One year ago, a series of devastating tornadoes tore apart Oklahoma homes, schools, child care centers and killed 48 people, including 19 children. In our Oklahoma tornadoes response and recovery work, Save the Children has got to know Miss Cathy, Aria's mom and many more amazing champions for children. They include a school counselor who's helped suicidal elementary school students, a nurse who refused to abandon a laboring mother as the tornado destroyed the hospital around them, a junior high student who raced younger siblings to safety just in time, child care providers who put lifesaving emergency plans and a cleverly revamped shelter in place, state officials who strengthened regulations to protect children with special needs, and a Girl Scout leader who became a lifeline to a girl who survived a flash flood--but lost five family members who did not. And here's our newest champion for children who made a surprise visit to Aria's child care center last week.

As the new ambassador for Save the Children's Get Ready Get Safe initiative, Lassie led children at the Agapeland Learning Center in fun preparedness activities.
The Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) funds CalWORKs Stage 1 subsidized child care and sets the eligibility criteria. Click here for information about CalWORKs Stage 1 recertification, termination and appeals. Click here for information about CDE termination, appeals and re-enrollment guidelines.

For more information regarding child care financial assistance, contact your local CCRC office. This program may serve families currently receiving cash aid who demonstrate a qualifying need.

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