But it’s an essential process, so here we consider (a) how to leverage the process to our advantage and, (b) provide links to examples of business continuity audit reports in big organisations.
BS25999 (and other standards) require a regular internal audit of the Business Continuity Management System. There are a number of courses available to Internal Auditors who want training or certification in business continuity auditing, though applying the general principles of auditing along with a good understanding of the standards may well be good enough for your organisation’s needs.
However, if you can bear to look at Internal Audit as your friends, you might see there is the potential for a different way with these teams.
First, let’s imagine that your own efforts in managing business continuity are being audited.

Second, let’s imagine that Internal Audit want to look at some continuity plans in other areas of the organisation. Third, let’s imagine that a supplier wants to see a report on the business continuity planning for your organisation. Do have a think about how Internal Audit can help you, as well as how you can help your organisation. Here are some examples of business continuity audit reports that are publicly accessible on the internet. In the meantime, do you have any thoughts, tips or comments regarding business continuity and internal auditing, do share them below.

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