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I will estimate that these kitchen cabinet paint colors are mid-1960s because of the Harvest Gold — which I have seen before in St.
Charles kitchen cabinets, but at some point over the past 60 years, folks removed the original cabinets.

Yowza, look at the brushed door steel trim and integrated cabinet pulls, these are absolutely gorgeous. That is A LOT of cabinets to work with, with makes it easier to fit into your kitchen — a rare find.
Erika is in the midst of her kitchen renovation, but she pulled some cabinets out of the garage and into the house to take some photos to tantalize us. Moreover, the announcement of the offer directly followed another story which had sent the fans reeling only hours earlier.
The house today is used for rentals, photo, film and TV shoots and special events, so it needed to have that flexibility.

I can assure you there are easier ways to make a quick buck than have the four months since February that we’ve been involved in it, with late nights and hard work and the legal fees and hours that have been put in.

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