Did you know that in a large-scale emergency it could take emergency responders 72 hours to reach you? 2) ETON SolarLink FR 370 Weather Radio – Enhanced weather radio that receives audio broadcasts from Environment Canada filtering only broadcasts that affect your area. I will draw two winners (one for each prize) at random from all entries on Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 12:0pm.
I am a proud member of the Canadian Red Cross Social Media Team and had the honour of being a part of their Emergency Response Unit training last fall. I would really love to win this – just had a reminder today at orientation for my new job of the importance of putting together a good emergency kit! I keep extra water in myy apartment in case of an emergency like an earthquake and we are required to be on our own for days. We have labeled the gas shutoff valve by the furnace and we have a family meeting spot in case of emergency outside. I also have started a 1st aid kit for the car & have some snacks stored for emergencies. First aid kit and flat of water bottles at the ready along with a pantry that always has some extra food. We have a separate bag for essential medication that we can take with us if we have to leave our house for an evacuation. Storing enough fresh drinkable water for at least 72 hours within the home, and change it every 6 months. I go to the emergency seminars at our community center on a regular basis so that I am aware of emergency concerns specific to our neighbourhood.
After we have gone through a few hurricanes and tropical storms we have purchased a generator, always have a supply of gasoline and propane on hand. Disasters are not just earthquakes – disasters are any catastrophic events either man or nature related, which means expect to be away from home a min of 72 hours. 1) In case of a disaster, know where your social assistance centres are located (usually in community centres in your area), they can get you access to food, shelter, clothing, reunion checks in case your loved ones and friends are located another part of the city and can’t reach you because phone lines and cell service is down. 2) Have fire extinguishers and flashlights and kept together in multiple locations in your house. Earthquake or fire,tree falling on the house, and major power outage are the big ones that concern me.

I have a well stocked basement storage area which includes food, drink, and a can opener, if we can’t access the kitchen upstairs. I have a few things: first aid kit, bottles of water, a fire-safe box for important documents. Need to do more to be prepared, have an emergency contact system in place to check in with family members. I keep meaning to throw a decent pair of runners in my car so if I have to walk home to Delta from Richmond, I can hire a boat and walk the rest. In case of an earth quake, we are prepared with an earth kit with enough supplies for our family for 72 hours.
I always have food (that doesn’t need to be cooked) and water in the pantry in case of emergency. After seeing the images of the Indonesian tsunami, I took the erosion I was seeing more seriously and moved out of a rental house that was built on a sandy bank 60m directly above the beach on the Sunshine Coast. We have signed up for a disaster preparedness workshop at our local community centre, and we have purchased a couple of hand crank flashlights, as well asLED flashlights that are scattered around the house. We have a meeting place picked out in case we are separated in an emergency situation and we also have a couple of emergency kits that we are always adding to. My building will pancake like a Benetton garment factory in a snow storm with even the hint of a shake. I do have an earthquake kit underneath the bed incase it happens during the night or early morning. Earthquakes are really our only risk and what comes with them; building damage, no water etc.
An Indiana student refused to do her homework, and she wasn't afraid to say so in a spectacular and wonderful fashion. Win great prizes in this contest that gives you a chance to inspire, celebrate, and reflect on what it means to be a mom. At a time when most of us are trying to ditch the car culture and encourage kids to be active, a school has threatened parents who walk kids home. Under current Ontario law, women losing a pregnancy more than 17 weeks before due date don't qualify for leave. I also have two Red Cross Canada first aid fanny packs that I will award to two other random winners at that time.

The Canadian Red Cross has many helpful resources to help you and your family plan for an emergency.
Your neighbourhood could be evacuated because of a train derailment carrying chemicals, a fire or even a meth lab. If you go to a store like KMS tools, you can get flashlight holders that you screw into the wall beside your extinguisher.
During windy periods (wind warnings), there is a risk of falling trees and electrical wires. Also power outages and given that we live near the port, oil spills and the resulting mess and toxic fumes. Most Canadians admit that they aren’t prepared, even though every province and territory experienced a disaster within the past year.
To learn more about how to make an emergency plan, what to pack in an emergency kit, and about the risks in your area, check out their online resources. We appreciate your support in helping the Red Cross advocate for families to be prepared for any emergency. Add in your emergency kit and you have an emergency centre which takes up very little space. We watch for patterns of storm water drainage on slopes near our home, especially where runoff water converges. I have started pulling together an Emergency Kit and we have installed a rain collection tank for additional water should supplies be cut.
The Canadian Red Cross responded to over 2,300 disasters last year, including everything from house fires to wildfires, landslides, severe flooding, power outages, and hurricanes.
We have also worked out emergency meeting places both within walking distance and driving distance of the house in case it is not safe. We also have plenty of batteries, cell phones, phone chargers, flashlights, our meds, tools, and extra cash on hand when we need to relocate.

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