My staff had such fun with the event and I am so pleased that we chose your company for our event.CCI Inc. We meet people every day who are stuck in a rut when it comes to planning employee morale events.
Canadian Outback Adventures & Events specializes in making work less like work for companies everywhere.
Let our friendly and professional team know about your desired outcomes and budget, then let us go to work to recommend an awesome event to boost employee morale at your work. If you're on a really tight budget, one of our popular low cost team building ideas could be a great option. Whenever you trust the success of a work outing to someone else, there can be a lot of anxiety involved. As your ultimate resource for trusted, flexible and fast employee team building solutions, everyone here at Canadian Outback Adventures & Events is dedicated to ensuring your experience with us is a 10 out of 10.
In times of great change and during stressful situations, it is easy for the morale of any organization to “take a dip”.
Lastly, and most importantly in helping to promote a healthy and positive morale within a school, the focus must always be on children and what is best for them. About this siteThis blog is the shared thoughts of school administrators that want to share best practices in education.
From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom. Like the best-selling first edition, this book is filled with strategies to motivate your staff and maintain a high level of energy at your school. A new era of events to build staff camaraderie is here, including a fantastic selection of fun work outings at all price levels and available anywhere your team is gathering. Big and small companies from all across Canada, each with different budget requirements and group dynamics, rely on us again and again to put on effective, memorable and fun employee morale events. For the majority of our customers, the perfect fit is often one of our extremely popular and fully-hosted team building activities such as Minute To Win It, The Amazing Chase or CI: The Crime Investigators. These morale event ideas will not only boost morale and build camaraderie, they'll also help create memorable tales your colleagues will laugh about over and over again!
Our Cardboard Boat Building Challenge is a great example of how learning can also be a tremendous morale booster. This is where it becomes important to find the right partner to plan your employee morale events. They should be experienced running work outings for large groups of 1000+, and for smaller teams too.
Check out our recent customer feedback, and take a moment to meet our amazing team of event professionals.
This can be caused by multiple factors and influences, including those internally and externally.
Building morale in times of great educational change means listening to those that you lead, including students and parents.
In an age of accountability and change, it can be easy to get lost in mandates and initiatives.

When I was in my second principalship, I worked for a superintendent that once reminded me, “We need to be here for students and staff 10 out of 10 days.” As an administrator, you are the “cheerleader” for your staff. In an age where so many changes are taking place, teachers and parents need to be engaged in working towards a vision for your school. Whether you are a first time Kindergarten parent trying to learn how school “works”, a first year teacher navigating the classroom and all that is expected of you, a student in first grade learning how to read, or a 15 year principal trying to lead a school, we are all learners. Parents do not keep the best and brightest at home, educators do not get into education because they don’t want to make a difference, and no child wants to be unsuccessful. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
This guide will help all educators approach work every day in an enthusiastic, focused, and positive state of mind. The end of the war was in sight, and it was estimated that the demobilization of nearly four million U.S.
One of the biggest benefits of these fun work outings is how they allow people to really get to know each other better. You'll want assurances they are comfortable travelling anywhere to run their events, and can be flexible with the last minute changes you'll likely throw at them. Our event solutions experts are happy to discuss your specific needs and assist you in choosing the best activity for your upcoming employee morale event. My experiences as a school leader have taught me that there are some simple things that any administrator can do to build a positive morale within their school and school community. Use active listening strategies to engage with staff and students so they know you understand what is important to them, what is challenging for them, and what brings joy to their school experience.
I contribute to our school newsletter once per month around topics that are pertinent to the school. Be sure to find ways to celebrate with staff, students, and parents as a way to accentuate and highlight the great work your school is doing with students. Are there practices within your school that are no longer necessary but continue because “that’s how we’ve always done it” ? Sometimes, finding one or two things that are no longer useful or finding a better way to do them can be liberating for staff. It is imperative that you provide them with a positive, yet realistic attitude about the work and that you “bring your best self” to the job every day; not 5 out of 10, or 8 out of 10, but 10 out of 10. What do you want your school to be known for and how do you want your school to be talked about in the community? Schools should be promoting growth mindsets and the fact that not any one of us in a school community has all the answers, knows everything, or can’t make mistakes.
This book will help you: -Motivate your faculty with the Friday Focus—a staff memo that works! Notices to staff about an upcoming work outing to laser tag or the bowling alley often receive less than optimal staff reaction. Sharing the crazy experiences these morale events get you to do is a great way to create personal bonds between employees.
You'll also want to know they will be available to answer questions quickly when they arise. The newsletter is published on our website and can be translated into a number of languages to reach as far across the school community as possible.

It also tells them you value their time and work and that you want them to invest their energy into those things that will be most meaningful to your school. For teachers, that means having faith in ALL students, and believing that all students can learn at high levels, no matter what. Having a clear vision for what your school should become is some of the “glue” that holds everything together. One of the great things about being in education is the fact that we continually have the opportunity to learn and grow. This means that no matter what we do, no matter what mandates we are given, we always work with what we have been given to make a positive impact on the lives of students.
Wilson requested that aid organizations pool their resources on a massive single campaign to raise funds for soldier-morale programs “in order that the spirit of the country in this matter may be expressed without distinction of race or religious opinion in support of what is in reality a common service.”Seven organizations—the YMCA, YWCA, American Library Association, War Camp Community Service, National Catholic War Council (Knights of Columbus), Jewish Welfare Board, and Salvation Army—set out to raise $170 million during a one-week fundraising drive in November 1918.
For parents, it means hearing their concerns and providing forums for them to share with you what they hope their children take away from their school experience. I also write on my principal blog at least once per month, if not more about educationally related topics that may hold an interest for parents and other educators. This sometimes means we make mistakes along the way, have several attempts at learning something new, or need to discover how we learn best. That is everyone’s goal, everyone’s livelihood, and the very best way we can maintain high levels of morale in ALL of our schools. With a nearly $1 million operating budget, a National Publicity Committee was formed and chaired by Bruce Barton, a magazine editor who was an official with the YMCA. Additionally, I use Twitter to share school related information, learn from my PLN (Professional Learning Network) and communicate about educationally related happenings both in and out of my school. Positivity is contagious and celebrating good work helps people push on when the work feels tough.
The point being, we all need to view one another as learners, no matter what our role in the school.
The answers to those questions are the compass points that guide you in your work despite the changes taking place in education and they also provide parents and the school community a clear “picture” of the organization that cares for their children each and every day. It was hailed in the press at the time as the largest fundraising event in history.The John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History—part of Duke’s Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library—holds a copy of the Work Campaign scrapbook, containing a collection of fundraising and morale-boosting materials produced for the multi-institutional drive. The scrapbook includes more than twenty color posters, along with handbills, brochures, stickers, song lyrics, newspaper ads, and cartoons. Among the topics addressed are women’s wartime work (“The Girl Behind the Man Behind the Gun”) and the promotion of various aid services. Common slogans included “Back Up the Boys” and “Morale Is Winning the War.”The campaign also may have been the launching platform for one of America’s most successful advertising agencies.

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