Instead, what we get is a full-scale origin story for Steve Rogers that harks back to the original Captain America 40s comics (with a certain amount of the Brubaker run), a broad wartime adventure romp of heroic, handsome men battling dastardly villains that also acts as a direct prologue to The Avengers. This entry was written by Saxon, posted on 8 August, 2011 at 8:00 am, filed under Comics, Movies and tagged blockbusters, captain america, captain america the first avenger, marvel, marvel comics, movies, superheroes, the avengers. In the era of the tortured superhero in movies, it’s refreshing to come across one with enthusiasm and a pure spirit. As a superhero-origin movie, Captain America lays out cliche after cliche, following the template of numerous films that have come before it. That said, there is plenty to enjoy here, both in the hard-hitting action scenes and in the performances. Evans' romance will a British officer (Haylee Atwell, in a strong, intelligent, and sweet performance) is nicely handled, taking the less-is-more approach.
This site represents the views and opinions of its author and does not necessarily represent those of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or its members. Favouring a gentler visual style and a sense of heart and sincerity, this is a long way from the brash swagger of the original Iron Man – but then, Captain America is a long-lived comic character created in a simpler, more optimistic age.
It’s given a reliably workmanlike and professional handling from director Joe Johnston, a journeyman filmmaker who graduated from special effects work on movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Star Wars Trilogy. Most important of all, Johnston knows when to give the cast room to act, and coaxes fine performances out of everyone involved, most notably Chris Evans as the all-important title character. The Man of Steel goes toe-to-toe with Bizarro, his oddball twin, and the new character Zibarro, also from the Bizarro planet.

It was a wise move to show how, even before she was attracted to the him, she admired his courage and meekness.
It has plenty of bloodless war violence and fighting and one incident of quick blood spray.
While I am a practicing member of the faith, this site is a private site that is not endorsed by or affiliated with the church. Action, fights, romance, and a blockbuster that’s simultaneously great fun and a little too lightweight for its own good.
Johnston isn’t the most exciting director in the world, but he has trodden the pulp road before in the well-remembered adventure romp The Rocketeer (even if he also perpetuated the pretty damn bad Jurassic Park III), and it serves him in good stead here. It all climaxes with a expansive battle Bond-style final battle that owes a serious visual debt to The Spy Who Loved Me (and a brief one to Goldeneye), and the end result is a a film that spends half its time adoring 1940s style and storytelling, and the rest of it shrieking “We’re not making a period film!
The lack of a compelling antagonist drags what could have been a great movie down to just being a good one.
Captain America, refreshingly, eschews the imperfections that plague other superheroes. Though the ad campaign takes a "you're going to get so many girls" line out of context and the clueless hero briefly allows a female stranger to give him a kiss of gratitude, Captain America is ultimately a one-gal guy and the film is refreshingly chaste.
This is a character, and a film, that believes in the goodness of America and what it stands for. What's more, though true to the comics, Red Skull looks like he'd be more at home fighting He-Man than a WWII patriot and his faceless minions look like carryovers from that terrible G.I.

These imperfections, granted, make the others interesting as they grow and develop, but they're not always the best role models. Stanley Tucci (The Devil Wears Prada, Julie and Julia) continues to impress, giving a warm and funny depiction of a good-hearted German scientist. Though he's harnessed the power of the gods (a nice nod to Thor), Red Skull's technology looks futuristic even by today's standards and seems jarringly out of place in a story set 70 years ago.
Jones hasn't been this enjoyable since The Fugitive and the first Men in Black, and it's good to have him back in form. All in all, Captain America is yet another solid entry in the Marvel film canon, and it sets audiences up nicely for what's sure to be a great time in next year's The Avengers.
Betrayed by the woman he loved and double-crossed by his partner in crime, Parker makes his way cross-country with only one thought burning in his mind - to coldly exact his revenge and reclaim what was taken from him! Richard (Donald Westlake) Stark's groundbreaking Parker books are adapted for the first time as a series of graphic novels by Darwyn Cooke.

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