Our audience are: Insurances, Banks, Telecoms, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas companies, Hospitals, Hotels, Audit and Consulting firms, Families, Individuals, NGOs, and Churches at the local and international level.
The business covers Rwanda market as well as the African continent; however, we are looking after the local and international partnership for our reliable future growth.
Many companies are at risk of losing revenues and viability due to natural disasters and other threats. The following business continuity planning cycle should be incorporated into every business process in order to reduce the disruption during an emergency or crisis situation. MONITOR: equipment requirements, primary and alternate facility details, and application and software requirements. CONTINUALLY IMPROVE: Incorporate lessons learned into the plans and training and periodically evaluate critical business processes to ensure that evolving businesses practices are captured. Failure to develop an effective business continuity plan can have a devastating impact on a company. For an understanding of the necessary elements in creating an effective fire pre plan, download our Fire Pre Planning Guide. Regardless of the source of crisis be it a natural phenomenon, human activity or inactivity, no matter what type it is destructive or not, it goes through several stages. The Climate Adaptation Programme is a core project that focuses on more effectively connecting Risk and Business Continuity Management with Climate Adaptation. The threat of a continued outage in a critical business processes can have major consequences for an energy or utility company. Recent disasters and their associated impact in Middle East and North Africa have highlighted the importance of system availability, forcing senior management to have contingency planning on the forefront of their minds. The Business Continuity Management for Utilities Conference will be held from 13 – 16 September 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to help organisations develop their Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Crisis Management (CM) learning road maps.
The event offers a unique opportunity to discuss ISO 31000, ISO Guide 73 and risk management in standardisation among risk professionals. Those who register for this event and do not attend will incur a £100 fee unless they have informed BSI at least 7 days prior to the event.
This webcast is the second in the the Continuity Forums Climate Adaptation Programme (CAP) webcast series and focuses on the critical role BCM and Risk Professionals have in addressing the threats posed by Climate Change. This event has been designed for professionals with responsibility for Business Continuity Management within their organisations to find out more about the solutions available to enhance and develop their procedures, whether in the initial stages of planning or well established and tested.

A special full day seminar from the Continuity Forum and DSM a€?being held on 29th March in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. When a crisis hits an organisation, the Business Continuity focus is often placed on the physical recovery of infrastructure and the restart and protection of critical processes.
Understanding how the Human Factors in crisis interact with your management planning is key to ensure your organisation gets back to work quickly and effectively. When you think about risks posed by IT today, your concerns go way beyond what’s happening in the data centre or the IT department. Within small groups we explore what BCM means to your organisation and how you can meet your obligations to customers and other stakeholders in an efficient and comprehensive manner. Protecting our social and commercial centres is a vital task for the police and security services, but one that cannot be truly effective without wider participation from the community. Angola's plans to invest $23 billion by 2017 on its electricity network to help create new sectors in the oil-producing economy can only work if its energy companies become more efficient and skilled, senior officials said on Wednesday.
Oil output represents over 95% of Angola's export income and around 45% of its gross domestic product. As the country posts fast economic growth - estimated at 7.1% for 2013 - home and business energy consumption often brings the grid to its knees, resulting in long blackouts. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos's government has pledged to solve the problem by building several dams to quintuple installed production capacity and by investing in electrical grids. He warned, however, that besides investing in the network, Angola also faces other structural challenges.
These include energy price subsidies that cost the state around $720 million last year and which it plans to phase out. State energy companies must also become more efficient, including by cutting losses from non-payment and illegal access to the network, both of which are being tackled by introducing a pre-paid metering programme, Venura added.
Ventura also said that Angola plans to train technical workers to have the skills manage the electricity system effectively, but analysts say it is a tough task. Highly successful connectivity and business model, which has made wireless service providers highly successful in the personal communication business, will not scale in the IoT business. The amount MTN is reported to have recently offered as payment towards the settlement of its R60-bn fine in Nigeria. The Lesotho Electricity Company has taken delivery of a Digital Mobile Radio system designed and deployed by Emcom Wireless.

Distribution partner adds solutions for customer and team engagement to its world-class vendor portfolio.
An effective Business Continuity Plan captures and maintains information essential for responding to unplanned incidents that cause business interruption.
Investing the time to develop an effective business continuity and recovery program can lead to great dividends in the event of a crisis situation.
It can also be an opportunity for the organization’s PR function to build credibility or destroy whatever had accumulated. In an era of instant information, stakeholders demand to know whether an organisation is prepared to react appropriately and ensure continuity of operations. The conference will equip business leaders with the tools needed to, not just survive, but thrive in this new world of risk.
Organisations across business and public sectors need to understand how in world of dynamic and fast moving risks they can improve the effectiveness of their risk and resilience management. This enables us to allocate your place to someone else and ensures that we do not lose out on the resources spent on planning and organising the event. Information and Communications Technology is an essential part of virtually every business process. 2 oil producer, wants to cut its reliance on crude output but the country's old, war-ravaged and under-capacity energy network hampers investment in new sectors.
Production and consumption rises and so does the weight of the subsidies, a vicious circle, " Jose de Oliveira, an energy expert at Luanda's Catholic University, told Reuters. Still, Ventura said, the system is already insufficient because of infrastructure damaged by a 27-year civil war that ended in 2002, as well as rising consumption.
Being able to manage critical business processes during adverse conditions can ensure survival and minimization of lost revenues.
It is never too early to start planning the possible crisis scenario for your company, it could be as start from one of your employee leaked or unintentionally released unofficial phone designs to the public or a major oil spilled in the middle of the ocean that affected thousands of fishing villages, people and marine lives.

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