing anti-snag zippers, side compression straps, water bottle front clip, daisy-chain webbing straps, and an accessory pocket on the shoulder strap.
Front butterfly organizer pocket has seven smaller pockets and a key tether inside it and is accessed by a two-way zipper so you can unzip from either side or just an inch or two from the top of the pocket to quickly grab an item. Leather Palm-Split Gloves Gloves can be very important in an emergency situation when you may have to move & cut wood, clear brush, or when using tools repeatedly. Signal Mirror This un-breakable mirror can be used for signaling messages, rescue and hygiene. Whistle This police whistle can be helpful for communication, calling for help, or to ward off an animal threat. Redundancy of crucial survival items like fire is vital in case one item fails, breaks, or just runs out, you have a backup. UCO Waterproof & Windproof Matches Redundancy of crucial survival items like fire is vital in case one item fails, breaks, or just runs out, you have a backup. In the event that you pack additional canned food or come across any in your survival situation, this little tool will open it up for you. 42mm in height, 70mm in width and less than 2oz in weight make the Go Bag Stove one of the most compact alcohol stoves on the market. Wise Company Freeze Dried Meals (12 1-cup servings) Variety pack of 6 unique entrees. Toilet Paper Roll Nice & compact, biodegradable single-ply toilet tissue is soft yet strong and absorbent. Petzl Tikkina 2 Headlamp The TIKKINA headlamp is perfect for proximity lighting: whether for camping, in a hut, or for emergencies, its compact size and wide beam make it an every-day headlamp par excellence.
Waterproof Notebook All weather writing paper that is totally impervious to water.
Gorilla Tape This handy roll of Gorilla Tape is a tough, thick, moisture-resistant duct tape. 50 ft Paracord Rope Paracord has hundreds of uses from tent guy lines and hanging bear bags (bags with food hung in trees to keep away from bears) to lashing branches together to drag back to camp.
Platypus Collapsible Water Bottle Collapse these water bottles and save space in your pack as your drink.
LifeStraw Water Filter 264 gallons of clean water in your pocket! LifeStraw® is an award-winning personal water filter, designed to provide safe, clean drinking water in any situation. LifeStraw® has been distributed to nearly every major international humanitarian disaster since 2005 and in broad public health campaigns in the millions.
The same high-tech design used in places like Haiti, Pakistan, Peru, Kenya, Indonesia, DR Congo, South Africa, Mexico, and Bangladesh is now available for consumers. LifeStraw® has received significant accolades since its original design was invented in 2005.

Alright, I left folks hanging at the end of Preparedness Month; I did not blog about our final week's endeavors so I figured I would take the time and catch everyone up. This helps the process of getting your mind wrapped around the idea that natural disasters do happen. This Medium Aluminum Scout Cook Stove, is the perfect Camp Stove for Cooking, Hiking, Camping, Kayaking, Fishing, and Hunting. I like the Aquamira’s Frontier Pro which only weights 2 oz and will filter 50 gallons of water. Be sure and pack warm clothes, if you have to stay outside all night it can get cold even when it seems hot during the day.
I agree that canned foods are too heavy, but the mylar pouches of tuna, SPAM and other meats are great, and far cheaper than MRE’s. I know water is heavy (8lbs per gallon) but I keep a full 1 liter bottle with my pack at all times. My husband and I purchased 2 of these bags and worked with the sellers to customize the bags to our needs.
In my opinion, Outtagear had the most comprehensive collection of items selected for its intended uses.
The bag is expensive, but the value for the money is totally reasonable when you consider the cost of each item and especially the time it would take to pick and buy all these items myself. If a natural or man-made disaster strikes, it would be handy to have the supplies required for survival already packed and ready to go, but the process of packing a bug out bag can be a little intimidating. The bag will help keep you alive in situations ranging from a flash flood all the way up to a total breakdown of society.
The worst possible scenario is a complete breakdown of society locally (large scale riots), regionally (extreme weather), or nationally (a pandemic). When reviewing the checklists, understand that they are a guide to help you prepare your bag, not a shopping list.
Every kit needs emergency water supplies, tablets for purifying water, and bladders for storing more water when it is available. While supplementing what is in your bug out bag should be a priority, there will be times when you will only have the food in your bag. Waterproof matches, lighters, flares, and dry material to burn should be sealed in a plastic bag. Most people don’t wear combat boots every day, but access to quality outdoor footwear is important.
You don’t necessarily need a Gerber, but you need a high quality knife and sharpening stone. Shelter and clothing items (tents, ponchos, gloves, jackets, etc.) need to be considered carefully. The contents of the bag should be fairly simple: seven easy to open food pouches that require no preparation (protein bars), seven water pouches or bottles, an age-appropriate cutting instrument, a whistle, a blanket, and a small first aid kit. The contents will sustain a family of four for one month without supplementing the contents. The reason for allowing the child to move after two days relates to the most likely reason the separation occurred in the first place. It also means that if a bag is lost or destroyed, the other bags will contain food and water. A large military surplus ammo can in your vehicle that is filled with emergency supplies can greatly increase the amount of food, water, and equipment that is available.
Take a look at a typical diaper bag and you quickly realize that Infants require special attention because they cannot eat the same food as other party members and they require other items that wouldn’t normally make it into a bug out bag. With the price of precious metals likely to skyrocketing during a large-scale emergency, it would probably be best if you just remember to take your jewelry. The type of firearm you select should match the terrain you will be operating in and the strategy you would like to adopt.
It is worth the ten minutes in most cases to fill a trash bag with all of the food, drinks, and medicine in the house. The easiest way to do this is to grab an item at random and think of as many uses for it as possible. Without a mission, people often fall victim to apathy and complacency which often leads to their death. If you have limited space, its a great size to stash away in your home, or is the perfect size to store in the car for on-the-go preparedness. It is very sturdy and has multiple sized compartments for easy organizing–including a top zip pocket for keys or wallet and a small cell-phone or accessory pocket on the shoulder strap, and a clever water bottle clip on the front of the pack.
The 1.0 backpack also includes essential high-quality, dependable survival items from name brands you know and can trust when your life depends on it! A bandana can be used in a hundred ways such as protecting your neck & head from the hot sun, a towel, a water pre-filter, or a wound dressing. These large gloves, which can accommodate a large variety of hand sizes, are sturdy & rugged and hold up under tough conditions. Actually, as attested to by combat forces, shaving and simple hygiene has a calming and civilizing effect on people in the midst of turmoil. That’s why we’ve included an easy to operate (even with cold hands) gas lighter–try lighting one of those small bic style ones with cold hands, its almost impossible! An effective way to warm your body is to put the warmers under your armpits (to prevent possible burns, use a barrier between your skin & the warmers). An N95 respirator is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. The height to width ratio have been specially designed to promote safety for all users and a superior cooking experience.
This is why we choose the low-tech but effective 12-Hour green sticks that can serve to light your way or can be twirled on a rope for signaling. The SOL Emergency Blanket is made from heat-reflective polyethylene (reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you).
Features a wide mouth, which allows you to attach a high capacity water filter or to collect water to drink using the LifeStraw Water Filter. The lightweight filter is ideal for hiking and camping, travel, emergency preparedness and survival. Time magazine named LifeStraw® the “Best Invention of 2005.” In 2008, it won the Saatchi and Saatchi Award for “World Changing Ideas”. The very light and versatile Kelly Kettle Camp Stove is also ideal for Emergency Preparedness Kits, Disaster Kits or Bug Out Bags.
I am not nearly this methodical or prepared yet, but will probably be reviewing this as I begin to think about it more. We just had flooding here in CO and I’m sure if a few people had read your posts they would have been ok.
She has a blog at Called To Be A Mom where she gives practical advice to help you be a mother and homemaker. This is not a kit that will allow most of us to live in the back country without additional help. And another benefit is if family members were to get separated, they would still have their survival essentials with them. We had previously put our own emergency backpacks together, but on opening them a few years later found the food moldy, the knife we had purchased broken, and the emergency radio very fuzzy and confusing. I even spent time trying to price out these items separately on Amazon with hopes to save additional money by creating my own bag, only to find out that I could not beat their pricing. Fortunately, I have not had to "bug out," but plan to test gear on future backpacking trips. This seller has some other really top notch emergency bags for individuals, but this is perfect for my family. The Snugpak bag is really nice because you can roll it, carry it with different handles or carry it with the backpack straps. If the most trained person dies, not only is there the personal tragedy, but now the party may not survive because they have lost their base of knowledge. There was probably some form of immediate life-threatening danger that triggered a fight or flight response.
If you plan on adopting an avoidance strategy, in which hunting will play a major role, you should probably have a scoped rifle.
If so, blacken whatever it is that could give away your position with a permanent marker or spray paint.
As with all our bags, its filled with top quality, dependable, name-brand gear you count on. In addition to blocking splashes, sprays and large droplets, the respirator is also designed to prevent the wearer from breathing in very small particles that may be in the air.

Combining both superior structure and unmatched strength, we’ve taken the traditional can alcohol stove and sky rocketed it to the next level. When set up, the stove allows your pot to be closer to the earth, which adds a level of safety and stability to your experience. If you’re forced to spend the unexpected night outdoors, cover up with the SOL Emergency Blanket as soon as the temperature drops and instantly improve the odds in your favor.
Great for rough, uneven surfaces like wood, concrete, stone, stucco, plaster, brick and more. Inner strands can be removed from the outer sheath to effectively make 350 ft of rope with each strand having 78 lbs of tensile strength. Features marks for measurement so you can ration your water and also measure out 16 oz for the freeze dried meals. I give you the conclusion to our Preparedness education (well, our learning continues but Preparedness month is over). I bag them up in 2 cup servings, then all I have to do is add 2 cups of hot water, and be eating (right out of the bag) in just a few minutes. So we decided to go with the Bug Out bag to get a higher quality product that we could be confident with during an emergency. There’s still plenty of room to put clothes in. Be sure to fill the water bottles before storing in your car or closet!
Starting your bug out bag can be as easy as tossing enough nonperishable food, water bottles, waterproof matches, and medicine to last you a week into the backpack you have laying in the closet floor.
Carry medical supplies that can fulfill the requirements of your level of knowledge of medicine. The inclusion of a survival handbook gives the rest of your party a chance at surviving without you. A Ka-Bar or the Air Force’s survival knife are good choices and are common enough that you can even find them at Wal-Mart. There aren’t many times when you will be wearing shorts and sandals and suddenly have the need for cold weather gear. If the whole family is living out of one bag, items will have to be sacrificed for space and weight.
If you are separated and one of the few unannounced emergencies occur, you can meet up on the road. By the time the formula you buy for your newborn goes bad, your child will be able to process real food. The author truly respects law and order and would never recommend that somebody stockpile fish antibiotics to use in an emergency. If you plan on an evacuation strategy, it would be best to have something concealable that packs a punch like a .45 pistol. Items that you would normally throw away can become critical life saving instruments of survival. We have found that Teton’s products are solidly built, with an attention to detail for how people actually use & wear backpacks. So whether you’re looking to boil or sanitize water, heat a pot of stew, brew a cup of espresso, heat up a can of beans, or just have an extra bit of comfort during unforeseen circumstances, the Go Bag Stove makes it possible. Paper that can withstand wet weather would be ideal in this situation to leave directions and notes. New polyetheline material is quieter and more durable than traditional reflective blankets!
September is Preparedness Month and my goal is to help you through the process of building a 72 hour survival bag for your family to be prepared for a natural disaster.
Not only is this Volcano Stove the perfect Cook Stove for Emergency Preparedness, but it is also the ideal Cook Stove for Car Camping. She gives advice about frugal living, DIY projects, eating natural foods, and making your life matter.
I hope they will never have to use these for other than delightful weekend camping, but I certainly sleep better knowing the kits are available should the worst happen. Over time, you can add more items to increase your survivability and comfort during a disaster. The strategy planned and the amount of space available determines how comfortable you can be. If the child begins moving on the third day, he or she will have five days worth of food and water. As a general rule of thumb while babies are still drinking formula, they require about 25 ounces of water per day. Just remember a firearm is a tool like any other, you must pick the right tool for the job. Generally, to check for proper fit, you should put on your respirator and adjust the straps so that the respirator fits tight but comfortably to your face.
It is also helpful to record important information like contact information, notes about water intake, food, etc., and kids can use it as a draw pad too! It is resistant to tears, but any tears that might occur can be easily repaired with tape like our Gorilla Tape. This is such an important topic that the government says to be prepared and gives plenty of websites to get families prepared. She talks about a multitude of subjects such as multi-generation living, homeschooling and living debt-free. The backpacks fit both my husband, my 12 year old daughter, and myself as they are easily adjustable and have plenty of space for clothes and extras.
Five days spent walking twelve hours per day at two miles per hour means that your child can travel over 100 miles.
Another general rule regarding your vehicle is to always keep more than half a tank of gas in it.
The annoying bark that happens every time the doorbell rings is a leftover instinct from thousands of years of learned behavior. The backpacks are also very comfortable (thick padding) and include a place for an internal water bladder. There is hope that the now orphaned child can make contact with someone who will assist them. However, for those readers with fish that are in desperate need of medical attention, please note you can even order the antibiotics online from a company with a lab in the US that has a pretty decent privacy policy.
The Kelly Kettle Camping Stove you are buying is the Kelly Kettle Aluminum Medium Scout Kettle.
We are a family that loves to camp and backpack, so the bags have a double use of something that is both practical and will greatly SIMPLIFY our packing for camping.
The best advice about trying to navigate toward people to give a child is to find a stream and walk along the shore in the opposite direction of the current, unless it is mountainous terrain, in which case the child should follow the direction of the current. Some dogs, particularly those that maintain a pack mentality, will assist in the event of a conflict.
Walking upstream in the mountains typically takes you to a higher elevation which is less populated and colder. The picture at the right came across my Facebook newsfeed this very morning and while I could make the case for water, after the  Saving Faith In Jesus Christ, as the most vital thing (s) in life, the meme is poignant.
American Sign Language (ASL) or Signed Exact English (SEE) are silent forms of communication that use hand gestures, body position and facial expressions in place of verbalization. When I was in second grade there were two deaf boys that came to our class several times a week. Following a water source like a stream or river long enough will almost always lead to people. It would be wise to pack away food for your dog to be eaten when it was unable to scavenge something for the day. Some of the other kids made fun of them, to which I took umbrage, so I decided I wanted to be their friend which meant I would have to learn to "speak" their language. Thinking about these situations now, preparing plans for both sheltering in place and evacuating are extremely important.On Friday we discussed sheltering in place.
Most folks are prepared with flashlights and a battery powered radio should the electricity go out during such a storm. Now when we find ourselves in the midst of an on going war on terror and an increasingly dismal economy, wouldn't it be prudent to once again permit, if not outright encourages these type of endeavors among our citizenry? Something that is often neglected, after tremendous effort is spent constructing a shelter, is preparation of the ground inside the shelter; the structure doesn't do all that much for you if you are left to sit and sleep on the cold, wet ground.

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