Before I’m going to give you alternatives to the back squat, I want you to first do your absolute best to somehow gain access to a squat rack. If you can’t fit that or it costs too much, maybe just get a squat stand ($140 shipped) and some mats to ditch the weight onto. If you can’t make the above options work for whatever reason(s), then here are some nice options to still train the squat movement pattern without heavy weights. These are squats done on one leg, so you can use less weight to heavily tax one leg at a time. You can assist these movements with heavy isolation work like the leg press, but try to still train the squat movement pattern with what you have available to you. It’s a primal movement pattern that you should train, even without access to a squat rack.
If none of the options presented will work for you at all, then move on to the alternative exercise selection.

If you have the room at your house or in your garage, maybe it actually makes sense to cancel your shitty gym membership and buy a squat rack instead. You might have to practice dropping the weight off your back, but Oly lifters seem to do okay without a power rack.
Let’s say you end up buying a power rack for $370, a nice bench for $165 (you might be able to find one cheaper used), a barbell for $100 and weights for $500 (more or less depending on current strength levels).
1100 divided by 60 is 18.33, which will be the number of months it takes for the home gym to have paid off. You can also customize this to fit wherever you need it to, because you’re building it yourself anyhow. To make it work without a squat rack, you’ll have to clean the weight obviously, just like with the regular front squat. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

While the racks at Rogue Fitness are beyond awesome and what I would recommend to anyone without hesitation, not everyone can afford them. Check Craigslist and similar sites to see if you can find some used weight plates in your area! Especially if you don’t have a squat rack at the gym and now you do have one at home!

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