AFP - Residents in south-west England are counting the cost on Friday after torrential rain caused flash flooding across the area. This area shows Power Outages as reported by the CL&P and the United Illuminating web-sites. If there are other power stations responsible for the production and delivery of power that you would like to see here, please contact CT Weather.
As Atlantic City Electric continues to assess and repair damage caused by Hurricane Irene, keeping the public informed remains a priority. From weather events to human error, a range of snafus can wreak havoc for millions when they create the massive blackouts that have periodically struck regions around the world. A full moon created an eerie skyline silhouette after New York City went dark during the blackout of November 1965.
Onlookers wait for the newly built cruise ship Norwegian Pearl to leave the Papenburg, Germany, shipyard in November 2006.
A lack of power poses plenty of inherent problems, but massive blackouts can also lead to bad behavior. On August 15, 2003, a mass of New York commuters crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on foot during a blackout that robbed 50 million people of power for as long as two days in southeastern Canada and the Northeastern United States. Historic winter storms decimated this electrical tower and other parts of the grid in China's southern Hunan province during February 2008. On November 10, 2009, the power supply dried up at the massive hydroelectric works at the Itaipu Dam and plunged 67 million people into darkness, including these SA?o Paulo pedestrians waiting to cross the street.
Fewer than 250 adult Bawean warty pigs are alive todaya€”meaning they're likely an endangered species, a new study says. Humpbacks and bowheads are benefiting from less ice in polar oceansa€”and for now, at least, more food. THIS WEEK IN MAPS, for Sunday, October 30, 2011: A late October snowstorm is heading up the East Coast of the United States for Halloween. Connecticut Light and Power, a Northeast Utilities company, has a map that shows that the outages from the storm are worse than from Hurricane Irene. The Ridgefield Press storm live blog notes trees down, power outages, traffic accidents, electrical fires due to trees falling on live wires, and other storm-related damage in Ridgefield, CT.

More local news coverage of southwestern Connecticut news from papers in the Hersam Acorn Newspapers chain. Pepco continues to make significant progress restoring power to customers who lost service in the wake of Hurricane Irene.  Of the 220,000 customers who lost power, nearly 95 percent—207,000 customers—have been restored. Pepco expects to restore service to all of its customers impacted by the hurricane by Thursday evening. Has restored service in the first 24-hours since the storm exited the region to more than 60% of the customers who experienced outages as a result of Hurricane Irene. Hurricane Sandy crossed the coast of New Jersey yesterday evening, and (amongst other things) subjected New Jersey to an unprecedented storm surge. Utility leaders will provide the latest storm impact information and discuss steps being taken to respond across southern New Jersey. In Atlantic City Electric’s service area, Hurricane Irene delivered heavy rains and severe winds. In a world that's increasingly dependent on constant power, massive electrical outages are a common concern and may strike systems across the globe.Major power disturbances can be triggered by storms, heat waves, solar flares, and many other sources, but all have roots in the mechanical and human vulnerabilities of the power grids themselves. Soon after, on its trip down the River Ems, the ship indirectly caused a two-hour power outage for some 10 million people on the evening of November 4.The German power company E.
A lightning-sparked outage in 1977, which left 9 million New Yorkers without power, lasted only about 24 hours on July 13 and July 14. In Chenzhou, some 4.5 million people were without power for nearly two weeks, thanks to the effects of the worst storms in 50 years.
Brazilian energy officials said storms short-circuited several vital transformers, completely cutting off power from the second largest hydroelectric source in the world.About one third of all Brazilians lost power for four hours, including those living in the nation's two largest cities. Here's maps of the affected areas, showing what parts of the electrical grid have had the worst impact from the heavy, wet snow in the forecast.
PECO spokesman spokesman Ben Armstrong told the paper that Saturday’s storm was the worst October storm in the utility’s history. However, most of the remaining customers without power will have their service restored before that time. Of the 220,000 customers who lost power in the wake of Hurricane Irene, service to 140,000 has been restored.

Joe Rigby, Chairman, President and CEO of Atlantic City Electric parent company, Pepco Holdings, Inc., will offer comments on the corporation’s efforts across its Mid-Atlantic service territories. Currently, about 52,000 customers remain without power, but the Company expects to restore power for all of those customers before the start of Labor Day weekend. As of midnight on Saturday, over 140,000 Atlantic City Electric customers had experienced outages. The outage's exact cause may be debatable, but the ultimate source of trouble was predictable: India's power structure is often unable to meet peak power demands. But during that time, arsonists torched buildings like these on Marmion Avenue in the Bronx, setting a reported 1,000 fires. All of Paraguay, which shares power from the border dam, also saw suspended service for a short time. Since that time, Atlantic City Electric has restored service to thousands of those customers, with approximately 110,000 remaining customers without power as additional outages continue to be reported. But the dead line quickly increased pressures elsewhere in the German power grid and then sparked a chain reaction across parts of Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, and Croatia. Looters and rioters also ran rampant and trashed some 1,600 stores during what Mayor Abraham Beame called "a night of terror." When similar outages struck the city in 2003, however, such problems were few and far between. When this photo was taken on February 5, Chinese officials said 11 electricians had already lost their lives while attempting to repair infrastructure.Since that fateful winter, China has improved its abilities to monitor power system status and gather information that operators can use to prevent an initial failure from spreading to a much larger region.
In dynamic developing economies like Brazil, China, and India, the surging demand for power poses a significant challenge for systems that often are simply not up to meeting demand. A system is designed to tolerate a certain amount of disruption but past a certain point, it's simply gone too far and it falls apart."The "great Northeast blackout," which began when a power surge near Ontario set off a chain of failures across New York State and beyond, covered 80,000 square miles. A faulty or improperly set safety relay at an Ontario power station was blamed for sparking a southbound power surge that overwhelmed systems from Vermont to New Jersey. Critics said the incident showcased the need for more universal electricity distribution policies across Europe.

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