Placing a wireless electronic key in a Select-A-Shield RF isolation pouch prevents the device from sending Radio Frequency (RF) signals to the vehicle’s electrical ignition and entry systems. Select-A-Shield RF isolation bags are made of highly conductive metalized fabric which forms a “Faraday cage”.
The Select-A-Shield RF isolation key fob pouches are available in two different sizes to accommodate application requirements. These small, flexible “Faraday cage” bags are increasingly being used by rental car companies, replacement remote key manufacturers and car owners to isolate wireless remote keys from RF access. Once the wireless device is blocked from sending signals, attackers cannot communicate with the device and gain access codes and entry to the vehicle.
Surprisingly, there were no signs of forcible entry like door being scratched or the glass broken and it seemed the thieves targeted only those cars which use remote key-less systems, wherein a wireless Key fob is used to unlock the doors and engine ignition instead of the traditional keys.

With the rise in theft reports of keyless entry vehicles, this small, unpretentious pouch is a convenient security deterrent against criminals trying to communicate with a wireless car starter or entry device. Reestablishing communications is simply accomplished by opening and removing the electronic entry device from the Select-A-Shield bag. Further, Bilton recalled the different cars that were targeted by these thieves around the area near his locality: Mazda 3, Toyota Prius. Also his Prius had three break-ins in the last month.Bilton gave some details of the most recent break-in, it seems it was early morning hours when the incident took place.
It was Monday and he was busy at his kitchen table and he happened to look out of his window because of some strange noises made by his dog. What he saw took him by surprise because he saw two teenagers ride a bike and suddenly stop near his 2013 Gray Prius.

Then  she reaches down, opens the door and climbs into the car. By the time Bilton reached his car, the teenagers were back on the bike and they had fled from the scene.
Though Bilton could not catch hold of the teenagers who were attempting the theft however, he was more concerned and also fascinating in getting to know the device that the girl had used to open the Prius.Bilton tried inquiring Toyota regarding the device however the PR employee did not seem to know about such a device.The spokes person at the Los Angeles Police Department’s communications desk, just casually told Bilton that he must have actually forgotten to lock the car! Danev has done his specialization on wireless devices and key fobs also he has done vast research on the security flaws of the key-less car systems.Hence, when Bilton explained him the incident, Mr. 826110 About Author Maya Kamath Website Facebook TwitterContent writer with unending love to pen down my thoughts and views regarding the new technological inventions as well as probe into the current affairs.

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