We halted construction of our online empire for a minute to school you up on something incredible we’ve experienced over the past 18 months. See a few years ago we decided that running home parties, tearing up three way calls, and attending those compulsory rah rah events was inefficient, boring, and frankly sort of weird. We moved our business entirely online in 2013 which certainly made MLM less lame, slow, and slimy but there was still a problem. Meaning we need to be able to confidently look ourselves in the mirror and be proud and happy about the good we’re putting into others lives and the world.
Constant company events and trainings that become more mandatory the higher you climb in the business. The never ending evenings spent away from the family you probably started the business to be able to spend more time with.

The leaders you spend time developing being bought, bribed and passed around from company to company while dragging naive team mates along with them.
Companies terminating distributors and vaporizing hard earned residual income streams at their will and often with their own interests at heart.
We decided our future and our family was too important to leave in someone else’s hands. One where we didn’t need to train or rely on anyone else producing for us to get paid.
Imagine being able to play a virtual game of Monopoly where the rent dollars from your infinite amount of properties flowed directly into your real bank account?
Brad not only has his own thriving local business empire but also enjoys teaching others how to build their own.

The local mogul model Brad describes in the video has been life changing for many people including us.
We have used and applied the concepts Brad and Dan extensively train on in their Job Killing Coaching program to start building our own local business empire.

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