Now here’s a very interesting guide coming from the gamingsphere and it’s all about one of your favorite maps in Black Ops – The Kino Der Toten (theater of the dead). Previously, we have covered ways of how you can unlock the entire zombie maps (including Five – JFK with friends at the pentagon – and Dead Ops Arcade Mode). If you have been paying attention towards the game settings of Black Ops, you can toggle the Map for Zombie mode (which looks intimidating at first) but this guy manage to make it appear more entertaining and informative by plotting down all the terms, rooms, stages for the Kino Der Toten.
As some of you who may probably remember, even we’re just nearing the beta stage of Black Ops, there seems to be a fine gush of leaks all pointing towards this ‘infamous’ zombie map which seems to be the talk of the town if you want to find unlocking tips, hack mods, or other unconventional black ops schtuff you are planning to fiddle around.

Today, we’ll be revealing another good tip from strenghthammer revealing an online visual map for players to help them locate the goodies on Kino Der Toten. Advanced Warfare Zombies - Easter Egg "Burger Town" Alternative Ending - Bubby Rampage (Exo Zombies). TOP 5 'Call of Duty Campaigns' - Modern Warfare, World at War, MW2, Black Ops, MW3, BO2, Ghosts & AW. TOP 5 Things That Ruin Maps in 'Call of Duty Zombies' - Black Ops 2, Black Ops & World at War.

Call of Duty: Zombies - Complete Movie - All World At War, Black Ops, Black Ops 2 Cutscenes.

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