The USACE Inland Electronic Navigational Chart (IENC) Program is responsible for all inland navigational charts in the United States, which commercial and recreational users rely on.
McPheron has developed the code for searching the database of each river and displaying the code for KML files on Google Earth. Changes will include the USACE branding on the opening page of the app, query by miles, state or individual chart cell, and web map services.
As part of the massive renovation at the state-of-the-art Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center Complex, there are eight new operating rooms to provide better patient care.
Officials tour one of the new operating rooms that are part of the massive renovation of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center Complex.

A formal ribbon-cutting ceremony was held July 31, 2015, to celebrate the completion of the 260,000-square-foot renovation of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center Complex.
A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held July 31, 2015, to celebrate the completion of the $99 million dollar multi-phase renovation project that took just over three years to complete. The project provided eight operating rooms, including a new hybrid operating room, a laser eye suite that treats 15-20 service members daily, and a plastic surgery center now equipped with Wi-Fi, which helps staff to move patients through the department much easier. Among all of the new changes, the staff favorite is the new 20,000-square-foot dining facility, which is an upgrade from the small closet-like space that existed previously.
The Army Geospatial Center (AGC) recognized the need for an app that allows boaters to easily view the navigation charts from their mobile devices like smart phones and tablets and tapped into the resources the Louisville District has to offer to develop this capability.

Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District helped to complete the monumental task of renovating 260,000 square feet in over 41 departments throughout the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Medical Center Complex in Ohio—all with minimal impacts to patient care. The project involved renovating the 1950s-era hospital to a state-of-the-art health facility with an overhauled Intensive Care Unit, new dining facilities, updated patient rooms, surgery areas, administrative areas and a dental clinic. The kitchen and dining area are complete with new serving stations, state-of-the-art brick oven pizza maker, and a high-efficiency dish washer capable of handling over 14,000 dishes per hour giving the dining staff the space and tools they need to serve more than 400 patients and staff breakfast and 500 for lunch each day.

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