While at a barn part hosted out in the woods, Matt and Steve happen to stumble upon a hole in the ground that’s making weird noises. The days following, whatever happened down in the hole, has given the boys extraordinary abilities that are growing stronger the more they practice it.
Andrew, out of the 3 boys, is the strongest with his new found ability (identified as telekinesis).
Will the external influences that plagued Andrew before help him over come his troubled life or will he choose to use his talent for revenge and selfish motives?

Andrew starts documenting his everyday life to originally catch his abusive father in the act of his drunken rages.
Boys will be boys and Steve & Matt go down the creepy dark hole to find the source of the weirdness. They boys test it out and when a joke goes too far and an “innocent” aggressive driver is injured, Matt institutes some ground rules for their new abilities. Andrew then continues to document his everyday life to gain a glimpse of why he’s so troubled and shy.

Andrew begrudgingly follows and what they find is this large glowing rock formation that gives them nose bleeds. The vibrations coming off this mass really messes with the camera and somehow they make it out alive.

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