Combine your interest in the world of trains with your love of online strategy games in Rail Nation now. Work together with other players in associations and tip the balance of power in the game world. About Travian Games Travian Games is one of the world's leading browser game companies, based in Munich. In the free-to-play browser game Rail Nation, you build up your own railway empire and put your train station on track to success.

Coordinate your transport jobs with others and show the competition who has the best strategy.
In each era you research world-famous engines and cargo trains which you can also equip with upgrades and improvements.
Whether it's news, server starts, community content, events, videos, screenshots or artworks – the TG magazine will keep you informed of what's new in Travian, Rail Nation, goalunited, Miramagia, Truck Nation, Cheats4Hire and more.
Plan your transport jobs together with millions of fellow players and bring about the growth of your nearby cities.

The winner is the player or association that collects the most prestige by the end of the round. You decide which jobs your trains should carry out and which industries and cities should first be connected to the rail network.

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