The 19th and 20th century saw a high degree of innovation in technological areas, starting with the Industrial Revolution and continuing with various inventions especially during World War 1 and 2 and culminating with the digital highway of the Internet. Recruitment: Peer-to-peer and word of mouth information is now an epidemic and recruitment agencies that ignore the impact of social networks do so at their own peril. Public Relations: A strong proactive social media strategy, presence and execution is now a must in this already demanding line of business. These are just four of the many industries affected by speedily changing socio-technological environments.
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The first 12 years of this century have already shown us a plethora of technical innovations from the iPhone to Google glasses to so much more..
In addition HOW you get your news will also change, with the first point of information being  peer group, Twitter et al and traditional news websites being where you go to get backup information. Comments that contain personal attacks, are racist or are inappropriate will be removed by the editor.
I believe this century will be much more one of societal innovation, where changes and innovations happen in processes, business logics and through social networking and collaboration.

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