If you have places or further details to add, please send us the details so we can share them with other travellers. There is a very nice free camping ground at the St Marys Recreation Grounds, it is sign posted. We are planning to go camping around a couple of national parks in Tas over Christmas such as Mount William, Lake St Claire. The cost of travelling is about 800 to 1000 dollars per week without staying in caravan sites so the free camping is a saviour, and we loved tassie so we are staying for 6 weeks this time round. We live in Tassie and travel a lot in our motorhome and very rarely have a problem in finding a good free camping spot.

On this page, below the map, you’ll find a legend that gives more details on the various sites. In these cases, please remember to bury your human waste at least 15cm deep and well away from any water source. I’m planning on biking across the island and I was wondering if the campgrounds suggested would fit me. Since then, many people in campervans have used it but yes, all the sites suit tents (or they did at the time we were there).
We have done our best to assure accuracy but please be aware that some of this list is based on second-hand information and things do change!

I went to Mount William national park a couple years ago in off peak season and it was divine , but part of that was because there was no one there. Free camping is also possible just on the other side of the bridge, also on the right side, following a dirt road for a similar 50 metres or so.
A bucket of water with a pump to a shower head is provided but warm water isn’t always available.

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