Brick By Brick Education Fund, in a partnership with Office Depot®, delivers name brand school supplies directly to home*. When teachers or PTAs run out of supplies or need new supplies for a project, they can now request supply donations by creating a registry at! Registry orders are delivered by Office Depot directly to your school within 48 business hours of the registry end date. Our Copy Paper Drives are created using our Registry service, which functions just like a bridal or gift registry. Brick By Brick Global Education Fund has partnered with non-profit organizations nationwide to donate gently used supplies to children in need at the end of each school year. To help ensure minimal waste and to provide children in need with the school supplies that they need, please contact us for more information. Name brand school supplies & custom school supply kits shipped home at an average of 50% off retail!

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With our 3 Person, 41 piece Small Auto First Aid Kit you will be prepared for all potential emergencies when on the road. With our 63 piece medium compact auto first aid kit you will be prepared for all potential emergencies when on the road.
Our 93-piece polypropylene case vehicle kit is designed for fleet and commercial vehicles, holds quality brand products that are very easily accessible in case of emergency. Be ready for all potential emergencies at home, in the car, outdoors or on the water with our Emergency First Aid Kits.
With online ordering and savings averaging 50% off of retail, your school supply shopping is now just a few clicks away! Once a school sets up their paper drive, parents can order online in seconds, at an average of 50% off of retail, and all reams purchased are delivered directly to the school!

With teachers requesting different supplies at each grade level, we often find that many supplies go home at the end of the school year, only to sit unused or get thrown out.
In an effort to support education, we have created a Shopping With a Cause section featuring philanthropic products! It has a durable strong metal case with gasket, quality brand products that are easy to access in case of emergency.
The URL link to your registry can then be shared with student families for easy online purchasing.

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