Whether you have a new guinea pig, or you want to give your current pet a new, fun toy, dangling toys are a great option for guinea pigs. If your guinea pig(s) seem frightened of their new toy, scatter some of their favorite vegetables or other toys underneath it. This version of How to Make a Dangling Guinea Pig Toy was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on November 17, 2015.
Meet Alabaster, a wikiHowian of over 2 years who enjoys helping out new users and giving articles bold makeovers for helpfulness and accuracy. When I got the hamster that just died, there weren't many great cage options at the pet store. I had gerbils as kid and had (older versions of) those connectable cages and they were a lot more sturdy back then. And now that i am considering guinea pigs, I am even more frustrated over the cage situation. Thelio, that bottom cage makes me want a hamster just so that I can have that cage in my house!
I think a guinea pig is a great option :-) And if you're willing to have two, even better, but I don't think it's a requirement. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Hot Glue ~on the inside of the dollhouse windows the plastic netting so your critter can't escape.
Guinea pigs tend to want to burrow into their surroundings and nap, but it is also important to make sure that your guinea pig gets enough exercise throughout the day. In order to stimulate you guinea pig into action, be sure to choose a playful, bright color of yarn. To do this you are going to want to find an object to wrap the wool around that is small and fairly rigid, like a small cardboard box. You want the toy to be thick and plush, but if you use too much wool, the toy will be too bulky or heavy for your guinea pig to play with easily. Now that the body is tied in the middle, turn over the object you wrapped the wool around and cut the loops. Even though it will be dangling and the wool strands are tied, it is still possible for a clever guinea pig to pull loose strands out and eat them, which could be dangerous.
Measure a piece of string that is long enough for the toy to dangle where your guinea pig can reach it, without being so easy to get to that it’s not exercising your pet.

Food is a great motivator for guinea pigs, and dangling food from the middle of their cage is sure to wake them up and get them in a playful mood. You want to make sure that you cut a length of string that will have the clothespin dangle at about 4 - 6 inches (10 - 15 cm) above the floor of your guinea pig cage. Now that the clothespin is attached to the string, it will be easier to tell what the appropriate length for the rest of the string should be. Now that your veggies are prepared, clip them into the already dangling clothespin (this is easier than trying to keep the veggies in while tying up the toy).
A little nibbling is normal and not dangerous, but if they're biting off chunks, the toy should be removed to prevent ingesting wool, string, or the clothespin. You don’t want the string to break because your pet could get tangled in long, fallen pieces of wool, which could be very dangerous.
Are you supposed to just suddenly introduce a new one into the house and hope they old one accepts it?
Websites say you need cages almost the size of bathtubs for a pair of GPs if you want them to be happy and healthy. But what I don't like about them is that they're mostly wooden and you can't see the animas inside very well.
They say cats are happier with a companion too, but seriously, a lot of people only have one cat. Guineas need long, flat spaces where they can popcorn and run around like the excitable little animals they are.
Very creative your daughter and hamster must loLOVE the Mansion.Wishing you the best of luck on the contest.
In addition to playing with your guinea pig, a great way to stimulate your guinea pig into activity is with a dangling toy. Keep in mind you don’t want to choose an object that is too big, since this size of the box determines the amount of yarn wrapped around it, and you don’t want this part of the toy to be too big. As you determine how many loops are necessary, keep in mind that the thickness of the wool loops at this stage is about half the fatness of the finished toy. Try to cut exactly opposite from where your tie was in order to keep the dangling wool pieces even. In order to avoid this and make the toy safe, flip the body of the toy over so the middle tie is at the top.
It is recommended that you cut a piece that is too long and trim it down later as you string it up.

If you don’t already have these materials at your house, purchase them from a local craft store. You it to be low enough so that your guinea pig is able to reach the treats, but high enough that they have to work for it a little bit so it is fun for them.
Make sure to double-knot this, as you don’t want this string to detach, causing the whole thing to fall into the cage.
Dangle the toy to the appropriate height for your guinea pig, and tie the top portion of the string to the roof of your guinea pig cage. Take vegetables like cucumber and carrots and thinly slice them lengthwise into long, super thin slices. Don’t overload the toy, since loose veggies will just fall out, and that’s not very fun for your guinea pig. Dangling toys will make your guinea pig curious, and they will investigate this new addition to their enclosure with glee.
Depending on the size of your object and the thickness of your wool, this should be about 15 - 25 loops. This is where using a box or other rigid item comes in handy, as it's easy to slide the wool under. If your scissors don’t cut through all of the wool at once, do it in sections, making sure the cuts are as straight as possible.
Keep in mind that the length of string will also need to accommodate for the knots being tied at the top of the cage and around the clothespin, as well as the length of the clothespin itself.
Once the treats are clipped in, introduce your guinea pig to the dangling treats, and watch them enjoy playing and eating their new toy!
RSPCA minimum guidelines for accommodation for guineas is 120cm x 60cm (4ft x 2ft) and that means of unbroken, level space. To put guineas into this and deny them the space to exhibit their natural instincts such as running, popcorning and having the space to dig around in a lot of hay is neglect and animal cruelty.

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