Have your car serviced by us to make sure you have reliable transportation for local and long-distance driving.
If your car has left you on the side of the road, you can rely on us for towing and roadside service any time of day. You can rent a moving or cargo truck from us for all your short-term moving and hauling needs – let Penske come to the rescue.
Take your car to a service center that you an trust - K & S Eastside Service Center has been in business since 1977. You'll benefit from our extensive knowledge of trailer sales and service as well as our competitive prices.
Please fill out this short form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a reply.
The former Burger Chef in Albuquerque was occupied by Liu Chinese Fast Food when this photo was taken in 2012.

The Pikesville Burger Chef was home to the the Pikesville Home & Garden Center for many years.
This former Burger Chef sign in Springfield had been reworked for Dezi's Jewelry Exchange & Pawn.
Businesses – your commercial fleet of vehicles all the way up to 1-ton trucks and vans are gladly welcomed in our garage bays, too. Phone The Shop Auto Repair at 620-343-6645 for your next tune-up appointment using your 10% senior, student, or military discount.
Look to Cell Fashion and Repairs for affordable mobile phone repair in case of breakage with our 90-day warranty on parts. Cell Fashion and Repairs stock a wide variety of prepaid phones from the industry’s major service providers.
Cell Fashion and Repairs, based in Danville, Virginia, has more than 20 years of experience with mobile phone repair and are a purchaser and reseller of prepaid phones, cellphone accessories.

Contact our cellphone shop in Danville, Virginia, for mobile phone repair and unlocking services.
We service all makes and models of cars, trucks, and vehicles with our ASE certified technicians to do the job right the first time.
Your vehicle’s life will last much longer with regular oil changes, tune-ups, and radiator and transmission flush and fills.
We use motor vacuum equipment to remove carbon from your fuel injectors, pistons, and even your catalytic converter. Alternately, peruse our website for more information about our major auto repair or auto electrical and air conditioning service.

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