A?14.990 bidsFrom crosshands area sa14 7ds, All Proceeds Support The Animals and our Cat Rescue. Categories: Cages and Pens, Home and Garden, Houses and Habitats, Pet Supplies, Small Animals. This Double Tier Hutch provides ample space in the living area, it has a sheltered sleep compartment on top with an equal sized underun below, which has 2 wire sides to the left & a wooden back. With a modern and fun design, the Imac Yo Yo Plus is perfect home for your hamster, gerbil or mouse. The Abode is easy to clean as all the components are fixed to the cage, allowing the tray to be removed and cleaned. It is based on the same revolutionary technology as the original eglu with slide out dropping trays, hose clean surfaces, twin walled insulated, no maintenance and our No Foxes Allowed protection.
It has plastic roosting bars and a discreet nesting area which can be filled with straw or shredded paper. The eglu cube makes is easy to keep a larger number of hens in your garden and leaves you with more time to enjoy the pleasures of owning chickens.The eglu cube is a really flexible chicken house, whether you want to keep 5, 6 or even 10 chickens, you can customise it to suit your needs.

Simply slide the droppings tray our, empty into the compost bin and rinse with a hose.InsulationThe twin walled insulation and draught free ventilation keeps your chickens warm in the winter and cool in the summer. All the droppings fall through the slats onto the slide out dropping trays, which can then be simply emptied onto the compost heapThe lid and back panel can be removed to give good access to the inside of the house for a complete clean.
The smooth plastic surfaces can be washed with a hose or pressure washer and there are no awkward corners or absorbent materials which attract red mite.
You can safely leave your hens in the run with the door to their house open if you are not inRun DoorThe new run design allows you to position the run door on the side as well as on the end. Unlike wooden housing, you do not need to treat your Eglu Cube - saving you time and money.More chickens means more eggs and the Eglu Cube has a spacious yet secluded nesting booth where up to 3 chickens at a time can lay in comfort.
Using the handle on the side of the Eglu Cube you open and close the door, locking and unlocking is done in one intuitive movement. Available in six fantastic colours, you can blend the Eglu Cube into your garden in green or make a statement in pink or purple. A unique 20cm skirt sits flat on the ground and effectively prevents animals from digging under the run.

Thousands of chickens rely on the Eglu Cube's No Foxes AllowedT defence system to keep them safe at night.
Every Eglu Cube also comes with wheels so that you can effortlessly move it on your own around your garden.
Luckily the all weather shade is a perfect gentleman protecting your chickens from wind and rain.
What's more in summer this useful device keeps the delicate ladies out of the heat of the midday sun.

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