At the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website, you’ll find a great deal of information about preparing for disasters such as bioterrorism, disease outbreaks, chemical and radiation emergencies, and natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires. The first step is to prepare an emergency kit: water, non-perishable foods, medications, useful tools, sanitation like towels and soap, change of clothes, blankets, important documents such as your passport, and first aid supplies. If the zombies hit your location with little or no warning, seek a safe place and tune in to emergency radio or tv channels for instructions. Whether it’s hungry zombies, hurricanes, a deadly disease outbreak, or a dirty bomb, you need to have a plan to survive it. Make your personal hurricane plan Answer a few questions below, and we'll help you calculate exactly what need to be self-sufficient for five days after storm. We’re pleased to welcome Tala Hooban from the Administration on Children and Families to Public Health Matters.
Planning for emergencies is important, especially since your family may not be together when disaster hits. Now that I work for an agency focused on child and family safety I’m even more aware of the importance of being prepared to ensure safety and a smooth recovery process.
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Yes, keeping first aid is necessary we don’t no what happen when we are working ,in the disaster time we use first aid. Preparedness is the key to surviving any eventuality that may come our way, whether a natural or manmade disaster.
Comment All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments. Basic services such as electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment, and telephones may be cut off for days or even longer. The length of time you may be required to shelter indoors may be short, such as during a tornado warning, or long, such as during a winter storm. FOOD and WATER: In addition to the supplies in the TO GO Kit, you will want to make sure you have enough FOOD and WATER for at least 3 days. A: The safest and most reliable emergency supply of water is usually commercially bottled water.
A: Yes, but only use plastic (such as soda liters bottles) as glass is too heavy and can break and cardboard cartons can leak. Tools: Screwdrivers, crescent wrenches, wire cutters and duct tape are basic supplies to include in a toolkit.
Identify escape routes from your home or building (ask your family or friends for assistance, if necessary). Learn the locations and availability of more than one facility if you are dependent on a dialysis machine or other life-sustaining equipment. Learn How to Use a Fire Extinguisher - Know how to use your fire extinguisher(s) and where it is kept. If a disaster strikes and you must evacuate immediately, make sure all of your documents are organized and ready to go in one place. Insurance: property owners and renters should fully explore their insurance needs and obtain adequate coverage before a disaster strikes. The Emergency Notification Service places a warning call to all landline telephone numbers within a County if there is a threat by a public hazard or emergency.
Newer, Enhanced Emergency Notification Service allows you to register your cell phone numbers, Internet phones, pagers, fax machines,text message addresses, e-mail addresses and other telephone numbers and messaging addresses with the ENS Database. If you receive a call from an ENS or Enhanced ENS system, do not call 9-1-1 to confirm the message. In serious situations during extended power outages, those who depend on electrically-powered life support equipment may need to seek medical assistance or to relocate to a public shelter that has back-up power generation. If you require life support equipment, you may be able to register as a Life Support Designation Customer and have higher priority for power restoration.
The program consists of a vial (empty pill bottle or other container), labeled with a Vial of Life sticker. Consider your evacuation route and call ahead to make arrangements for boarding your pet outside of the danger zone. If you aren’t sure whether your property is at risk from disasters and natural hazards, check with your local building official, city engineer, or planning and zoning administrator or ask your landlord to do so if you are a renter. Meet with family, friends, and caregivers to discuss the dangers of natural disasters and other emergencies. Pick one out-of-state and one local contact to call if separated during a disaster (it is often easier to call out-of-state than within the affected area).

Show how your medical devices work: wheelchair, oxygen, ventilator, assistive communication, etc.
In your network, anticipate disability and access needs in advance, before a disaster or emergency strikes! Medical conditions: Should know the location of a facility that provides a dialysis machine or other lifesustaining equipment.
Pets with medical conditions: Pets who are diabetic, require medications or have other medical conditions, should be sheltered by someone who can appropriately care for their needs. The Colorado Division of Emergency Management (DEM) is responsible for the state's comprehensive emergency management program and supports local and state agencies.
The DEM offers financial and technical assistance to local governments as well as training and exercise support.
The Colorado Division of Emergency Management (DEM) coordinates emergency and disaster Preparedness, Prevention, Response and Recovery efforts with local Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, First Responders and the Health Department. If there is a flu epidemic or other public health emergency, the Health Department will take the lead. With more adaptive technologies and progressive legislature, prospective college students with disabilities have countless resources available to make the transition to higher education less stressful. Created by Emily vonSwearingen, CCDC Director of Communications and Development with Kristin Castor, CCDC Southern Colorado Coordinator and George O’Brien, CCDC Advocate. Information received from CCDC’s employees or volunteers, or from this site, should NOT be considered a substitute for the advice of a lawyer. This weekend vicious storms and tornados rolled across 6 states in the midwest and south killing at least 43 persons, putting local, county and state government agencies and thousands of First Responders into action. As we know (all too well) last week the Congress and Senate narrowly averted a shutdown of our national government due to the inability to agree on the 2011 budget. For instance, a hurricane or zombie warning requires evacuation to a safer location until the threat has passed. After all, you don’t want to drive into the direction of an approaching zombie horde. Meanwhile, first responders in your community will be working with other government agencies, including the CDC, to deal with the situation. It doesn’t take much time to make some emergency plans and gather together supplies to deal with potential disaster. She is also a technical editor at an astronomical observatory where she works on documentation for astronomers. Tala works in ACF’s Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response and understands the importance of keeping families safe and together during a disaster.
Make sure to involve your children in the planning process, when you include children they’re more likely to remember the plan and act on it. Local officials and relief workers are sent to a scene after a disaster, but they cannot reach everyone immediately. While it may seem overwhelming or cost prohibitive to do everything suggested, it is better to do something rather than nothing at all. For your safety, it is important that you stay inside your shelter until local authorities say it is safe to leave. Select foods that are non-perishable and do not require refrigeration, can be easily prepared and cooked with little or no water. For public health reasons, many emergency shelters will not accept pets unless it is a service animal. If this is unavoidable, confine pets to a safe area inside - NEVER leave your pets chained outside! Discuss your medical needs and make sure everyone knows how to operate any necessary equipment you depend on.
A recorded message will be played, alerting residents to the hazard and instructing on what to do. When the ENS system is activated, the service will send recorded or text messages to each of these numbers and addresses in addition to your home phone (if you have one). During a public emergency, the 9-1-1 Call Center(s) will be busy handling 9-1-1 calls, dispatching and coordinating First Responder activities. This provides dispatchers with advance warning of any special needs or disabilities you may have and passes this information on to first responders in the event of an emergency. Vial of Life program materials are usually available for free and can be downloaded and produced by the individual. A medical form stating the health status of the individual and current medications, is folded inside and the vial is placed in the refrigerator, because refrigerator contents are usually preserved in the event of a fire.
They can tell you whether you are in an area where floods, earthquakes, wildfires, or tornadoes are likely to occur and usually give advice on how to protect your property.

Activities and services cover the four phases of emergency management for disasters like flooding, tornadoes, wildfire, hazardous materials spills, and acts of terrorism. Services are made available through local emergency managers supported by DEM staff assigned to specific areas of the state.
Take the initiative to find out how prepared these individual departments are in working with the disabled community. CCDC’s mission is to promote social justice and create systems change that will benefit people with all types of disabilities. Responses you receive via electronic mail, phone, or in any other manner DO NOT create or constitute an attorney-client relationship between you and the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC), or any employee of, or other person associated with, CCDC. If you are a follower of the ICE PACK blog we are ardent and vocal advocates of personal responsibility and resiliency.
Emergency preparedness and disaster response must be factored into the national security of our great nation throughout every level of government.
The CDC, for instance, will have a team investigating zombie outbreaks and assisting local authorities in containing the infestation. If youa€™re in an area where hurricanes are a risk, you need a plan.CDC can help you make an emergency plan. Pick what information works for you and select preparedness items that fit within your budget. An emergency supplies kit is a collection of basic items that you may need in the event of a disaster.
Avoid foods that will make you thirsty by choosing saltfree crackers, whole grain cereals, and canned foods with high liquid content.
It is important to periodically check and maintain your vehicle, check that the spare tire is properly inflated, batteries are not discharged, first-aid supplies are current, water is fresh and food is dry. Find out which motels and hotels in the area you plan to evacuate to who allow pets and include your local animal shelter number in your list of contact numbers. The information you submit will be visible to the dispatcher when a 9-1-1 call is received. Stickers are placed in the front window of the home so that responding emergency personnel will know to look for the Vial.
If you must evacuate with your pets, and if time allows, write "EVACUATED" across the stickers. During an actual emergency or disaster, DEM coordinates the state response and recovery program to support local governments and maintains the state's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) where representatives from other state departments and agencies coordinate the state response to an emergency situation. The only way an attorney-client relationship is established is if you have a retainer agreement with one of the CCDC Legal Program attorneys. While we feel it is imparitive to urge, cajole, encourage and sometimes seemingly demand that citizens prepare themselves to deal with emergencies and disasters, we perhaps have not written enough about the responsibilites of local government and their critical role in disaster preparedness and response.
It’s also difficult to get a grip on the fact that “if” they had not come to an agreement the federal government would have been essentially shut down.
Hopefully, your local government did not put its fate in the hands of someone that simply did a “cut and paste” job on a document that will never survive its first contact with disaster!
But if that hurricane bears down, or the tornado warning sirens go off, or a zombie disguised as a mailman knocks on your door, you’ll be glad to have planned ahead to deal with it. Preparing may take some time so working in sections may be helpful instead of tackling your emergency plan all at once.
If you have questions or concerns regarding ENS services, please contact your local County Sheriff or Police Department. To register, you will need to provide information about your disability, mobility issues, speech communication issues, medical devices you depend on, service animal details and emergency contact information. Annual membership is open to individuals and family members with a disability as well friends, co-workers and allies of the disability community. The information contained on this site is general information and should not be construed as legal advice to be applied to any specific factual situation.
The sad reality here is that the Congress and the Senate would still have been paid, but courageous American war fighters serving our nation throughout the world, engaged in three wars, would go without pay. Program them into your cell phone, too.Buy a fire extinguisher and make sure your family knows where to find it and how to use it.

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